On New Year's Eve, 3:57 A.M. the 6.4 earthquake in Kaohsiung, South Taiwan spent a restless night, also into a panic . Not only that, the earthquake in Nepal, the eruption of Japan volcano, sadness around the world out of the world, the more turbulent, we have to hold hands. The one-time disaster has only made Taiwanese more resilient . Take a look at three things you can do after the disaster. (same field Gayon: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

New Year's Eve, South Taiwan spent a restless night, 3:57 A.M. Kaohsiung Mino Scale 6.4 earthquake, Tainan earthquake degree 5, many buildings collapsed, the disaster area rescue, unfortunately out of five people died.

The more turbulent the world, the more we must hold hands. The one-time disaster has only made Taiwanese more resilient. People work together online real-time response, store in the first time to release supplies. These free help are the cohesion of our people and Taiwanese. (Extended reading: be your own Dark Knight!) Five words to the frightened Taiwanese

we are anxious to reach out to help, three things, with your blessings and prayers, closer to those casualties of the heart.

1. Don't rush home, leave the road to rescue use

Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingdong area, please follow the traffic instructions. At present, Taiwan Railway, North Czech Republic, Gao Jie Normal driving, high-speed rail drive is more unstable, high-speed rail to estimate track inspection needs a considerable period of time, strongly urged that the morning of 6th to go to the south of Taizhong, temporarily do not start, or transfer to other vehicles, so as not to delay the trip, follow-up operating conditions will be released as soon as possible. It will be announced tomorrow 9 o'clock in the evening.

2. Good and partial, regular blood donation

The media have called on everyone to donate blood, hoping to inject blood again when the original inventory is low. Medical Consortium the Taiwan Blood Foundation PR office calls for a partial, regular blood donation, rather than a swarm that is only donated when disaster strikes, so that blood can easily expire.

February 7 Lunar New Year's Eve begins to February 9 Tainan In addition to the original Tainan blood donation center donated blood room, Chiayi blood donation station and Yunlin blood donation station, and on New Year's Eve (February 7) opened the small East donated blood room and Zhongshan blood donation car (morning 8 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon) to provide blood donation services.

During the spring festival throughout the country also has part of the blood donation room to open blood donation service, in the February 10 of the day began to resume normal operations, please donate bloody after February 10 in accordance with the usual blood donation habits to donate blood. During the Lunar New Year, the whole country donated blood work point to the officer net inquiries .

"Watch in real Time"

Blood donation information APP Therapy Magic

3. Recruitment of Tainan Disaster relief volunteers

After and Tainan government confirmed that the current medical staff, rescue team, adequate supplies, please far away from the rescue team to go to the scene, but also to stop the collection or delivery of materials, to avoid harm relief. The team raises a variety of human resources, including doctors, counselors, or labor volunteers. Also said that will be confirmed with the Tainan government, will not be on the scene to assist.

➡ Tainan Disaster Relief Volunteers recruitment:Https://goo.gl/dW1XvB
➡ outside intends to donate materials, people, contact Tel: 06-2989119#281
➡ Social Assistance: 009045065055 Taiwan Bank Tainan Branch, designated 0206 earthquake

This earthquake, face book founder Marczouxbur start disaster security confirmation Safety Check mechanism, let everyone online report ping. He wrote "We ' ve activated Safety Check in response to the earthquake that struck taiwan.my and thoughts with everyone in are." ..” My spirit is with the Taiwanese, as we launch a security confirmation that hopes to help the earthquake in Kaohsiung. )

Taiwanese, in such a time, we must strive to co-operate, God bless Taiwan four words, are in action and faith. Now in the disaster area, truck drivers to help transport supplies, young people independent rescue, have their own hotels to provide free accommodation, providing animal shelters, earthquake disaster households to eat.

a driver wrote: " every time something happens, we see the big hand the initiative to assist the obligation to help, but some still work even classes, no rest relief and rushed first. Do you know, friend? Why the big driver will be like this, because the province runs through thoroughly, is the familiar place and the friend. Because we have seen too many disasters, we have pain. Because we know the responsibility of the family, so we go to the sports car alone .... Everyone has the love to refuel, we will work harder. All walks of life are very important in order to maintain social operation. "

Don't panic, don't be disappointed, God bless Taiwan, from the beginning of action, attention to information is action, reaching out to the hands of the action, silent Prayer is a blessing of action. (Recommended you see: hope, is a greater power than fear )

Sadness, do not stand on the sidelines, the six magnitude earthquake can not split our goodness. Because of pain, so know how to love, because there is love, so we are here.