A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. 12 Singles diary, Gemini , the Lion , came to Archer, Archer was born to know how to love the most gentle, and they have been waiting, waiting for a person to let them love when still feel free. (same field Gayon: memory Love three movie confession: I love you to let me free )

Sung and dignity, what does this have to do with happiness?

Jane Austin, "Reason and Sensibility"

Sagittarius, somewhat like Jane Austen. Jane Austen is the 19th century Sagittarius, the blood has rebellious factors, sharp words Tease society vulnerable nerves, who said happiness is Ming? Archer Most despise the standard answer, the most cannot resist freedom, live posture is destined to rebel chic.

Sagittarius world can reset reset at any time, not happy why stay in the heart for too long, do not have to give new words to rob say worry. The world is fresh, a frown is not worth, don't waste good time, life if repeatedly live the most splendid moment, that should be much better.

Sometimes he also contradictory to think, why adhere to the past, who really know where tomorrow. When you want to love, love, when you want to run away, to satisfy yourself than to please the world important.

His life is very gentle, the love has naïve straightforward desire, from small to old, never changed. Archer expects a love that makes him feel completely free when he is in love. Freedom is a love to the deep corroboration of the left, it is not binding each other, love is able to loosen also can grasp the hand.

Love let him become himself, hold hands, have a pair of wings, kiss, Fly away.

Love, the archer must be five senses fully open. Smell, voice, nasal polyps, eyes, heartbeat sound, he is a detective, collecting love clues. When he does not love, he is not all right, he wants to be tolerant, not pretend to be happy, behavior is the same, the soul has disappeared.

Sagittarius hates being alone, but never tempted to be happy.

Love does not need reason, not love is actually. This is in my mind, the most Sagittarius love.

"For the shooter song"

"The time condenses in the first time meets stares at
Originally for love crazy we Don't Panic "