12 Singles Diary, Write your love appearance . Aquarius is a slow-loving constellation. They are not easily put into a love, intelligent calculation of love, but also always lonely. Look at Aquarius love, they do not want to talk about everlasting, only at this moment, give all the love. (Recommended:"Susan Constellation" Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: The February horoscope for the Wind constellation )

Ambiguous can, ridicule love can, casual things small, sincere, is a big thing. Love is a bit of a serious thing for you. When it comes to love, you always make sure that you remember that you have been shattered, that you have been heartbroken, that you have nothing left after you have pulled out everything.

Need more perseverance, stability, gentleness, to understand the elegance of your hedgehog. You are arrogant, also because you are not careless every serious. Fall in love with you, to understand the rhythm of your flight, you need to meet the spiritual needs of the other half, more than anything else. He who is wise, fearless, and curious about the world, is more infatuated with him.

Vriginia Woolf is a typical Aquarius woman, she cleverness, comfortable, changeable, She is lonely, ecstasy and sincere, she is suffering, but awakened. laying the beginning of world feminism, she Loves and hates love, she wants to erase the embarrassment of women under love, she is eager to redeem the melancholy is not a man, but himself. Even in love, Aquarius knows how to respect individual freedom, and to move forward in parallel but with distance.

A man makes himself himself, more important than anything else.

Virginia Woolf

Vriginia Woolf wrote "Orlando", which is a person regardless of sex, truly advocating true love of the individual. Role in men and women, male and female emotions in the evolution of life before the withering, let the mind over all the secular prison, to break, dance, melancholy. Orlando said: "The deepest happiness, often is the deepest sadness." "Like the Despair of Aquarius love."

Aquarius is pessimistic about love, promise forever, as well remember the moment, Love will be extinct, memory constant.

When it comes to love, water bottles just want to be happy and not fancy questioning. Don't talk to Aquarius about sophisticated or iconic love flow, they hate that, and Aquarius, you will never be ordinary.