Dear you,

On 11 January, womany was full of years.We just want to say thank you.
Because of you, let us have more confidence and courage to continue to our second year.
the second year of this year, there are many different things that are happening.

Thank you for coming together with us for the first time.

Over the past year, we have selected over 50 design brands both inside and outside the country. We offer nearly a thousand pieces of diverse viewpoints. The first time I experience the first time that the Wimblet Station was expanded, and the first time it was a designer, and the first time it was a Taiwanese designer, many late nights, many early morning.In the past year, we have come from a very different kind of mini-masculine website. Now, more and more people are sure that not only the website has been able to compete with many websites that have been operating for years, but have even ranked among the websites that sell the design products.These are not accidental, our efforts, and you.

In this process, many people ask us why we don't have to look for brands and designers around the world and anywhere in the world, not to be able to do all sorts of gold streams, logistics, and sales of advertisements, not just as content sites.Or why do we not use so much blood to edit, choose to look for authors with points of view, and experts in all fields, not just shopping at the shopping site?


Because we know that there is no one.

Our original intention was to hope that men would understand women, and women would love to love themselves.We believe that every woman is different, and every woman is diverse.A woman can grow up and be adorable and cute at the same time, and we can all learn to be mature and unsophisticated, and bravely and soft.At first, we wanted to create a brand new female website, because we felt that the Taiwan website was too backward and backward, and we couldn't find an integrated women's website that would allow us to look at it.We want a website that pays attention to style, taste and design, an understanding of women, people who are caring about women.Because we didn't find it, because we needed it, so we decided to create one.Now womany is still a little bit away from the 100 percent of our ideal site, but this year we're really getting closer and getting closer and closer to that.

Thank you, let us know, this thing that we're doing, it's possible that this may change a lot of people, and it's not just possible, but it's happening.Nine times, when we were 30 years old, we wanted to remember the dream that we saw in that year when we were 30 years old, and a dream website that allowed women to read their taste, buy design, and play style together.

Thank you for your company for the past year.Every hit, every share, every recommendation, every purchase, every message, every essay, every brand designer and author, every incentive, every incentive, is precious and important to us, because it gives us a chance to get better, and it gives us the courage and the strength to face the new year.

Last year, good.

We'll be better in the new year.Because of you.

womany team
Shuan, Lulu, Tanya, Taco, Tophy