In the Danish Girl movie, we tried to use the right dimension to view the gender issue . Later we found that all gender theory was not enough to criticize a person who wanted to be himself. This is not so much a trans-gender issue, I think it is more about "body", and as a person, we all want to live closer to ourselves and happier. (You will like: Create relationships, love and yourself!) "Danish Girl": I love you because you are the one who makes everything happen to me.

After the release of the Danish girls, many people began to talk about "transgender" and understanding LGBT. A friend asked: "I am dressed in favour of the male T, this is not a cross gender." "I hate my male body, so what kind of a person am I?" 」。 Also has the girl to tell me: "I several times hoped oneself next life reincarnation to become the man, my heart approval count is not the male?" This is not trans-gender. 」

The trans-gender issue began to move into a more open discussion space, not only that, the online discussion of the Danish Girl's two yuan value, there is an inverse feminist "pluralistic" discourse. I began to wonder, are these symbolic meanings used to identify our ambiguity and chaos, or to hurt people?

I used to expect Danish girls to be a liberating story, and before entering the studio, I gave the Danish Girl the task of trying to measure the length and breadth of the gender dimensions of the film with a full gender expectation. Then I discovered that the emancipation I imagined was a personal superiority.

We are alive, bound by too many symbols. If there's one thing I know from a Danish girl, it's that you don't try to define others with your pride.

As a woman, don't be sorry.

Lili appeared, began to undergo a series of "evolution", she no longer the "should die" Einar, the so-called evolution, is her personal growth version, not the world. No one else has the right to set a bill the way a person "should" have the means of survival, even if Lili finally narrowly holds a woman's identity, longs to have a husband who loves her, and produces a child through the process of pregnancy. We should all respect her choice of gender identity. (Recommended reading: do your own double difficulty!) "Because I love you" I met you, I must love you )

Living in the 21st century, looking to Europe in the 19th century, there is no room to criticize the sex right in movies. See Lili because "too Niang" in the road next to fist, I think at this moment, we walk in the media communication path, still by all kinds of malicious words of sex mercilessly slapped.

See Gerda to Hans relationship of the coy, I think now, we are often because of intimacy in the relationship between dependence and autonomy of the contradictions troubled?

As women, we often have too many apologies. I'm sorry, my choice has made me less politically correct and less feminist. I'm sorry I've been messing with my body and selling curves and oppressing another group of women. It is Lili let us know, as a woman, to give others too much explanation and interpretation, we never have to be responsible for ourselves. (Recommended reading: girl, you don't need to say sorry to the world )

Love is understanding, not possession

I like Gerda have their own career, her life is not only pinned on her husband. So after Einar Metamorphosis into Lili, she has strong enough heart to support the broken soul. I like Gerda to watch Lili put on her pajamas, she decided to become the dominant in bed, dominate Lily's lust, she wants a stroke of Lily's sleeping in a beautiful face, a good curve.

Because of love, ignorance can be forgiven, we do not need to dispute, Lili Finally, in the end, love the man or woman, the end of the film Gerda tightly hold the Lili hand, the doctor in Lili hand Peck a kiss, Hans gently stroking Lili's wound, touch her neck said: "You always should try." "When, it was all love.

I like Lili in a Parisian brothel imitating strippers sexy hook gesture and expression, the stripper looked at Lili, see her eyes under the desire, flirt more vigorously. For me, this is understanding. Understanding is that I not only expect your identity, class performance out of things, I can shed a smelly skin for you, for you to wear the look you want.

Love is understanding, not possession. So I said, Gerda crying days to rob my husband back, Lili yearning to be able to marry and have a family, Gerda blindly follow the line of moral cutting and Hans, the so-called "single marriage value" is not enough "political correctness", appears superfluous. (You will like: there is a kind of love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng: I love you, do not have to have you )

The so-called great love, but from, I Want to Love you love peace of mind not panic. Some people say Gerda sacrifice, but I think she also very understand self-interest. In this world, only Gerda such a woman, at the same time have the Einar and Lili good. Her company, may not be perfected Lili, more like to fulfill their desire to love the heart.

Why can't we believe there's such love in this world? Why do we see Gerda company Lili to the end, will be amazed: really great love. To me, the Danish Girl is not inspirational story, but let people see their sadness.

Why can't we believe that there is real love in the world "possibly"?

The important thing is not who is Lili. But who is "i" ?

I am glad to see Lili finally no longer bear the "as a Man" sin, see Gerda can not just "the woman behind the man." Perhaps what we need is not to create a woman to be a dare to love to hate, love without sacrificing the "modern women", but let love, not become a "gender relationship" disguised oppression. The word love is never just a matter of men or women.

We often can not help but tiptoe to want to Lili to a "socially accepted" position, for her to imagine a "recognized" the story: Lili want to be a woman, and her wife does not leave. It is also said that this may be a lesbian story, another group of people to correct: this is a trans-gender life revolution. Or, it's just a drama of schizophrenia.

We are anxious to define her, but forget that what really matters is not who Lili is. But who "I" is.

They live in a patriarchal imagination of the overwhelming view of life, even if crawled through the gender theory at the time, still can not believe that the "gender right." For what leads us to ourselves is not dogma, but human heart. (recommend you see: You are looking for is not the right person, but become the right oneself )

A person who lives before a theory

Let Lili to aspire to her "become a woman" of the imagination, at that time Europe "become a woman" symbol is can wear beautiful puffy skirt, imitate the woman enchanting behavior, through marriage and children prove oneself is a woman. Lili not because of this, but in contemporary feminism appears outdated. Her blood and tears will not become the oppression of contemporary women, but let people see how these beautiful people, how to tread the world once embarrassed.

"I don't want to be an artist anymore, I just want to be a woman." 」

Anti-view Einar,lili in the "knowledge" of the power relationship appears to be a lot of ignorance, she is not like the past, full of painting inspiration, always rich creation. At the moment she is not the admired artist, just want to be a true woman. It's good to be a male painter with artistic gift, to be a good woman in a department store for the perfume of a lady. In the "own" unit, the two do not have the pros and cons.

Today, we talk about queer, feminist, social structure. Theory can always be overthrown, theory, people live out. The film is a new understanding, the body and the people, no matter what age, we should have the right to choose what we want to be. (Extended reading:#FreeTheNipple, all over the United States, long live a family, lust!) 2015 gender counterattack for better times lead the way)

All the living Danish girls are going to take the road

Danish Girl, this is not a great love story, but a solemn and stirring survival context.

For me, Danish girls not only refer to transgender ethnic groups, but they are the gender identity issues of generational evolution. I think of Ye Yongji, think of Chiuxin, think of two sides Lawrence, think of "Boys Don't Cry" because of pretending that men were raped girls. They may never want to be a symbol, they just want to be themselves. Sadly, however, it is a world that needs to be labeled in order to survive.

This is the way the Danish girls come along.

In the past, Danish girls were able to identify each other only by scent and eye. At the moment, we still have a lot of Danish girls, with their own labels. Please do not attempt to instruct these labels, which is the right place to post. Danish Girl, how to live, how to live.