2015 is the year of gender, looking to more celebrity for the year, because of the difference, so we have a different set of people.

In 2015, 51 states passed same-sex marriage laws, followed by abortion, wage equality, and race.We, who are in Taiwan, are eager to celebrate the great diversity of the West, and look at the Great Leap Forward that the West attaches to the right to equality.However, the Taiwan people have never made a self-conceit, and we have not stopped.The Golden Horse 52 brings the film industry's vulnerability to the ceremony, the public figures speak about the coming out of the closet, and the glimmer of the light of the sun's

Gender is already a public issue , the freedom to love, is that those who have died in the presence of sex bullying have been fighting in good faith by public figures who have been criticized in the spotlight for their citizens' criticism. In the text of the "Feminism" Feminism in 2015, feminism ( Feminism ) takes pride, not only with gender equality, but also on the issues of sex, queer, and race.Human rights are identity, and in an uncertain gender encyclopedia, what we need is a possibility of embracing "other".From January to December, 2015 was full of sex-filled manifesto, sharing with you twelve gender moments that could not be missed.

January Hands: Everyone should have a love

" I often do spring dreams.What is more strange is that in most of my dreams, I am not a physical obstacle.I've been touched since childhood.I think I need to be touched by feeling happy, not just living in life." — — spinal myeloma patient Laetitia Rebord

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In January of this year, the "One Week" published a story in which < the Good Sister wanted to help people with disabilities to shoot guns > , and the issue of angels was enthusiastically fermented in the Taiwan.In fact, at the beginning of 2013, the "Angel of Hand" service was available to help the deaf to satisfy their desires.So far, they are still experiencing a lot of real-world difficulties — the ininterpretation of parents and the restrictions imposed by the law.

controversy over the service of the angels is a mockery of the volunteers who are engaged in sexual services, and others have been discussing the "autonomy line" of the barrier and the intellectually disabled. What level of control can they control their desire?What line will make people feel violated?The unfriendly denial of the Taiwan Act, the rejection of the community's welfare groups, and the unwillingness of parents to understand is the high wall of desire for the physical barrier.

Physical inconvenience does not mean that society has the right to deprive them of their spiritual space.We need to give a more friendly human rights environment to the people who have a disability than to deprive them of the controversial field of protection.Sex is never filthy, and the physical barrier should have a pipeline and a model for the discussion of erotic desire, and perhaps we can move closer to the ideal world of gender flows.(Recommended reading: Why do you suppose the barrier doesn't have a sexual desire?Discuss the true story of the Angels before )

February Patricia Aquitte: Woman, Fight for yourselves.

To all women who have given birth to this country, all taxpayers and citizens, we have fought for the right of equality for others.It is now time for us to have equal pay and equal rights for women in the United States."

At the end of the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, a stunning speech came from the "Age of — —, Patricia Arquette, from" Patricia Arquette ", which was said to have won the applause of the Auntie Mae.

In 2015, Patricia Aquitte made an excellent pioneer model, this round of applause for all women who are fighting for themselves.The women's rights are not trendy. It is not a trend to shout. We need real implementation to truly understand the social situation of women and other disadvantaged groups.Not only for praise, but also to step forward!(Recommended you see: Auntie Mae stands up and applaud the awarts of applause!Patricia Eiquit: " Women, it's time to fight for themselves!" )

March International Women's Day!Emma Watson: You should be a feminist

Emma Watson: "Feminism doesn't mean to hate men. That's two different things."If you believe in gender equality, you are a feminist."

3/8 is International Women's Day, and Emma Watson, the UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador, speaks about feminism live on this day, and has a very useful conversation with the community's readers.In a 3/8 evening discussion, Emma Watson reaffirmed the core philosophy of last September's speech and made it clear that feminism never equates to disgust men, and that all those who believe in equality are feminists.(On the same day, International Women's Day, women's faces disappear on global advertising )

Emma Watson is trying to get closer to the crowd in a more social manner, including this year's skepticism about Emma Watson's "white feminism," and she has the heart and continues to work hard.In November, she participated in the "Power of Change" in the world, live on the scene, and discuss the rights of women's rights and human rights.

The world we yearn for, men and women are not gender-delineated, we are in the same world, and we have a better power to make the world a better place.Emma calls for more people to join HeforShe action, each of which can be an ambassador to gender action in the environment.

April #FreeTheNipple: What do I have to do with my sexual and physical desires?

"The quest for a true woman" should be to recognize the love of each specific woman in real life, create an experiment in multiple creative ways, and move toward a constantly redefined "woman".' — — New Women in Taiwan —

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In April, an Icelandic 17-year-old teenager, Adda Smaradottir, was taken over by the Internet's review mechanism, and was forced to stand by the Internet bullying. The photograph was forced to stand in solidarity with men, women and men.They uploaded their own sky and labeled #FreeTheNipple to express gender equality.

Some people satirize "#FreeTheNipple"'s pursuit of "men like men" that mimic, learn, and close to male desires.Women never really want to be "like men", because "like men" is an image of a kind of "freedom".(Sibling: Why can't I make two points?Write #FreeTheNipple After Facebook blessed )

The structure behind Nudity is the point of view of male gaze, paternalism, and paternalism.Now we don't even take off clothes before we know who you are, and are no longer willing to passively be covered by the social layer of sugar.When we argue about naked women, Poka and Wangland's ass eggs, what we want to think more about is what is the meaning of a woman's representation in contemporary society.

May Call me Caitlin!For half my life, I'm finally myself

The 1976 Summer Olympics, American athlete Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the men's 10 all-powerful events, and now, in 2015, he has decided to become "her" by 65.The United States, which has never thought of such a bravery, has been mooked by a lot of cynicism.At the beginning of May, the United States produced the world's most famous transgender person, — Caitlyn Jenner."

The presence of Caitlyn Jenner has inspired many people's hearts, because other than the "gender" may well be so blessed.She announced the drop of Bruce Jenner's name and embraced the new identity of Caitlyn Jenner, who was seen as a spokesman for the trans-gender community.Although Caitlyn Jenner recently talked about the "true women" argument, we are sure of her voice.(Recommended reading: Is denaturing to be a "true woman"?Caitlyn Jenner misstated: "A man is wearing a woman's dress that makes society uncomfortable" )

After Caitlyn Jenner, what society really needs is not the race icon, but is how the society envision gender, as sex identity is a gender identity, and there is a "invariant" cross-gender community that needs to be understood and embraced by everyone.

June: 51 US gay marriage is legal: Love is worth celebrating!

"Their wish is to break away from the traditional system of civil society, if you want to break away from the fate of the curse of life that is generally alone."They hope to have equal dignity before the law.And the constitution agrees that they have such a right.— — Justices Anthony Kennedy

On June 26, 2015, everyone should remember that day, because the US Supreme Court has made this seemingly trivial day a historic moment." All people are born equal.Every slow and determined effort is likely to result in lightning-like justice.This morning, the Supreme Court decided that marriage was a shared equal right for all, regardless of who they were and who they loved.Obama's tone was steady and firm, with a milestone in gender equality in the 21st century.

Before that, Tsai had a history of talking in the Chinese show, "We are not a monster." He walked away from the spotlight for nearly a decade. His naked confession and the US Constitution took place close to the same sex.Love is not easy, because it is hard for us to retreat from the protection of love that human rights should have.(Recommended by you: Tsai Kang-yung on the loneliness of show business: "I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters" )

July Sandra Bracchak, "The Most Beautiful Year of the Year"

Sandra Bulak: " When they gave me this honor, I smiled, and I thought if I could give this prize to whom I would have a beauty in my heart, I would definitely give a woman who had no regrets and no regrets about working hard."

The annual beauty of the American magazine's certainly has always been an honor measure, and the 50-year-old Sandra Bulker was rated the "most beautiful woman in the century" by the year 2015, and she vigorously fought back against the coronation.Sandra Bulak was talking about how young, young, young, young, young, young and young, commented on the age and appearance of the actress, humiliating women: " The more such a phenomenon appears to be a public hunting season, and the prey is a woman.A woman is attacked or criticized for not being a person of what she is, but because of her longtime and her age.This has impressed me very much."

the most beautiful woman of the year, Sandra Bulacan shrug the shoulders, and give me the beauty of the definition.She removed the beauty of the "awards" and returned beauty to every woman in the world who was serious about life.(In the same field: 48 women's growth): Can you recognize me as a person, not just my gender?)

August Polo's clothes: Can AV woman make charity?

Bordeo's Clothing: " Just because I'm an AV girl, can't you participate in a well-intentioned society that contributes to society?"

8/26 Yau Ya Card Company, Inc. found Japanese AV female Upodoro Jitoo Mustang Card, posing as an angel and demon version of the White Clothing Lines and the Black-Clothes, drew calls to question the "violation of goodness and custom".The shady picture is a piece of "child molestation card" that was abandoned by the boys in their youth.(Recommended reading: AV female Yuetayuanaka: Porto Nooo Clothing Clothing: Unveying the ubiquitous loathing of women )

From "#FreeTheNipple" to "Boo's Ranger Card", we are no longer a "indecency", and more people are willing to "go down" to the so-called "indecency", bravely appealing to the desire to love.And let people rethink: Why do you have to wear your clothes, why do you have to wear them?

The wave of wild coats brings us to the thought of sex workers: Is sex workers a profession?II: Is there a class presence in the sex work?Hopefully that day soon, the body of sex workers and the good health of a woman can no longer be opposite. Women can enjoy the process of showing their desires, knowing that they have a profound pleasure in their sexual pleasure, that we are comfortable and comfortable, and that we don't have to hide in the middle of the night.​

In September, abortion became a global issue: Who was the woman's physical autonomy?

In June this year, the US upheld the main provisions of the Texas Abortion Act.After the 2013 Texas Abortion Act, the clinic turned out to be half.If the standards in the centre were to be effective, the number of clinics in the major cities would be reduced to eight.In September, abortion defenders filed a complaint with the US Supreme Court to try to rehear the terms of the abortion restrictions in Texas, which they believe were designed to shut down clinics rather than to protect women's health.

In September, the US Congress rejected the abortion funding bill, Obama and the Pope openly criticized abortion, while the American author Linda launched the "#ShoutYourAbortion on the social website" at the social website.The topic of abortion is "personal safety" and "spiritual security".In addition to the ethical struggle of "choice and life", perhaps we should be more concerned about the vulnerability of women's physical defects.(Extended Read: One Hour of Died Abortion: Don't let abortion women become lonely )

When #ShoutYourAmortion has heated up on the Internet and has a fever on the Internet, how can there be a miscarriage of miscarriage?At the same time, a group of women still struggles to resist the shame that they are not only physical autonomy, but also women who are far away from the health care system, and who are not ready to become a mother because of the prevalence of rape, early marriages of girls early in the day.

October Jennifer Lawrence: Women don't have to pay for themselves, earn their own rights.

" Before I talked about feminist issues, I was always silent or very seldom heard, and inequality would not change. I don't want to continue to please, my voice can change this.— — Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer.Jennifer Lawrence was the first actress to win an Oscar for this year, and was the first woman to receive this year's Fobiz Star, but the studio was still a little less than a boy.

Although many of the film bosses criticized Jennifer for "greed", "really unadorable little girl" and "little talk money", she always received "cute" and no longer currying favor with her, which is her first step towards gender freedom.In Hollywood, where women's rights and interests are discussed, the women's films before the Golden Horse Awards this year, Shu Qi, Lin Jiaxin, Zhang Aica, and Song Yunan, Zhao Tao, are fighting for the rights and interests of all women in the film industry, and jointly forward to a world where women are more involved.(Extended Read: Golden Horse 52 Women's Declaration!Lin Chiahin wins a film: "Film, thank or thank you" )

Gender equality should no longer be a fake issue; mainstream US box office data shows that there is no gender movement in the mainstream film dimensions of our world, except for women who are still underpaid and still have a patriarchal point of view in the story.Because of the star's voice, each volume creates a more or less impact on the old system, throws out criticism and labels, and looks forward to a more friendly workplace culture.

November Gender Maternity Leave: When Mark · Zorberg is a model father for maternity leave

Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg · has given the company two months of maternity leave, writing in Marissa Mayer, Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer has a more gender consciousness of the family's larger equipment after the "Saving of Maternity Leave".This discussion has argued in the community that "women don't care more about work", "whose decisions are more politically correct."(Extended Read: Please take two months' leave with air!Mark · Zoberberg has proven himself to be CEO of Facebook, and also a father )

When everyone praises Mark · Zoberg for a new generation of good men, we affirm his decision and also want to defend the choice of Mel's work.The women's chief executive is being scrutined by Gao Daode. They have to have a wrist with more flexibility, a strong but not a "scaring man", and have the ambition of a leader, but it is best to have a "soft woman".Will the maternity leave be extended?If you have a long career in the job market, please make a short cut in the sense of family justice.

As a prospective parent of a newborn child, Mark · Zzoberg's respect for his father's identity under the culture of gender equality does not mean that Mel should be scold; if Mark · ZZZerberg only asked for maternity leave, he would not have anyone to condemn him. We should give the workplace more freedom to choose from the model mother framework.

In December, Yang Yaqing: Let's be a happy, slutty whore together!

Yang Ya-ching: "In the public sphere, I deliberately let myself appear in a" soft " manner.I have to let the society see the soft and soft, and women may not have to talk only when they are Yang-yang.I wanted to wear a dress, and I wanted a big red. I later saw the video, and I regretted that I didn't get my cleavage ... "

At the end of November, the author Yang Ya-ching, author of the "Kiss de Paris >", says at TEDxNCCU, "How does a woman feel the desire to make society so anxious?"Starting in December, everyone on the community was talking about this "erotic girl.""Kiss Paris" is a teenage girl who records 100 kisses and records the cultural landscape of Paris.

picture frame came to Taiwan, many people defended her as an art rather than a desire, Yang said, "I feel embarrassed, like if I had a sexual desire to kiss these people, my work would be dirty, and then I would be dirty."But how could there be no desire?" (Recommended reading: An Interview with Paris > Yang Ya-haru: True counterattack is absolute tolerance to the world )

February, when we moved to Yang Ya-ching's residence, we conducted an in-depth interview with Yang Ya-ching. The process saw her more like a spectrum soften into the world, and it was not the left that overthrew morality.Some people admire her as a young lady, and we know that she is just doing what she can, and she hugs and kisses herself.

back on the gender issue of women's December from January, we are trying to love more and more of the world.We want to express our own desires, to be more of a sense of justice, to determine what we can become, and to embrace a vast universe that is not gender-free.Before the world has faded out of old leather bags, we will be more and more teasing.

Perhaps someone has told you that we don't need to talk about sex, sex is always the thing of the United States, Germany, and so on; even they would say, before gender, there is still justice, medical care, and a long picture of ...If you hear somebody say that, you should tell him bravely: You're wrong.At all times, we are all trapped by gender, boys are asked to be economically capable, girls are being blackmailed; your sisters, mothers and daughters are all likely to miss out on life because of a temporary gender discussion.

In this age, you should talk about sex, not class-related. You talk about sex, not because you care about the world, you care about the nature of people, — —, child marriages in the United States and in Africa, whether it's a developing country or an advanced country, women, men, women, and we all have our own issues.We use other perspectives to softly see through, to gaze, to be weak, to understand the difference.

As Emma Watson says, the world needs you, you should be a feminist.Let feminism be the gender diversity of the road, and it's a picture of blossoming, and everyone can choose the color that you want to be.