the single Diary of the 12 constellation comes to Virgo. Let us see the gentleness of her perseverance, like the Little Dragon Woman Live. Virgo is so in love, with the most thorough spiritual texture, talk about the deepest love . Please do not easily with Virgo play scheming, she never let you easy hobby. (You will like: Create relationships, love and yourself!) "Danish Girl": I love you because you are the one who makes everything happen to me.

Little Dragon woman is Virgo woman, originally she does not ask the world love for what, quiet few wants, indifferent dashed empty intention to live through life. After the advent of true love, Virgo's tomb system, even strong, will be destroyed.

Virgo is as broad as the earth, with a stubborn insistence on the principle of rationality. To let love shake her is not easy, Virgo uphold the high spirit of love, she can not only love a certain acquaintance, to love, love to the shattered.

Under the pure and pure, is the dusty long hot valley. Few people can see the virgin indifferent under the eyes of the raging, they can protect a heart for a long time, like Dragon Girl guarding the tomb. You can not believe that Qiong Yao, do not believe that the gender writers, not to believe that Virgo's life and death phase Xu. Her strength and stability no one can and, even if their love Trine, deviant, dragon women are willing to be perverse mercilessly whipped.

Virgo's love is also rejected, she can not be killed by the former, not so much fidelity, she is more loyal to the self. Just like dragon girl kill not stain picky, if do not love, on a respectful distance.

"I just have to be alone, someone else's business, I don't care." 」

Little Dragon woman words, a lot of people hate her, such a woman, Only love, then the world? Perhaps we just do not want to admit that in the face of love, people are so small. Virgo is more free and easy, they wait, waiting, and endure. Love for them is born, the river is the world of mortals.

Virgo is not who can afford to love the woman, to love even the Tianya will run, do not love, you cry, she is indifferent.