single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. After the breakup of things, are you do not know, are you no longer have the right to ask things. I no longer tell you, but can write down, frankly say we. Thank you for giving me a forest, memories like leaves warm cover me. (same field Gayon: to part after breaking up: If the crowd has direction, always toward the direction of separation )

Break up that day, I did not cry, I feel happy for our relationship relief, we love not human form, preoccupied who sacrifice more, how can not find the angle of life hug, is that each livelihood. I smile in the heart waved, bless you, also bless me.

My tears came slowly, and the next week I couldn't. I in the eyes of the ocean floating ups and downs, can not help but want to hear your voice, can't help but miss you, very weak, do not want to catch a life buoy, also can not determine how to reconstruct my living in thin air. I am very pessimistic to think, you are not, how do I live?

Every time I tried to call you, I resisted. Every time I want to write to you, I hold back. Every time I want to go to your house, I hold back. Every time I want to build a relationship with you, I hold back. Endure the eyes rose red, endure the years passed, until the memories like several leaves gently falling my body, with a little temperature, let me carry them.

I think, originally, I had a forest.

It's like this breakup, I never know how I came to be. I did not deliberately to listen to not sad love songs, I did not try to find Friends Carnival, I did not deliberately to keep away from you forget you, I carefully, pad toe continue to live, walk very slowly, occasionally think of you, know that they will not hurt more and less tears.

Perhaps none of us have come over, but have gone away, no longer have the right to know each other's direction, no longer have the right to ask who you go with this section of the road.

Sometimes I dream that I sleep on the falling leaves and sleep very sweetly, thank you for giving me such a forest.

This is what you don't know after the breakup. I am very good, but I do not know why, listen to this song will still want to cry.