2012, is there a new calendar in your home and in front of your office?This year is a year in a leap year. Foreign independent designers have created a unique "2012 Almanac" for this unique year. All of them are bound into a belt frame, which can be used as a decorative space ornament, with special dates arranged above, making you even more fun!

Twente Twilve Calendar by Liz Shattler

This calendar is made of cotton cloth and ink, the inner ring is the month, followed by Monday through Sunday, and the outermost ring is the date.The character of this calendar year is that designers will make the regular square-square dates and method round to make your 2012 circle a circle!

Twenty Twilve by Attitude Creative

This year's almanac is a direct line of the month, echoing with the upper and lower patterns of the mountain, with a dotted line of Oriental ink painting.

2012 Calendar // 366 Days // 366 Drawings by Matt Hunsberger

This is a designer that assigns canvases to 366 blocks on average, each using a different design font for each day, so that every day looks special!

Infographic Calendar 2012 (german, with holidays) by Oberhaeuser.info

The calendar design is round as the first one, but the arrangement is a one-month period and is represented by a different gradient.

Are you ready for your 2012 calendar?

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