Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Let the bullets fly. I have always liked these four words, "let the Bullets Fly."

Before the bullets fly out, you have to wait, you have to close your eyes, but believe you can hit. The world lives very fast, and the days are straight, as if you were either moving forward or backwards. No one's going to tell you, hey, calm down, look, hold your breath, watch the bullet fly out of the arc, and the moment the bullet hits the target.

Let the bullets fly, is to wait, but also believe in their own knowledge.

Woman mystery editor Audrey Ko

Things are always very busy, occasionally feel that things are full to the throat, it is time to breathe, things are still in the future, has not happened, we have been busy starting to scare and scare ourselves. Therefore, always urgent to pull out the time, urgent to prioritize, urgent to bury themselves in the work, urgent to estimate time, hair a pile of bullets, but blurred the target.

This time, I will tell myself to take a deep breath, gently close my eyes, and so on, in a hail of bullets, to learn to do to let the bullets fly people.

So I slowly can not panic, leave a little time, seek to set and move, leave a little time, not steeds, leave a little time, let oneself a hit.

When the world worship "masculine" the success of the thread, when the world only willing to listen to speak loudly, I am not anxious, I do not want to play in the workplace with men's game, do not want to mention the gun, do not want to learn men's posture, in a hail of bullets. I want to straighten out my chest, write my own rules of the game, elegant and accurate.

Let the bullets fly, is to look at a distance from their own, is to readjust the pace of doing things. Is the shot, leaving some space and time for themselves, and convinced himself, a shot to know if there is.

After 2017, at 2018, maybe you need to stop and look back and let the inner drive fly with you, close your eyes, and you'll hit what you want. Women obsessed with the exclusive project "Sister said school", invite Google internal team training lecturer, hope to invite you, in the new year to believe in their own ability: