single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Hear Xu Jiaying "Lillian", different Song Dongno despair of loneliness , we began to believe, and then the bath, will be condensed. Truly loved people , have become memories of the wandering ghosts, we can not say good-bye, only in the heart to send him away. (same field Gayon: single Diary: I am not too sad to be single, I only unfortunately no longer have you )

"Far away from here, there is a beach, and the Lonely Man is at sea, holding the sail." If you see him and go back to the shore, please tell him your name, my name, Lillian. 」

Listen to Xu Jiaying sing "Lillian", Song Dongno voice in remote and unfamiliar woman slips clear up.

This woman is extremely calm, she let the night burn the sadness, also no longer willing to come forward to disturb whose life, the woman arrogant so weak, she to life loudly howling, to talk to herself to swim in one place, squint at the distant love of the landscape.

She could hardly look straight into the face of a nightmare, a sweet, deadly lover. She feared, one more glance, the wet memories under the bedclothes will come back; she was afraid, staring at the town, and he would see the end of her soul.

"Lillian" is like a farewell book, written to the oath to leave the memory of the entanglement. Song Dongno said the story is this: a friend of the body at the same time there are men and women, they fell in love, one day, the man left, the woman can not find.

Love is also, a spirit of division, a disturbing ghost story, skin contamination of the remaining temperature, the drift of the tail trance shadow, are treacherous illusion. Seriously loved people have become wandering ghosts, it is impossible to meet in a specific form.

No matter what the relationship, I have come and will go. After the farewell, we only leave a name. Forget the illusion of feeling, life can be real.

If you meet the lonely man at sea, meet him, please say hello for me.

Fire piled out of the end of the century gorgeous color, despite the end, I have my warm, if you are in the sea damp fishy dirty waves, but also take care.