[Gender perspective] is a new attempt by women, and we talk about gender , talk softly, and talk about ourselves, talk about opening up, and talk about better lives.Now, what do we expect from today's three wave feminism?When the feminist faction is clustered, we have always believed that the sex is a gentle way to find every person living side by side with life.Tomorrow is 3/8 Women's Day, let's talk about the past and present of the Women's Day, and think about whether we can bid farewell to Women's Day.(Recommended for you: A gender perspective: Acid from the proposal of "Bring a child into the National Congress")

If you can, I would like to say goodbye to the Women's Day one day.I would like to pay tribute to the history of the Women's Day.

In retrospect, the First Women's Day was first called out in the early 20th century.

At that time, women began to escape from clothing and textile factories, and women were unfamiliar with the streets, and they tried to shout loudly for themselves, waiting for someone to hear their voices. In such a moment, it may be a thousand years of silence.

On March 8, 1908, 15,000 women took to the streets of New York, demanding shorter working hours, higher wages, and the right to vote. We wanted to "bread and roses", and we needed economic security as well as quality of life.

In 1910, the first International Women's Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, the German women's movement leader, Clara Zetkin, advocated 3/8 of the International Women's Day to recognize women's significant economic, political, and social contributions.

After half a century, the United Nations finally established the 1975 International Year of Women and began organizing annual events to celebrate International Women's Day.

The Women's Day at that time was progress, counteracting, and subversion. It was an epoch-making way to tell you that women could also participate in politics. Women also had labor productivity. Women were not only able to celebrate Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, but women had to have their own festival, which was called "Women's Day."

In this age, you hear the Women's Day, but you think it doesn't hurt.Woman's Day can only be turned into a "Women's Day". Is it possible that women are necessarily women?Is it possible that women have to abide by the value of their marriage?The women of this era cannot even break away from their "wife" associations. They cannot claim that they do not want to have children, but are not criticized for being too selfish, too strong, or being ridiculed by others, or saying that you are a lesbian and have no children?(Homemark: Gender: for Selina for Divorce, Apologise for "Wife")

Most of the time, I don't feel humorous.I don't think it's a joke that I don't hate it.

There is a problem with the problem.The place to change should be changed.The long question of gender is that we have always heard a phrase, "You are too sensitive," and the times have evolved to be ridiculed. " So you're a feminist?"We have swallowed our problems and we have learned to live in our patriarchal society like that," he said.(Recommended reading: Is gender equality enough?Talking about a heterosexual conversation in a feminist classroom

Robert Doisneau photograph artwork

Now that I think of it, women can only be 'we can' do the same thing.We can only declare that men can, can women?Can we just make copies of the men's identity, and to play men games?Can we only choose to identify the masculinity of male (male-identified)?Or can we, in turn, value the soft parts of women, and value the negative qualities that have been ignored for many years?

I've always loved this photograph by the French photographer Robert Doisneau, the accordion girl, Accordurian girl, and we want to be ruthless, we want to stare, we're going to wrinkle, and we're going to keep going.The road is still ahead, and that's what we chose for ourselves.

If you can, I want to say goodbye to "Women's Day", and I want to say goodbye to "women," and I hope that if there are so-called women's festivals, we will have a new feminine path, rather than just saying that men have, we have, men, and we have to.

As I believe many people are "feminists", the ultimate goal is to hope that one day we will no longer have to use the lexicon of "feminist" to ram the world.Feminism attempts to make feminism dead.

So can I also yearn for the death of a women's Day one day?