single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Many people have read " Norwegian forest ", but also in the inside take away the love of disillusionment or obsession. We are born, will meet a lot of relationships, there will be a chance, is irreplaceable, even with the pain, you have to live with it. When you are lonely , you must protect your heart's thoughts. (Recommended you see: single Diary: Why Love Like adults?) How good to be a fool )

Murakami's writing is not a reason to read, but a person to miss himself. I always feel that a lot of people like "Norwegian forest" not because it is too lonely, but because we can in this forest planting their favorite trees, understanding the shape of love.

Every age to read the Norwegian forest, there are probably different memory sense of touch. First love to read the cold, imagine that a field almost transparent pure sex; Love to read after the pain, know Watanabe finally why even their own where do not know; long after, read the love of the wide bosom, the relationship is uneasy, we can only after a paragraph of love, with a lot of pain to redeem.

there is no relationship between the fetters, where are exotic. lost love of sadness, is not cured, we have to accept such a sad, to continue to live.

"No matter what truth you have, you cannot heal the sadness of losing your love." No matter what kind of truth, what kind of honesty, what kind of strong, what kind of gentleness, can not cure that sadness. We can only walk through the sadness to get out of the sadness. "--Norway's forest "

Perhaps Watanabe is a lot of people incarnate, the nature of human is hard to restrain oneself only love one person, we are infatuated with depression also need clear, we look forward to crazy but make ordinary. We like chasing a pair of difficult to reach the footsteps, lost the road, until the stop, just know that the person behind the watch, may not let you like the spring breeze blowing up the mood of frenzy, but it has become a stable universe static order.

We always think that there is a better love, in fact, the dead will become the best.

Everyone has a forest of their own, perhaps we have never been to, but it has been there, always there. The Lost Man is lost, and the one who meets will meet again.

The Forest of Norway in the village of the spring tree

Parting is not for gathering, I do not understand.