Since March, women have been fascinated by the ubiquity of gender issues, in addition to online sex watch , we also carry out two series of lectures. The author Shishun 12 Lectures on gender theory and cultural studies , as well as the Gender Reading Council initiated by Zhou and Huang , to discuss the issues of gender and independence under Taiwan's great context. The lecture hall and the Reading club, we choose to read, choose to listen, is to be able to go farther. (due to the venue rental situation, 5/8 and 5/22 rest two times, 6/5 meet again!) )

"There seems to be some clashes between feminism and Taiwan independence, but it's not really a conflict, we're going to start doing sex x independence reading." Feminism and nationalism are foreign theories, even though local scholars have tried to localize themselves for many years, but for the campaigners, sometimes they feel that the status quo and theory need to be joined. So we choose to read, it is to go farther on the road of sports. --promoter Zhou

"I was a young man who is not very adaptable to the gender role of" boys ", I had this feeling of hesitation and loneliness, is the feminist saved me, it let me know that there is a chick does not have to live into a certain" masculine "look. Since high school, I have tried to rethink all the problems in the world with a feminist perspective. The idea of Taiwan independence, there are many such "things do not have to do" the strong kinetic energy. For example, Chinese literature does not necessarily represent "China" in the sense of power, and Taiwan's history is not necessarily regarded as an integral part of Chinese history. It is with this vision that I understand the independence of Taiwan. Recently Zhi Xuan to launch the "Gender X independence" Reading, I will not shallow to participate in the idea of reading, taking into account our mutual concern and restrictions, and eventually gave birth to this "Taiwan context of gender and independence" reading club. --promoter Huang

Gender and political issues are interrelated, with the gender perspective of Taiwan's history and political context, through the two-week reading conference in the form of inviting us to widely read, inviting us to communicate across the stratosphere, guide people to gather different views and opinions, so that the theory with us to go a longer way. See below for weekly issue and book list.

3/13 Pre-reading: Feminism

To read the Taiwan context from a gender perspective, there must be a basic knowledge of feminism. The feminist theory cannot fully explain the female experience of Taiwan in modern times, and the appearance of gender oppression in different times can not be the same, but to watch any history, we all need a set of thinking tools, otherwise it is just the accumulation of data. "Sex knot" tries to provide a tool for thinking about "patriarchal system" from the angle of social structure.

READ: Yaren. Johnson,"Sex Knot"(2008), into the order of translation. Group Science.

3/27 Pre-reading: national/Nationalist

To read the Taiwan context from the national/ethnic point of view, there can be no basic knowledge of nationalism.

READ: Bannadic. Anderson,"The imagination of the Community"(2010), Wu Jinshen translation. Times.

4/10 feminist and ethnic/nationalist tensions

The national/ethnic resistance movement sometimes uses the "emphasis on ethnic origin" or "masculinity" to resist political hegemony, but this image is combined with the traditional division of labour and stereotypes, thus creating tension between the rebel movement and feminism.

Another area where feminism and nationalism may conflict is that some feminist schools consider gender dominated to be a more fundamental and deeper source of oppression than ethnic dominated, so the pressing issue should be " Global phenomenon "The rise of capitalism and the intervention of modernity, the oppression caused by the weak sex, rather than the nationalist movement.


Ji Junjun, "The Occupation forces" American "〉,"pro-American and anti-American: Postwar Japan's political unconscious "(2013), Chuzhenrui translation. Group Science.

Ruth Schwartz Ke Wang, "The Industrial revolution in the Family", Yang Jia, included in the "science and Technology Desire Sex"(2004). Group Science.

Zhang Jingji, women fighters against Pacific Chinese: Do Chinese American critics have to choose feminism or heroism? , "Chinese and Foreign Literature" 21 volumes 9 (February 1993), Zhangjonghui translation.

Engels, "family, private property and the origin of the country", included in the "Feminist Classics" (1999). Woman book.

4/24 The Taiwan context from a gender perspective

This book talks about the post-war takeover of the Republic of China from the war period of Japanese rule. How women are mobilized, sacrificed and exploited in the great historical changes of Taiwanese society. Also by a different angle to see the history of Taiwan.

Reading: Bamboo citic son,"Japanese ruling Taiwan life history: Japanese Women in Taiwan (under the Showa)"(2009), Kingkai translation. Times.

5/8 The Taiwan context from the perspective of the National ethnic group

From the time of Japanese rule, we talked about the problems of language and literature in postwar Taiwan, and discussed the construction of national literature, language and history. Should help us to have a profound understanding of the development of Taiwan's literature and language subjects.

Reading: Shang, reconstructingTaiwan: The Cultural Politics of contemporary Nationalism(2012). The Joint Sutra.

5/22 Taiwan's history of gender and ethnic origin

In the process of democratic transformation, 228 events became an important narrative to reshape Taiwan's historical memory. However, women are often absent from the narrative, or sent to the edge of the position. How can women's narratives rejoin? (same field Gayon:"Miao Boya Special article" Transformation Justice, is to avoid the next 228 )

Reading: Chen Shangjun,"outside the Memorial"(2014), Zhou Lingzhi, Shang translation. Collection.

6/5 multiple problems of gender/independent movement

Although the whole study was aimed at the black civil rights movement in the United States, it talked about the multiple problems of the activists. How do the participants with feminist consciousness face the gender issues in the ethnic movement? This can be a reflection of Taiwan's phenomenon. (same site recommendation: Hong Kong's female role in sports: social transport. Don't mess with me )

READ: Doug. Maiadam,"The Summer of Freedom"(2011), Huangke first. Group Science.

6/19 the struggle process of native athletes (lectures)

(Content and speaker preparation)

7/3 is feminism and independent movement possible to co-operate?

Said's "Orientalism" is a classic revelation of cultural imperialism. But Kennedy pointed out that said in criticizing imperialism for the "silencing" of the other, but completely ignored the voice of women. Is it possible that feminism and national resistance can co-operate in the sense of "resisting hegemony"?

READ: Vallery. Kennedy, "Know said: A critique of the Introduction" (2003), Chu Yanbin translation. Crop.

Herr, is it possible to ranjoo the feminist seodu,〈"of the nation? 〉hypatia 18:3 (Autumn, 2003). 135-160.

Heidi Hartman, the "Fan Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: A more progressive Union", is included in the Feminist Classics (1999). Woman book.

"A gender perspective on life!" Invite you to join the reading club.

rereading politics with gender thinking, If you have the will to participate in the book meeting, members will be notified separately, every fortnight of the Sunday Night women fans paradise, six to nine points, see not scattered. The Promoter has informed the Reading club by letter!