"Because love you" depressed and wildly pull us into the utopia of love, depicting same-sex love, but also talk about women's escape divorce home path.

Love is your fingertips touch the shoulder, love is you through the crowd to see my eyes, Love is you go out of the air of perfume, love is the phone on the other end of your breath, you paused after a whisper said, "you, want to see me?" 」

Love about vision, love about smell, love about touch, love about hearing, love not about morality, never have nothing to do.

"Because love You" is a love of the five senses full of film, I love you and wet bloom, five senses nerve sharp up.

When Carol was driving a Torres through the tunnel, light and light streaming, bring us all closer to the Utopia of love, in that world, we all beautiful, slender intangible, your hand understand me touch me into me, your facial features invade me, my five senses occupy you, we become a world. (same field recommendation:"queer notes" naked wounds and tenderness, no longer need armed pride )

The raging negative world: men present, but never absent.

It was the New York scene of the 50 's, and it was the aerial lover's world.

"Because love you" makes people think of Roland. "People think any lover is crazy," says Bart's "Lovers ' Whisper." But who can imagine a madman in love: it is impossible. My madness is at best a poor, incomplete madness, a metaphorical madness; love makes me dizzy, like a madman. 」

New York in the 50 's, stone wall events in the distant future, gay love ignorant ambiguous, has not established a moralize of the code, a look is enough to stir up a riot. Because of you, willingly be regarded as mad.

"I have you in my eyes, and nothing else is important to anyone else." 」

Because of love you, men are always there, but they are always absent. There are a lot of men in the movie. Men talk about the broad theory, men throw some ambiguous side ball, men angry puzzled, men lalacheche, men attempt to intervene, women do not care. Unable to get love and immediately "lose" men, not its door and into, had to bitterly leave, figure embarrassed.

Man, it's a back shot.

"For lovers, each contact is asking for an answer--the skin of the other person needs to be answered." --Roland. Burt's Lovers ' Whisper

Carol's eyes are not tame sexy, she stared at the special Torres, generous to send out the invitation, photography of the special Torres, through the camera to peep at Carol, through the wash photos, read Carol again.

Put gloves on, smooth your spine, light your shoulders, Carol's large hand close-up, and her fingertips with sexual thoughts. What about special Torres? She has a camera, seemingly passive, but photography is also the soul, your soul, in my palm. (Recommended to you: photographer: She does not compromise press the shutter button)

In that Anchao raging negative world, the message reciprocating, depends not the speech but the facial features Qi puts, the five senses develop a only this limited dialog box, we cross the sea, each other peep, can not say a word, touch, is enough sensational.

The double "Escape" of same-sex and female liberation

"Because of love you" in my case, both female and film deduction, but also the spiritual connotation of female movies.

Carol Smoked, holding a female confidant laughing, refusing to please men's eyes, farewell to the fragmented value of the marriage, she drove away from New York, carrying special Torres, will not return to the distance, not to play "mother and wife" Christmas. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: For divorce Selina, no need to apologize for the "wife's position" )

The value of the marriage is like ghosts, waiting for Carol and special Torres, is a man in the name of morality, to madness for sin, Roar on the court, put the baby become blackmail chips and the bud of love two choose one, attempt to "cancel" the negative world has been established.

While pursuing same-sex love, Carol can not but face as a woman of the road of liberation, seemingly superior white middle-Class "Lady" identity, let her have the framework of "false freedom", she could buy, she can give, she can extravagantly, but she will never be willing to become a person.

At the time I feel cruel, how I hope the road stretches forward, they hide life, become a city rover, wanton play, inadvertently for anyone responsible. But the real world is not so easy, emotional give up and have not so naïve, Carol must face the lesbian and women's dual identity and oppression, for their own choice.

It is precisely because of this obvious choice, let "because love You" under the existing context of lesbians, stretching bloom a double negative escape path. Carol stripped of her marriage, family, and baby's "feminine stereotypes" through a layer of layers, she declared that she was no longer possessed and returned to the freedom she could have.

"Because love you" beautiful to let people hold their breath, out of the theater, ears sounded Carol said, "I want you to imagine, I will wait for you there." "Some roads, after all, must bypass the pain and walk past."

Carol and Torres in the 50 years after the Second World War, long before the gay movement, the color strong, preemptive freedom. (Same field Gayon: "cool children Study Abroad Notes" Loneliness is the normal, "home" is the gay exhaustion of youth understanding of the word )