single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Honey, why do we always have to get hurt? Injury is because you give a person the right to hurt you. Injury is as rare as love , many people can love you, but as long as he hurt you. To kill you is to make you stronger. (same field Gayon: single diary: We love each other, we can forgive ourselves )

Love is dangerous and safe, and the person who longs to love must risk falling at any time.

He used to love a girl for a long time, the girl is willing to let him into the body, but the heart, like reserved for who the same closed. This single state does not imagine freedom, he will wait for a lot has not read back, from time to distance only to see the girl side, many times he complained about her bad temper, said with sweet smile.

He was very fond of the danger of the girl, and was in love with the smell of her safety. Only the girl like the sea, willing to understand his weakness, even though the sea is still floating many similar victims, he is willing to wait for a look back.

He always remembers what she said: "You're going to get hurt. to be gentle. "

She liked the smell of British tobacco at the boy's fingertips, which reminded her of the rain that had been caught in London. She didn't want to stay, nor did she want to let go. Wandering is the safest, she felt to deeply feel the pain of life, making the presence of sadness, she longed to be hurt by many people, to stimulate her desire of their own nerves.

The girl is willing to let anyone into her hug, because it doesn't matter who you hug. She knew that these floating bodies of the sea were too eager to be her captives, and that the girl did not want to be anyone. She has been a captive of youth. She would have been gentle to that lightly departed 跫 tone without weight. Or use the heart of a big blank, left behind youth.

In love, the risk of tears would have been risked. We all learn, more difficult to endure, endure not easy to love, not random injury, not arbitrarily hurt people. Years let everyone lose the love instinct, if sadness is the only relationship after love, let us hug tightly.

He no longer talk with who about the island of Reunion, because the heart has long been deserted. His heart can not fit a home, do a lie to himself dumb. 」