Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Lin Yihua director in my heart delicate and naïve, he always said that their teenage heart, sad and cheerful. Although the guide of the "Dream of Red Mansions", "hate to marry the family" is the most painful in the world, but his whole person does not emit a bright, that bright with humility and sincerity, people believe that good, despite the bad times, all evils will pass.

Whenever someone asked me an impressive interview, I would remember that night in the interview, his eager eyes and curiosity faded from the identity of the respondents, always asked my views. After the visit, Lin Yihua director said to me: "I haven't done an interview in Taiwan for a long time, I am very happy to meet you today, I learned a lot." 」

At the moment I was intimidated by this sentence, it was the first time a person interviewed asked me to take a photo with me after the interview. We think humility is a low posture, in fact, humility is to stand at the same height as people.

I will be moved by the fact that I see a person who is so highly in Taiwan theater and is willing to intersect with anyone.

I have heard his speech in a northern woman, not like a speaker mastering the power of speech, he gave the microphone to all the students here, ask them to say. In the "Hate married family" Taipei final curtain Call, Lin Yihua Director on stage, not row enjoy the applause of the audience, but stood in the most corner of the stage, sincere, sincere, 90 degrees to his actors bow.

So I learned one thing about him--we live not to teach, to correct, to manifest superiority, but to learn from each other.

People who stand in the lower, more highly. The more people in the lower body know the reverence for life, do not waste human feelings, do not trample affection. In all things, in the heart of all things.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Standing in the low is to embrace humility and not despair, is to do the best thing with the least words, is not Tang donated, happy to see others succeed.

What is the most important workplace skill? I think it is sincere and humble. You cannot hear the truth without a man's word, but in the stratosphere you have the flow of thought. keep at the height of the cold, can walk thousands of miles.

Low height is a kind of intelligence, have knowledge without showing off, talented but not publicity, introverted is restrained, the shot on the shot. When everyone wants to be in the same league, people who know how to lower them will meet with a more expansive landscape.

If you are willing to study with women, 20,181 months we have the exclusive planning of "Sister said school"; Day of the workshop, we look forward to a good stop to hear our inner driving force , learn humility and learn to become ourselves: