single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Have you ever been the penultimate girlfriend/boyfriend of someone else? Some say the penultimate girlfriend is the last love. I do not think so, I hope we leave each other, more know what love is, more unbridled to love, after each other, become better people, to better places. It's no good being a second-last girlfriend. (same field Gayon: single diary: I Don't mind loneliness, it's more comfortable than loving you )

"After a while I realized that I had become their second-last girlfriend. When they passed me, they went to a better place. So think about it, I am also quite merit perfection. "c winked long eyelashes, almost with gratitude to say to me.

The second last girlfriend, the mood should be quite subtle.

I love you later, you love me after, the relationship is always continuous, willing and unwilling. From now on, it is bound to carry the traces of the past, we can not contact each other, but we owe each other. Traces of the body and smell only the people who love and hate can see.

After you break up, you will know that after a certain moment, this is different. Memory is a gift and a curse that makes you wince or braver, allowing you to consciously choose a similar person, or to avoid a certain type of person decisively.

Once together the memory, the fate of the next opportunity to induce love. Break up that moment, not buckle down to stop falling in love with the plate machine, but press can each to love the hinge.

The last second girlfriend, as if through me, Taichetaiwu to think of what, can generous promise, can no longer fear, can marry and have children. C's eyes no sarcasm, no sour, she so heartily happy, "that also very good ah, I probably teach them very well, they passed me later, is able to make people rely on people." 」

Together, we ran out of all love, we love was at, we tried so hard, know each other after all, but with each other borrowed time, from the relationship between the intimate, we will never forget.

I know that the memory of love and hate will slowly fade, and we live together in the memory, whether good or bad, will accompany me to a farther place.