Korean dramas " The Descendants of the Sun " is hot, many people resent such " Korean dramas Fever", behind the consciousness? Why do we think watching Korean dramas wasting time, two hours worth a movie , American drama? The discussion about the stereotype of Korean dramas, from the plural life story, expect that we can not only accept a story view, rest assured to meet more of the possibility of life script. (Recommended reading: write red Korean drama "Lie" "Never Mind is Love ah" before!) Luxiking: The creator must first convince himself .

A lot of people recently discussed "Why do we like to see the descendants of the Sun", high color value of the hero was named teenage bomber, the heroine filled the "New Era woman" Imagine at the same time, there are no shortage of male friends complain: Can't stand the girlfriend recently crazy Korean dramas, ha small meat.

"You are very depraved." 」

I remember college, students know that I follow a popular Korean drama after this said, because the department's reason is always talking about the script, scene scheduling, splicing, the meaning of life we, as if suddenly unable to "turn back" to see that little love? Perhaps he thinks my view of the film will be from the love of the "Summer Palace" "down" to Korean dramas. I didn't mind, and now I'm starting to wonder why Korean dramas are classified as inferior in the mainstream market, and then we want to share it with three of them and discuss how we can meet the more diverse stories imaginable. (Extended reading: good want to love us, why despise small love movies?) )

One, Korean dramas only for women service?

"The girl who loves to watch Korean dramas" seems to be a kind of accusation, indicating that the girl put the life in the "irrelevant fantasy", even the girls laugh at the "brain powder", and generously complied with the label of the Society. Korean dramas have always been regarded as "service for women", women fans have to " why I can't swallow the current idol drama: Women are not hysterical, is the love of the Giants good car " to discuss some of the idol drama of gender stereotypes. Can not say that idol plays all jumped off the "woman rescued" formula, but did see, in recent years, Korean dramas show the visibility of multiple stories more obvious.

For example, the "cheese trap", which is rammed by the former, is not perfect for the male and female characters to interpret the evil and frailty of human nature; "Please answer 1988" A series of youth Chronicle, talk about the life of ordinary folk, also talk about the emotional shortcomings of the family; came to "The descendants of the Sun," the girl upright infatuated with the value of the protagonist, but also saw another kind of love-like state.

I believe that when the audience complained that can not let the heroine car accident incurable disease amnesia married good door, the writers are also very hard to get out of the restrictions on love formula. At least now many heroine can not only be rescued by aliens, can also voluntarily save themselves, can not be bitter to keep the cold kiln and other love, choose to focus on work to pursue achievements.

I think that all the stories are for the emotional service rather than the women's service. Return to people like to see a play, is seeking a kind of satisfaction and recognition. The story is to satisfy the flaw, we should understand is why the people need from "the plot" to establish the approval.

Thinking back, why "the descendants of the Sun" Such a story can satisfy the mainstream market, serving most women? Perhaps there is a drawback is that women yearn for the heroine "independent image." Women are eager not to sacrifice work for love, and women have toughness and softness. Perhaps the men and women have seen a phenomenon of the times-do not believe that the pure eternal love, more know how to let go, women's social status and men are similar, we have more of the subject of life Zhi industry to face.

Second, the danger of a single story: respect for the plural story version

The second thing I want to talk about is why do we intuitively think that Korean dramas are inferior to movies or American dramas? Such a stigma is compared, "Korean dramas" brand Image close to love, often fall into too easy to explain the life of the debate, "film, American drama" is considered to have a knowledge background, more useful to think of the reading text. So I think there is an ideology behind this is that Korean dramas are less worthy of discussion "small love".

I think that watching the minority movies I am not more noble, after the Korean dramas I have no more ignorance, both of them are me. If the public sphere can only discuss a single story, a person is only willing to understand one-sided issues, it is dangerous.

This reminds me of 7-11 of the 49-dollar President series, which I had been selling, I despised the girl who walked to that district, and I thought of the girls who liked BL on the middle shift, and when the boys snatched the comics from their palms and mocked them as rotten women, I kept silent. As "Such girls", do not want to understand the "Other Stories" I am more superior?

This "standard thinking" is to use their own position to push others living space, knowledge will bring power, power will bring superiority, superior generation class. Since ancient times the ernvqingchang of the state of righteousness, for me is two a completely different discussion. Love is intimate, is always, and is facing the world together. Love does not have to become a shyness in the face of knowledge, it should not be placed on the Libra weighed by the weight, as we do not have the right to define which story is more valuable. (recommended you see: Single Imagination of "Happy single": Not every woman can be Kelly Bradshaw )

Third, teenage awakening is not an enemy of feminism

Some people say that Korean dramas are to take to a group of ignorant girls, then my mother really is very young people heart. About from the country small with mother to watch Idol drama, she never resist us from the television to know love, even when the hero kiss mother will call me to learn point. Then she'll be all over the road and tell me how the story is going. When I was a child, I thought my mother was amazing, and now I know it is often too easy to love stories on TV.

Grow up to talk about love, know it is not easy, not all girls are waiting for the Prince Princess, even as a princess should not be a condemned thing. Many people will love as the center of the Korean drama may have suppressed another group of women not seen, the group of women's story has never been written in the love script. I look forward to these women's stories leaps, more people see, as we see the original formula in the traditional Korean heroine image, see social justice issues are also compiled into the dialogue, see not only for love, real life heart heartache. (same field Gayon: What about imperfections?) Everyone is a unique version of Vintage )

Try not to simplify each relationship into a Korean drama love imagination, nor to resist the dependency attached to intimacy. "Plot" is just a life model of reference options, the life of the script, no one can free up for us. Back to "The Descendants of the Sun" to bring countless praise, many mothers and sisters said the play summoned the heart of the girl, I think is very good. Young girls are full of gratitude to youth, young girls are fearless, and girls have the courage to wrestle.

I want to see more women, I want to read more beautiful stories, I believe every story deserves to be respected.

girls are not the enemies of feminism, we have been girls, can always be young girls. I read feminism, but also believe in love.

the world has for love and live in the thousands of songs, on the survival of the life of the ginger twilight smoke, there are soft and delicate Hongche, there will be able to the Chi Haixiu of the whims. These women, are living with us the image of women.

Finally we don't have to believe in a love value and be domesticated by the same theory. Whether you are a red rose or a white rose, you have passed Zhang ailing that year, no one has the right to use cultural order [1] to compare women. Whether you choose to love the heart, or the love, or abandon love.

[Note 1] Cultural order : From Bourdieu (Bourdieu, P.) to the Taste and Class View. Bourdieu that in addition to economics and education, culture/taste plays an important role in the formation and reproduction of classes. At the cultural level, the operation of class power is to strengthen the cultural taste and aesthetic differences of the mainstream class and give them legitimacy, and at the same time, by their power resources, the inferior class culture is degraded into a vulgar and tasteless culture.