single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Single in the movie "Single Zoo" is guilty. After 45 days of single countdown, if not paired successfully, it will become an animal. Of course you can escape, you can hide in the "Long Live" forest camp, but from then on you have to take the oath that your life will only be one person, with no emotional relationship with anyone, no ambiguous without intimacy, can only live alone. What kind of life are you willing to live? (Recommended reading: single diary: I am single, do not attempt to explain to anyone )

Watching the night of "The single Zoo", I was lying alone in a double bed, in my modest apartment, tossing and turning, almost insomnia. I can't say if it was me, how would I choose.

To stay in a single, guilty hotel, counting down to 45 days, counting the end of a human being, hesitate to play in order to match the existence of a strange self, understand that the most real talent is allowed to "happiness"; or I'm running away, I'm going to run into a companion system is a taboo forest where single people forbid to flirt or kiss or happen more, must live their own lives, Dig your own grave, come alone, and you will go alone.

In the world where single people hunt singles, escaping a rule, and walking into another norm, I cannot say, who is more lonely, outside the hotel and the forest, can't we love each other?

We listen much, the world does not need to label, we have to liberate dogma, free love. But we secretly still use the volume label not each other, actually in the flesh temptation, you like me? What kind of movies do you like? Are we the same kind of people? Do you listen to the same kind of music? Live the same life? Is there a yearning for the same?

The world of love does not even allow for ambiguity. What kind of sex do you love, whether you are gay or straight you can only choose one; whether you are nearsighted or blind, if you lie to me, when we lose common ground, the disappointment on your face is obvious.

So, marriage and family is playing, single very happy also play, we are very afraid, if recognize each other is not the same, will forget how to love? So some people choose to smile not to say, some choose angry reactionary, someone raised a dagger, someone turned and walked.

The "single Zoo" is a very cruel modern fable. I look embarrassed, perhaps, in modern times, we have never left the single zoo, kept the hotel and the forest to live at the opposite ends.

Well, could you please not choose? Can live in the hotel and the forest outside, I do not have to love who can not, no one is not single or not married, I am just able to love it. I wish we'd run to the ends of the earth and run away to the frame until we no longer believe in the same kind.

And you will know, I can love you, but also can not love you at any time. This is love, and is not related to the same kind.