The single diary unit was published four months and accumulated 95 entries. Every day a 500 short words, for life seasoning. If you have ever shed tears because of this unit, it is because you love , if you have seen your embarrassment here, it is because there is always a person who can understand you , there is always a exclusive diary of your single. (The first single diary: This day you decide to take care of yourself than anyone else )

We are single to this world, but do not know why, once the fetters, single becomes a special state.

Relationship, the discussion ended up being empty. We know that love or not love, there is no one to miss, who think of you, to live like this. We always easily associate a single person's emotional state, I always think that talking about single, talking about is actually "only", is holding the life should grow what shape of sovereignty. (Extended reading: single Diary: Politics and Love are like, every statement is very precious )

I know a lot of mothers, who are more cruel than unmarried, more depressed than single, and I know a lot of young women who are trying to live a happy life, whether they are single or not.

A single diary writes the textures of various life threads. When there are tears in the world, there is a wanton laugh. Some people are happy and single, there are people who are sad and single. There are many women, there are many single status. No matter what kind of emotional life you embrace, it's worth living.

A single diary is never written for a single woman who is defined by Wikipedia, and is more like writing to each one.

So the single diary has many shapes--------the material life attention to the spirit of quality, whether homosexual, heterosexual, single State or stable contacts, these people are writing a single diary, writing a section of life alone growth of loneliness; write system to the oppression of the female, also write as a unwilling to be society Value binding angry green roar, write lovelorn night, also write abandon love woman. (You will like: single Diary: Love, is the plague of the 21st century )

The single diary is a lot of unspeakable emotions, those of us who are angry with the world, trying to reconcile, we don't just want to fight, it's more like seeing the difference in the face. His single likes to use a couple of packs and a few fast-food relationships, and his single favorite is a VCDs with a potato chip and a land play. The state of being comfortable is always different.

no matter what kind of relationship, we can not be so complete , there are ugly, crooked, not perfect. I like "unbearable Light in life" in one sentence: "What makes him dislike is not the ugliness of the world, but the beautiful mask that the world brings." "

Writing a single diary, unlike in the painting of a highlighter, the word superior annotation, more like confessed: yes, I am such a person. In fact, we have written all the diaries, the diary is honest, and to the people you want him to peek. you don't have to agree with other people's diaries, but you should respect the truth of each diary.

This is the word "Gushinyi old" I read many times: "One day, we will drop each other and sink into deep pools." I only hope that when that day comes, we will only be sad, without pain. I only hope that I can at least accompany you to fly for a while, and keep you safe and fall. "

So the diary of an article in this, accompany you to fall safely.

Puff Dakaro: The person who sits on the pain, risks being swallowed by the pain.