Women fans do not regularly launch late night music unit! Today I introduce you to the soundtrack master Ginio Moricanne Ennio Morricone. He won the Oscar for the best score in 2016 with "eight villains", but his musical journey was earlier, "wilderness Big Gunsmoke", "New Paradise", "Sea pianist" and went to "eight Wicked" tonight we do not speak, only listen to him. (Remember to see the end of the article, there are "new Paradise" movie Gift Tickets and the original soundtrack of the gift, good Kang to the night owls)

The 87-Year-old Ginio Moricanne (Ennio Morricone) should have won the prize, and most fans would think so. It should not have been half a century since the 2007 Oscar had affirmed his contribution to the Lifetime achievement Award; it was not until 2016 that Oscar was respectful because of the "eight Villains" award.

Ginio Molikner is an Italian music master, 52 years of long career, accumulated more than 500 music works, he won two Grammy, two Golden Globes, five British Film Academy Award, won a number of music awards affirmation, but kept with the golden man missed.

Even if he hadn't won the prize, he would have been in the memory of those movies. 1964 "Wilderness Gunsmoke" (A Fistful of Dollars), 1968 "Crazy Sand 100,000" (Once Upon A time in the West), 1988 "New Paradise" (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso), 20 The 00 "Sea Pianist" (the Legend of 1900), the 2001 "True Love With Me" (Malèna) ... His achievements in addition to the awards, and life dependencies, often heard the soundtrack, they repeatedly summon the feelings of the year.

Quentin Tarentino more than once praised Ginio Molikner is his mind with Mozart, Beethoven, a great musician.

"I always feel that when something is popular, it is out of date. "" I Always the Something is currently very trendy, it's already very old. " --Ginio Moricanne (Ennio Morricone)

His music was not flattering, as he had said in his interview, "Someone gave me a Hollywood villa, I can't say thank you, I'd rather live in Italy." "As he seriously taught Quentin Collage movie soundtrack, resulting in a disorderly music chaos, his music has our refusal to low-brow soul, there is crystal clear paranoia, there is beyond the glimmer of time." (Recommended reading: Japanese music godfather Pan Benrong: Music, to make the world a better Faith )

Tonight, we stop to do other things and listen attentively to him.

"Sihai Brothers" soundtrack "Song of Deborah" (Deborah ' s Theme)

"Sihai Brothers" soundtrack once Upon a time in America

"Twilight Three Gunsmoke" soundtrack (Gold Rush) (Ecstasy of Gold)

"The Music of the Sea pianist" (Playing Love)

"New Paradise" soundtrack (Love Theme):

"New Paradise" Soundtrack Cinema Paradiso

"Eight Villains" soundtrack L ' Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock