Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Many people think that the effort must be rewarded. I have not thought so, most of the time we focus on their own efforts to pay, heart, how many of the night, the sale of the liver. But it is not found that the real "use of power" efforts may be negligible.

People who say how hard they are, are usually okay. Those who run with all their strength have no time to dispute their gains or losses. But those who really try but fail do not complain in vain. Because for them, the reward for effort is not success, but growth.

In a woman who is obsessed with work, we will ask a question directly: "The perfect score, how much do you think you are in this project?" 」

This is a very interesting question, so the job is no longer like "handing in homework", it's more like scoring and correcting for yourself. Only you can measure your own efforts. Because the moment as the third party of their own work to watch, I often have a lack of understanding of their shortcomings, but also with a full, eager to fill the desire.

I've been trying so hard. That kind of effort is always holding "work for others" mentality, every day feel their time by the world domination and partition. I always thought: why is things not getting better? Why am I still here?

Because of the blind effort, and did not let me progress, but has been parked in the circle around in circles.

So, what is not blind effort?

For me now, it's about understanding the meaning behind every job. is to confirm why I am working here and now. Write an interview to be very clear about what the interviewee wants to say; Edit the article, to understand the author's heart and Sincerity, under the title, to be jittery media responsibility to rest assured.

Not "do a good job" is to work hard, many times, I think constantly think you have more effort is no use. Try this thing, just can't think.

Instead of counting on how hard you try, ask yourself how much you can do.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Do you have any idea how to learn? While improving the skills of the workplace, do you have a good question of what you want, not for others? If not, then your first step is to be honest. Then face it and find a solution. "Sister said school" for you, you need "internal driving force" in the Doctor always remind you:

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