single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. About Growing up , you are always learning how to coexist with it. There are always those moments of loss, and you know that the best times are gone. However, with a lot of deep baggage, but also alone to go down. (same field Gayon: Why Love like an adult?) How good to be a fool )

At what moment did you grow up?

When you know you grow up, you can't turn back.

A person walking in the city cold late at night, through the first breakup of the storm, to participate in the first classmate's wedding, or, once again meet that person.

In life, the moment of growing up, like Pating general search years, also like the film a second 24 lattice of rapid broadcast, can no longer remain white.

(Photography: Kawauchi)

You are too old to be displaced, just want to focus on your own path, no one will stop you from running. You are afraid of the love and loss of the normal, when the advertisement vigorously broadcast the gold leftover, you put on the Magic No trace of the sea patch while eating a bubble noodles to sneer at. You are no longer as picky, angular, and uncompromising as you used to be. You reduce the number of consumption, life and other responsibilities-water bills, nephew's full moon red envelopes, home loans.

When did you disappoint the way you grew up?

"Miss these years, we have no good to grow into the people who wish to become." 」

You once wondered what kind of man a boy would become when he grew up. Now you look at him from afar, you are no longer a former girl.

You are no longer so stubborn, mighty, the more into the world, the more you fear. You need to be more courteous, to understand the filth of the worldly, to be more gentle and to comb the knot of anger. You repeatedly write boring yourself, you talk about security not overly deep love, and then break up, the so-called grow up, no longer let you curious, heart, feel awakened.

(Photography: Kawauchi)

Time is the largest distance in the world, you in that pair of familiar eyes to see understand, let you keep pure, still those first time, the first time to meet the heart of youth, the first time holding hands, the first time with a person with the future and ideals.

"To my dear poet, young man, my dear myself." 」

Make me sleepy in the city to commemorate you.