single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "The Descendants of the Sun" let love no longer have the protagonist and the difference between the characters, you are no longer willing to skip the role of a supporting actor, you want to see Ginger twilight smoke and Liu Dahuan love, but also to see Yin Mingzhu and Xu Da love each other into fate. To the end, Yin Mingzhu did not give up Xu Daiying, and Xu Daiying finally embraced him, like a hug lost years of his own. (same field Gayon: single Diary: "Descendants of the Sun" I want a match love )

When you look at the descendants of the sun, you think the love inside is too real.

Most of the time love is really like this, not so many of the small or multi-horned entanglement, not so many of the misunderstanding or car accident, we love hard and ordinary, often calculated their own heartbeat, control their own breathing, in the face of love, understand their own insignificance.

The original will be afraid, the original will be injured, the original will hesitate, the original only love may not enough, there are more difficult to live. In front of the love, who also can not stop you, can't get through is always oneself.

So how do you like Yin Mingzhu, Yin Mingzhu Love has always been a big spicy, vindicate will not hesitate, hug to take the initiative to reach out, was coldly rejected the eyes do not blink, does not matter let tears slide down, turned or decided to continue to love.

"No self-esteem, how Xu Daiying love me." "Yin Mingzhu Love, the evidence, is you said I will believe, is not hesitate to answer the ginger mu smoke," Why do I love Xu Daiying? I am more afraid to be separated from him than to mind the dangers of military danger. 」

She loved him, and how much she loved his own.

So how do you like Xu Daiying, Xu Daiying love subtle slow, pick up the phone can not speak and reluctant to hang up the phone, he even finishing the feelings of the time is quiet, a facial, a hug, a phone call but leaked his mind.

"I give up, because I love her" Xu Daiying Love, sincere and earnest, Word are very hard, he was so careful to avoid their feelings, Yin Mingzhu is he avoided the fate of the open. "All the time I deliberately avoid you, I will regret it." 」

He finally embraced her, as if she had lost herself in those years.

So you like "The Descendants of the Sun", because in front of love, no one lives like a supporting role, no one to rely on formula to love. I want to love you, to love justly, you do not say that love me also does not matter, anyway you will know one day, we love each other into fate.