single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Read Sanmao, always fall in love with her and Jose Rush Tianya love story. However, it is not only a story, Jose after death, Sanmao alone face the fate of sadness and loneliness, is the era of the most finely also heavy facts. Single diary, see Sanmao Word in the world's final not blame, do not lament, anyway, are loved. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Not together, can with you forever )

Single diary to write Sanmao, to commemorate such a lifetime in the struggle with the lonely woman. We all know her love story with Jose, few people see her alone facing the Sahara desert of Loneliness.

There is a kind of bird in the world without feet, born and kept flying, fly tired to sleep in the wind. A lifetime can only land once, that is the time of death.

The story of the punk

This is my imaginary sanmao, she not only wanted to die once, she is for love to survive the woman.

Sanmao born in the war between the flames, the more chaotic, she is in the book to find quiet, she is in the campus is the eyes of the other students, not talking, so out of tune. Sanmao in his heart drift, so far, she and the world always keep a clean distance, you do not make me, I do not provoke.

She ferry in many relations, only in one section of the real berth. Jose than Sanmao is much smaller, Jose 18-Year-old Age They first know, after separation, meet again, finally to love. In the story of the Sahara, they live by the stars, embracing the sun and kissing the fierce yang in the desert. Years are still good, but so. Sanmao, who had joked about himself as a butterfly, had a place in the wilderness.

"He is my husband and wife for generations, all the previous feelings of entanglement, branches are not forget, I became so pure a person, is his wife." 」

Jose's death has made people mad. Even if life, is also the widow, Sanmao live back to the 20-year-old before the appearance, but also literature, no longer committed to the world.

There is a single is desperate, I always think of that night, two people around the fire, Jose read poems to Sanmao listen. And such a single is also lucky, there will not be a second Jose, there will be no second Sanmao, we put the most wonderful best, love is over.

Occasionally sporadic flash, vaguely but there is a trace of warmth, that is your direction. Accustomed to your direction, miss you. Pray for you to sleep well, good night, Sweet dreams.