April 8 "I am the singer 4" finals imminent, Xu Jiaying and JJ Lin Partner combination cause concern. Each broadcast of the program, the media, the network will be another wave of Xu Jia-ying boom. Xu Jiaying is not a dark horse, this road, she long-distance running eight years, is patient, but also perseverance, as well as the profound understanding of music persistent. (Recommended reading: Use attitude to light "I am a Singer" stage!) Xu Jiaying: To be free in exchange for sincerity

Xu Jiaying in "I am singer 4" The performance of everyone concerned about the April 8 finals and help sing the combination of guests JJ Lin more let fans crazy. Before the final, she wrote in her face , "Mom, ⋯, where did I go?" ", Synchronous hashtag" #不枉此行 ".

It is the music of eight years that this trip is not in vain. 2008 Xu Jiaying to participate in the third "Super Starlight Boulevard", the sixth episode "Body Riding White Horse" blockbuster, after winning the championship Huang sent her a sentence, also send Taiwan music: "I look forward to see Taiwan's next Chan." 」

Xu Jiaying not become another Chan, she sang her own name.

2009, "Xu Jiaying LaLa debut album" Let her win the Taiwan Golden Melody Award of the Best new singer, is the first from the "Super Star Road" winner after graduating from the Golden Melody Award singer. Over the years, she has released three albums and stood on a small giant egg. Lin Xi in a talent show so praised her: "The contestants really want to learn Xu Jiaying, all feelings deal with no traces, flowing." 」

listen to flowing, Xu Jiaying is hard to walk, get applause, there are many voices grumble Xu Jiaying round cake face, poor figure. Many people according to positioning, to take Xu Jiaying and online creative female Zhang Hang, Chen Qi, Tanya Chua, Depenibi evaluation, and she always only do themselves. (same field Gayon: from Zhang Hang to jiaoan Pu: All I have is luck, lost is Life )

"I think anyone can know you know you, but can explain you only yourself." --Xu Jiaying

January 2016, Xu Jiaying entry "I am singer 4", lost sandbar Blockbuster won the championship in the first episode . , when the Chinese are amazed at this new face, they only see "Super Star Avenue 3" We know how long the girl has gone.

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We like Xu Jiaying because she sings the name of the little character of the time, the This choice of love, the stubborn miss, or the existence of suspicion, because she sings the popular song, but never Low-brow. In many seemingly ordinary heart but turbulent days, is Xu Jiaying steady the rush of people.

Let us use a few "I am a singer 4" good song, aftertaste Xu Jiaying.

Lost Sandbar

"Hug so much, rise and fall, Miss is still you look at my eyes." 」

Xu Jiaying first sang the song in front of the screen, but 24 years old, she took the song to win the second Star Boulevard champion. This song is straightforward as Love, Xu Jiaying in a visit to cancer sick child, the nursing long invited her to sing this song, singing full of parents to the child's missing. Then, Xu Jiaying in the music video monologue added such a paragraph: "In the future, I will get more, but lost, only you." 」

"Lost Sandbar" is the emotional fall, the relationship between the death, to cherish, but also to brave farewell. Eight years later in her "I Am a singer 4" to sing this song, many people say that China's talent show rarely appear so introverted and meticulous voice, and finally can no longer dance broadsword, high treble, close your eyes, listen to Xu Jiaying voice wrapped tide ebb and flow.

Cultivate love

"Smile said Love makes people crazy, crying that love makes people nervous, forget that the person surrendered." 」

every other person's song, from her mouth hum all become their own. Xu Jiaying The "cultivation of Love", adaptation of the song, lined with clear voice, layers of overlapping hum out another story. The finals, JJ Lin will be the second board of "I am a Singer" guests, in the "Guest Help sing" unit and Xu Jiaying Chorus.

"Miss seems a preconceived even habitual obsession phenomenon, it is displayed in the corridor at the bottom of the room, occasionally drop out to Polish ⋯ always have to refine gold." At that time, every time I think of you one more strength. --Xu Jiaying

No pain.

"I do not cry not to laugh, leaving only silence, with my pride fly away." 」

Singing "No Pain", saw many lovelorn in the late night wandering the Phantom, even tears, will be stubborn will walk the road alone. Xu Jiaying has used the original "drawer theory" to describe his every breakthrough, she said: "Every time I recorded a episode, I felt another drawer was opened, I think I can open more drawers." The broken-hearted lattice was Xu Jiaying and pulled out of one side. (same field Gayon: Xu Shanning talk about ghost film role: Force oneself to face the most fear of the matter, more will be full of power )

"Pain lack of adaptability: such as toothache, headache can continue for several hours, or even days." As long as the cause of pain is not removed, there is a painful response. So say no pain is not paralysis, just become more pain. --Xu Jiaying

I miss you so

"I still stand on my toes, and I still keep my eyes closed, I still pretend to be indifferent." 」

Qingfeng said Xu Jiaying: "I have heard you flawless scene, I have been suspected that your body has built-in CD player, how can be stable like this." It's really good to sing. "Among the singers there are heroes who cherish heroes." Xu Jiaying Sing I miss you, from the silk drizzle hum to the heavy rain pang 礡. Every time listen to her sing other people's songs, can see her to the arrangement of intentions and perception, tough and soft, like singing torrent, irrepressible miss. (same field Gayon: Soda Green Peak 10 life quotes: Know who you are, you are not afraid of others to define you )

Lily Ann

"She has come, and the green clothes are turned to ashes in the fire, and the flames rise to the dawn." 」

Song Dongno's lily Ann desolate compassion. Xu Jiaying sang of lily Ann Gentle and strong, is a sober insight into the world, is not in a hurry, marching in the years towards you. Fill in the word "Waltz": "He did not want to forget his name, he did not want to be timid, lost the courage of love." "Please tell him my name, Lillian," echoed the sentence. 」

Please tell the world your name, Xu Jiaying. We think so.

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