single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. You have been in love, and have been lovelorn , in fact, who see, you are single. You still lack a promise, I love you three words, but what is so important? In fact, you do not want me to love you , but he is a stable heart. Talk about a love without a name, you learn to love, but also love yourself. (Extended reading: single Diary: Love Is a dream, but not carefully overslept)

You have been in love, and have been lovelorn. You are not together, but you sing love songs for each other, and you exhort each other to eat more than at a table; you remember each other's sorrow more than the joy of sharing;

What you want is not the richest person, but the person who will not give you up because of the daily necessities, not the person who falls in love with your good character, but the person who dotes on your bad habit, not the person who makes you step down, but the person who makes you run free. Not the person who hurts you the most, but the person who doesn't want to let go anyway.

met you, his dark world had the light, he drifted Life has the other side. Meet him, your lively soul in the city to find a stable corner, your stubborn smile face can shed tears.

You meet in the worst situation in your life, he is not ready to love the next person, you just from a breakup carrying a broken body to come. The most beautiful days in each other's lives, did not pass, it is, that the worst of the most trouble when the most trouble, let you met together.

there is a noun in astronomy Roche Limit (Roche limit) , when the two celestial bodies are less than the Lockheed limit, the celestial bodies tend to break apart and become the rings of the second celestial body.

You are like two planets in the universe, and gravity makes you close, and you break. Tidal forces pull one side into pieces, and the embers of the relationship become rings, guarding the stronger planet. This is a sad story, love, as if to tear one side exist. After all, you have to walk through the pain of the shattered bones and learn to love more.

"Even if it becomes dust, we are all intact." Distance is the best way to repay love, or, let me old to the promise of time to embrace the road. 」

the girl in the water , you know why.
Please watch me fly away from you
My love for you will remain in your heart
So let me go.

Dear, this song once accompany me to sail many sad days, hoped you also can. This is a lost and homeward journey, you have a clear conscience.