The author much Yao on the growth identity of the Shangguang plant. As a word worker with fresh sunshine irrigation, life Review fertilization, looking at the youth behind us, grow what kind of adult.

much Yao carrying a woman to fall out of the window a large expanse of light came, like a fresh plant stretched in the woman fan paradise on the first floor, talk about new books as youth, love and like mythology Ancient Constant , "Shangguang plant" from the girl in love with the story of the girl to write self-identity, there are sunshine drilling soil warm, and rain fell on the veins of pain

From the "Old Summer" to "Shangguang plant", from PTT to the library, from the interviewer to the interviewee, from advertising to full-time writers, much Yao was not hesitate to write. When the city sank to sleep she wrote, when Yeqing left the world she wrote. Much Yao left a short hair, shirt trousers, neutral type of her mouth on the release of the girl's secret.

Many people called her a small light. Yes, there is light in the mist in her eyes, reminds me of some kind of small animal in the forest, the voice let people miss the spring, the first time to see little lights, she is like dormant in the Four Seasons change gentle observer.

To the light plant: the Thorn of Youth

"Her black skirt, my black skirt, was ironed straight and sharp with creases; between the girls and the girls, there are 100 lines waiting to cross. "Shangguang Plant"

"Shangguang Plant" finalized 70,000 words, originally in the PTT series, formerly known as the "Old Summer", from Reiguang summer, people back to memory time old, waves 踯 relationship. Xiao-Guang read a lot of gay literature works, Chiuxin's "Crocodile Notes", Chai's "Diary of the Collective Heartbreak", Chenxue "The Diary of the Human Wife", but there seems to be no understanding of their version: "I was 26 years old began to write, is also the end of the story of the Age, Writing work in the daytime, I finished my writing in the morning, I remember listening to late-night radio, writing on the hope of close, and private. "Like the Devil in your Angel, enchant in the ear, I think so." (Recommended reading: after losing Chiuxin, who else can we love?) Five filling of lesbian love and Daily Book list )

Xiao-Guang engaged in writing for a long time, first out of the book, the preferred comma to create association, through cooperation with independent publishing, she hopes to intervene in most publishers do not do the process-for their own book completely packaging and positioning. She prefers the library, synchronized to find a small hill house cooperation, give the reply to a vigorous many meat, but also for us to see the book seal on the plant, the epidermis of the mixed thorn, tilt as youth.

To my loved ones, write a few words left to yeqing

The pen to bring, at the age of 26 years old, the same year yeqing left. "Shangguang Plant" opened, wrote "To Me loved, and loved me." To Yeqing. 」。 Know yeqing is to learn the relationship between sister, two people have their own BBS version, read which Word good, that sentence ingenious. When everyone said that Yeqing had gone and mourned her with poems, Xiao-Guang still felt a trance of days, and stopped at the time when they were saying poetry and talking about literature. There is also late at night, the soul of insomnia in two cities are still in MSN online: "I have insomnia problems, at that time like a small green light in the distance, I always know not myself in this, settle down." 」

Yeqing "Rain" Let the small miss, she still remember, those words appear on the BBS page typesetting, appearance. Yeqing finally chose to back the world, small words: "Still will be shocked, how will this happen?" Also think, if can do something early, is not the same, but are something. 」

I think of the light of the light in the palm of the "Shangguang plant", these in the mixed Tun efforts to identify their own appearance, how much more strength in the dark phototaxis, all this came. If the twisted shape of the line, more people know how to focus on appreciation, how good?

It is not just the youth, but also to love the people of a romantic love letter, a "Shangguang plant", to all efforts to love the people.

Out of the closet is a big RPG

Talk about the difficulties of self-identity, Small said it is even grow up to continue to think about: "The country High school to a few years ago, all feel very difficult, until the two years I feel better, after 30 years old began to much better." To my plight is my family, even in the relatively open industry: advertising, online bookstore to the present case, back or face the family, how do you talk to your mother and father? 」

"Especially the state high school, you only know that you and others are not the same, you have to pretend to be like others." Pretend you are left-handed, but you live in a world full of right-handed, you find that the world is not designed for you, you even open the door, eat things feel stuck. It is very difficult for you to take for granted. 」

In the story of the role set, small children pulled out several parents, one is the narrator's parents, and the child has a space for discussion, and second, the role of the parents of the sister, the other role of the parents of Mo, extreme resistance. Small is also suggested before the cabinet to understand what the face of the parents, and then adopt a strategy: "This matter does not have a successful model, the shape of each person's life is not the same, to interpret the situation, this is a large RPG [Note 1]." "(Extended reading: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

Small said that he is also a few years as long as the hair repair short, will experience a little family revolution, to let her mother accept their own comfortable appearance, is also such a long-term resistance. She also shared: "Sometimes I think the girls with long hair have more difficulties, like our female-type neutral girl, Mother Heart is bottom." But if they suddenly tell their mother to have a girlfriend, the mother will say: "You are beautiful, clearly, why so." 』」

Lesbian Culture: Maybe you don't have to be a T?

Girls with long hair, short hair girls, have their own way to survive, but there is no day, the world can let children do not have to bleed, shed tears, do not have to try to sacrifice their lives, in exchange for the possibility of loving someone.

"People said I was T, I said I was a woman, because I think the spectrum should be flowing, even if I am so, I am a maiden ah." --Much Yao

Cutting short hair seems to be the way many lesbians have proclaimed to the world. Xiao Guang said: "Lesbian culture is not a bad thing, you have a password to identify each other." With positioning, you can identify yourself, and then think, I can be a long hair t, can I wear high heels T? Or, I don't actually have to be a T? "There are thousands of people in heterosexual, homosexuality is not?" No one can live completely in a symbolic way.

"Culture is the displacement, through the cultural projection, we identify their own appearance, and then find their own comfortable position." 」

The metaphor in the text: The light of youth flitting

"The world is a metaphor. "Shangguang Plant"

The world is a metaphor, "Shangguang plant" there are many ambiguous symbols. Small young when the love of Chu Fu, Lauski: "There was a Chunhui film, late at night put old film, I was very fascinated by classic black-and, a large number of look." The lesbian text affects me very deeply is "the Crocodile notes", the author mentions many Taiwan big campus scene, inevitably, you will pass through the scene the Coconut Grove Avenue. Cao Lijuan's "Virgin Dance" was something I read in high school to know this (homosexuality) is OK. (Extended reading: can women's literature write straight?) Chenxue, Chiuxin, Zhang Yixian, women's literature landscape

You will pass through the scenes in movies and texts, through your reading, your emotional resonance, and your perception of the world's gentleness, so the small says, the world is a metaphor.

"Virgin Dance", "Norwegian Forest", "kitchen" is three of the book, the impact of the small light, in the young girl to the youth at a loss, unfamiliar with same-sex issues, those literary works of the real feelings to confirm existence. From the gay issues can only sneak into the direction of popular, not so marginal, no longer a special case, she is always writing.

Writing works like a hurdle race.

I asked, what is writing to you. The air was silent for half a minute. "It was a natural thing for me, and it was most important for me to read when I was a child." The writing presents some sort of relationship with the world. 」

Her meeting with the ad copy was so that the small, Chinese-born small-text observed the capitalist market, believing that copywriting could change the world. Even in the advertising industry has been grinding a lot of small, still hold the trust text, text can be saved, text can depend on.

Growing up, writing became a job, and she enjoyed it as a full-time interviewer: "I like to interview, I can take up the quality of the respondents in the afternoon, any questions he has to answer." 」

One is work, the other is self writing. The novel is the Life of the reorganization: "If one day did not turn on the computer, I would feel very strange." Although every time as long as open the blank world, the feeling of despair is still overwhelming. "Writing is all from scratch, every time, start from scratch." (You would like: to become a columnist this way: writing, is the soul of cultivation )

Small-text with words in the days, she said to do text work very like hurdle race: "On the one hand, I have in the interview, some full-time writing predecessors are very focused on writing their own writing, is a marathon running." 」

"Over the years, I have not owed the status of the manuscript. writing is difficult to comfort, writing to maintain discomfort, maintain pressure, will continue to write down. --Much Yao

Grow to the way you like

I said, reading this book reminds me of "after", the dead people take away their own disturbing secrets, the rest of the time and climate, are left behind the people.

When the small words have a thought to write, they write the modern lesbian story, and most of the identity puzzle, from the summer began: "We are left behind, you are bound to be left behind." Some people go to the end of the universe, rocket propulsion fuel will disappear, people have been fall. Be left behind us, must have their own mission, try not to look back, back is too hurt. 」

Everyone has their own shape of life, Small said, at that time, looking at the topic of my visit, let her think of "Fight Array Club" last scene: "Two people holding hands, look at the building in front of a building was blown up." I like this scene, even if a lot of things will be destroyed, you have a person next to. Even you do not need to have a person, you are strong enough to face the collapse, continue to go forward. 」

If you want to give the 16-year-old a word, she would say: "It will be better." Do what you want, and you will become the adult you want. 」

Will be better, will be better, this sentence is like an echo, clearly and gently echoed in the process of writing my article. Every grown up comrade, every adult ah, we always do not have to be the ideal of WHO.

The heart is full of self-sufficiency read "Shangguang plant", in the mind read too good. People have to walk through the end of the century fragmented, through the dark, and then the new cosmic order will be for the living people chisel hole, there is light in the seam, the life of the hanging, we will continue to move forward.