Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.The girls' school students come out to make their own cowarts. Does the shorts and uniforms convey a different identity?Does the sense of honor of the group override the feeling of the individual?Let's think about a few of the possible problems behind these things.(Sibling: I am proud, as I am like a girl )

In the afternoon of April 4, a few students from the Taipei First Girls'Girls' Girls'Girls' Girls'Girls' School in Hsimenting openly communicate their own claims .They held a propaganda version of their appeal and invited passer-by to take pictures and show their solidarity with them.They had been communicating with the school authorities to try to gain access to the school entrance doors in their schools, but were repeatedly rejected at the school meetings.In order to protect their rights, students have no choice but to take to the streets to protect their rights.

0404 Hsimenting Short

Why do schools need to restrict our access to the school gates?Why did the school tell us that the white socks of white shoes are the spirit of beauty?If we don't follow the rules of school today, don't we have a way to learn?If the adults only ask us to obey, and not let us choose from our own mistakes, how can we grow up to be responsible adults?Can we understand how to face life and society after reaching adulthood?If the adults hope that the students will not be the tribes in the future, it should be a drop of power. Not only will the students accumulate the knowledge and personality of the students, but they also have to guide the students to their own choice, and then take responsibility for themselves.It's a generation that only us decide what we look like, and it's a generation that we also want to take responsibility for.Let us start with the smallest of our uniforms, and call on Lieutenant Colonel Kitagami to release sweatshirts and pants freely in and out of the school, and the Jingmei Girls' School of Inban loosens the socks and lifts!We will hold a lecture on the issue of girls' schools and services at Wing Lok Block's Grand Store: April 6: 7 to 9 pm: Feng Xianhsien and Students: North and First Girls, Ko San-ju

Klossei, and Pointed by Huang Shiu-King's Disobedience on Monday, April 4, 2016

Their appeal was simple: Because students in the north and the middle school were required to wear the school uniform to the school uniform, they hoped that the school would be open to the uniform of the uniform with the uniform of the uniform, and that the school would no longer be restricted.Now students know what they want and don't want to know what they want, and look at what they want to hear from society in a way that makes people feel more resonant and thought-provoe; and it makes people think about what they want to convey.

(Photo Source: //www.facebook.com/ %E5%8C%97%E4%B8%E%E7%9F%AD%E8%A4%B2%E8%87%AA%E7%94%B1%E9%99%A3%E7%B7%9A-1073533182720339/?ref=read " target="_blank"> North-Pants Free Front )

Take off the uniform dress, all female students want to wear shorts

students in the central and southern Taiwan of the central and southern parts of the island have similar demands, both of which require students not to wear shorts outside of sports. Students are also dissatisfied with the rules, and students in the Taiwan and South American Girls' School protested to the school in a united way.It is more visible to the public.(Sibling: demos, alleros, and gender school education )

The main reason why the school believes that the school gate should wear a uniform is because the uniform is more beautiful, and the uniform is more "appropriate" than the uniform appearance of the uniform.However, students feel that it is very convenient to wear uniforms, for example, after the completion of the physical education class, before they can change their uniforms, they may affect the time of the school bus, or simply don't want to wear skirts.

Whatever the reason, it is important why the school unilaterally decided what students should have.Is the United States and the United States a good thing to say?You can't decide what you can wear if you wear your clothes on your body.Is it the hope that students can only blindly obey the unreasonable rules of the school and attempt to create an atmosphere of school obedience to authority?This is definitely not a big deal. There may be at least two other issues of gender consciousness.(Sibling: Do you want calculus or gender consciousness?)

school's uniforms are mostly through dresses, which are considered unattractive and inappropriate for students to wear sweatpants outside of the school today. It is said that a single gender perspective or stereotyped image of a female student or a woman is clearly a lack of a gender perspective and a gender gap affecting the rights of others.

Further, there is good reason to say that the aesthetic or scrutiny of the school is the right perspective. If it cannot be specified, it will only be abusing its power and ignoring the students' human rights.Moreover, it may also involve issues such as the overall social structure and culture, such as the "honorary culture" of the entire organization's honor, for example, on the merits and demerits of individual behavior.

Is the sense of honor of freedom of kidnapping worth it?

family honor is a psychological term used to refer to the practice of the family members' behavior that affects the entire family's reputation as a family member.Family Honorary Culture families pay particular attention to preserving the family's reputation as a family, as it is an important practice in life, and is dedicated to preserving the family's honor.
They maintain and promote the family's honor in many ways, such as: the education of their children, the promotion of the social class in their family members, or the good nature of their work, the clothing, and so on, but what I would most like to discuss here is the fidelity of marriage and the chastity of the female body.(Extended reading: Brazilian women are teachers to pass a virgin test?)To look at the patriarchal society's potential control of the woman's body )
the women of Rome, if they can protect their own bodies from rape and fidelity to marriage, would be a matter of increasing the family's honor [Note 1].On the other hand, if a woman encounters her father's right to kill her derailment's daughter to preserve the family's honour, her husband is also entitled to propose a divorce, ending the marriage [Note 2].Women who live in this culture, in their lifetime, behave in a manner that is only to uphold family honor, without freedom and human rights. It can be said that the importance of family honor is far higher than that of the individual's free will and achievements.

Family Honor 2.0!Good for me, or for you?

In short, the formation of an honorary culture stems from the recognition of others, and people with an honorary culture are more likely to make an honor-preserving behavior, and often set the goal of promoting the honor of a group in the group, hoping that each group will be able to achieve and compete for the group.Leaders in groups may also promote certain behaviors that promote the honor of groups, and provide some explanations or statements that make these lines reasonable, in order to facilitate the traditional survival of the group's honor, even though the behavior of these group leaders is not something that can add light to most of the other cultures.
Taiwan, for example, we do not have more respect for a married woman who does not talk to any other man in the outside, but in Rome, this may be a matter of increasing the family's face.

Returns the right of shorts to students of the north and the north.

The school hopes that students can wear a complete uniform mainly because they are beautiful and appropriate, but with subjective unreasonableness.After all, as many as 70 % of the students want to wear sportswear, they also agree to abolish the requirement that the entrance to the school should be abolished. The primary consideration of these students is not beauty, but functional and convenience.The school authorities have ignored the feelings of these students and insisted on the question of perception. This is most likely because the school is trying to protect the image of the school in the eyes of the students by restricting the students' wear, which is to maintain the reputation of the school.

Did you find it?The words "don't talk to any other man" are in line with the school's words in the north and the north.To a certain extent, the uniform is a copy of the family's honorary culture when students enter and exit the school entrance. The member must be a member of the delegation to erase the rights of the individual-students have an obligation to uphold the reputation of the school. Otherwise, they should not be part of the school or receive punishment.The school authorities use a variety of theories to make sense of the importance of the uniform, rather than saying that the university hopes that the good tradition of maintaining the reputation of the school can continue to operate.

The students wear uniforms if they are merely to maintain the reputation of the school or to satisfy the views of the minority teachers in the school. Whether the uniform is not worn or not is worthy of our in-depth consideration.

If you can't accept the women who live in ancient Rome, then when we see that the children of this group come out for their own rights, then we should think more about their position and the environment they are facing.