Wong Kar-wai's films have long been a relish of the pointer film, every once in a while again will have a different harvest. The "Chongqing Forest" was originally to describe the alienation of urban people as the theme of the film, but it not only throws questions, but also teaches us to solve, teach us to be alone . (Same field Gayon: Theaftertaste of "Chongqing Forest"!) Hong Kong people take you to the famous movie scene

In the afternoon of Sunday, I saw the CD-ROM of "Chongqing Forest" in the comic-book rental shop. Conveniently picked up, think of the sophomore bored in the dormitory to look at the film borrowed from the library, that night, empty room filled with a variety of free and charade, Brigitte Messy trot, the obscure Street view, screen jumping, greasy food. As a child not toil, there is no understanding, hastily brought, strong solutions to convey the loneliness: the Solitude of the urban jungle. I decided to take it home and see it again. It's Kate.

"I told myself that from this minute onwards, the first woman to come in, I would like her." 」

As if oneself, the weekend night's difficulty, pushes off all invitations, also is not arrogant jiao or is in the interpersonal defend, is oneself looks for the only to count! Pick up the mic, "Hello?" "and" Hello? "and" Hello? "The same kind of opening repeated several times, the empty echo." Can mourn the city elements, lovelorn small, run Run run, run to sweaty, this looks like no tears can flow! Neon colors, past buildings, where can run to? (same field Gayon: never forget Wong Kar-wai: Write the world's regrets and calmly, not expired six classic )

The picture turns, still return to the stranger side, how to come here? Not important. The sweat that steams away after running is far less than the temperature the other person gives. Sitting closer, opening, talking to others, learning to speak four or five languages, but also always conveys a meaning: I am lonely. Just to talk to myself. What causes a woman to wear sunglasses at night? Intuition is to cover up the loss of love after the tears, even if not, but under the sunglasses or the past night to cry.

The scene is tired, the lens all, two people in the same room. Eat the same way, to the cannibalism, you sleep your, I eat my. We didn't do anything, but it seemed like we did everything, the sum of God. After, pull machine shaking, have been injured we all swallow more vomit less, happy birthday! "The unexpected, unexpected words, affection to the letter, a word is a thousand words, it is worth remembering the world."

"I knew nothing about her, and after six hours she liked another man. 」

Like daily routines, patrols and shops are the same, walking back and forth in the same place, trying to find their own music. Behind is the manic music, the notes rumble into the ear canal, each paragraph said out of the sentence, leaving only sparse fragments, meaning unknown. The courtship of the sale of Taiwan? Pick and choose, full of temptation. People talk about fast-food love, so love should be tasted, and today said: Love to see the feeling, speaking of this is not by the heart of the enthusiasts, but can be tasted the taste of the mouth.

Only one dish? Well? That's stupid! People should try each other to know how to discriminate and to be good or bad. When the people who left are really going to come back? From that day on, every piece of furniture in the house was like a person who had been touched, feeling abundant, smell also yingying. Widowed we have the courage not to talk to others, although their own each language is lonely sound mouth, but also Lang rang, is very comforting. Accept a letter can not open the letterhead, keep, stay, there will be a day, exactly the same as the past, because the full is waiting. (Recommended reading: Single diary: I wait, no longer waiting for you that day )

Another goodbye? Do not open is two California time difference, the sun color expectation, the sunlight straight through the past and come, let a person more understand imagine, wet dizzy handwriting not as oath, open the shower can hear the rain.

"I told myself that when I bought 30 cans, she would have expired if she hadn't come back." 」

Wong Kar-wai is a good analogy of the director, from the abstract does not pass the secret to the small things can be, "a master" of "64 Hands", "The Mong Kok Carmen" "Glass", the micro-see, the fragile human nature has always escaped the precise Shan.

The film's two Nanche, have eaten cans, can be a single person's dietary markers, convenient and affordable, do not cater to other people's taste can give life an account, salty or sweet, herring or pineapple, is a preference for memory. All the thing will have a save time, must open it before expiration, use it, exhausted it, the ideal love is forever, it is endless! But the reality is not, people will not be able to stay, so we cry, and dialogue with ourselves. (extended reading: the best way to stay away from the pain of lovelorn: Accept Failure )

Help the doll to say the mind, help the towel to tide, help the apartment shout out of boredom, in the end, but to their own voice, in another way to say the bottom of the hard to say. When I was a child, I had to spend the whole afternoon in tears, pumping've lost. Grow up, live in the city, suffered from the bustling and cold crowded, can't allow us to have too many sad, through the calendar month, since become physicians, long cry and short sigh again spend time to deal with, also use not to twist a wet towel with both hands long. So ripe and skillful.

"In fact, understanding a person does not mean anything, people will change, today he likes pineapple, tomorrow he can like other." 」

1.5 hours of the 90 's Hong Kong city life, echoing the changing times, things easy to change, the relationship between good change, we are unprepared, because the grip is not tight what, can learn after all only from the place, but only from. We eat alone, a person to speak, a person to run, a person to clean, unchanged should be changed to the consistent. Training to be strong inside, to face the various Shang of life, we have to find a set of their own way: writing, talking, humming, tu altered, so that when the move can be relieved, confused can be leisurely.