Single Diary , with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. Accompany you for a long time "the descendants of the Sun" is over, you look at the media said is Happy ending dare to continue to see, you not only like Song Zhongki, you prefer Liu Dahuan with Ginger and the feelings of smoke, life and life can also walk into the daily, 15 episodes let you drop the whole night tears, You suddenly understand that love is such a painful and happy thing, can not only laugh not cry. (Warning!) Nevin has 15 sets of micro-thunder) (Recommended to you: single diary: "Descendants of the Sun" I want a match love )

"I will not be hurt, I will not die, I will surely come back, I promise." 」

You choke on a computer screen, tears wetting the hands of a lump of paper, Ginger mu smoke asked Liu Shi to go to the department store out of the task, she wanted to have the right to worry for him, she did not want him to hide the pain in front of her laugh, but tears but unconsciously fell down.

"Sorry, I tried not to cry, but I couldn't." 」

She is still strong with him waving, separate need to practice, that is more let the hug, every time Liu Dahuan leave Ginger mu smoke, she don't know whether he will be in good health back, rather than lying in the world where on the stretcher.

That is another kind of long-distance, their theme song unexpectedly is the Korean national anthem, the rival is the motherland, she loves him, because he never compromises the thing which he wants to do, she loves him, therefore exercises accepts him every day with the dangerous dependence.

After he left, she sent messages every day to tell him the most trivial and boring things, and she joined the Junsao group and met a group of people who were as serious as her; she didn't forget to live well, she thought of the man said, when the seasons he will come back.

The seasons, the wind blew up, and he did not come back, waiting for her is a thin piece of paper.

He said sorry, I did not keep the promise, although very shameless, but I hope you do not cry too long, must be happier than anyone else, and, do not put my memory too long, please.

"Want to come back, desperately, want to come back to your side." 」

She seems to suddenly understand Liu Shi every time the task of the smile, very bright but a little bitter, she is the direction of his looking, he is just not sure whether every time can go home. She is far away on the other side, hate herself powerless, can only cry for him.

This is not "descendants of the Sun" ending, but is your favorite paragraph, inside the tears are all real. You cry in front of the screen and then pull. You think of this life will never disappoint any one you love, do not allow yourself to say so many angry words, want to love the time to have no reservations, want to kiss when the kiss.

Talk about a love, is clearly can be a person to do things, biased to do for you, even if you can live a carefree life, but just want to have a fight with you. In order to be with you, even if you cry, even if sad, even if waiting, also willingly.

Love is such a painful and happy thing.