single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. "Please Love Me" is the VCDs of the beginning of the year, in order to male and female protagonist distressed to cry, sweet smile, you go back to the stillness of the daily, suddenly found themselves will never learn to dedicate the female main script, but more like that occupy screen corner of the supporting Aggin: Some selfish, some strong, Some handsome, but still looking for the possibility of happiness. (same field Gayon: Long vacation, love white paper, 101 marriage proposal!) The VCDs we've been chasing all those years.

You sentimentally attached to the "Please Love Me," the director of the gentle, you because the United States know the son is not exclusive love and moved. You like her to tilt her head and say, "Please, I'm in love with the scrap wood." "And he replied with an apostrophe:" Had fallen in love. "(You will like: when Meng Zhi met Big Brother: We do not love the script )

You turn off the TV when you're satisfied. You are not beautiful know son, will be selfish, will be persistent, not waste at all, occasionally a little strong you, more like Aggin. Aggin is not a waste wood, no please love my humble, so the end, can only become the supporting role of his life.

He had another woman in his heart. Never get, but burning in the chest, always the most painful.

She remembers getting along with every detail and making out with the stupid new shop assistant in his shop. An outlaw for his daily trivial, but did not have the courage to come near him, give a greeting. She was a skilful shop-keeper, and handled the clerk's mistakes with tact and gentleness. She is not shy about the underwear of the male guest in the shop.


She drank heroic, dare to say dare to laugh, but in see his time to pack up unrestrained forthright: a bottle of cold medicine, a pay returned glasses. Her yearning so lingering, to his love and so distant flow long.

The writer gave her a night of drunken chaos, so the funny ending of the sibling love. The audience laughed as if all the clouds were broken and the clouds were scattered. You still remember Aggin look at the lonely silhouette of The wedding magazine: Seven years of time, but can not flow me into your heart. (Recommended to you: single diary: After Loving You, it becomes difficult to love others )


Aggin Learn not playful Douzui, learn not to Coquetry Sapo, learn not to have tears to each other happiness is good. She is so confident and capable, strong and selfish. TV show to her publicity swagger side writing, but you remember that she is willing to wash his qianhua, tolerance of his heart love seven years.

You may be more like Aggin, can not be generous to help, and can not be wronged confession, so can not achieve the comedy end, and your love is still so real. (You will like: born Queen, please look for worthy of your King )