This Spring Festival, let's boil the Japanese drama together!From the classics to the latest Japanese drama, a Japanese drama, one person, and a fish that loves to think, what can be done?

The annual Spring Festival, at last, can finally be used to chased a good drama with unrudless pursuit.After hearing the snow in Taiwan, you are reminded of the "Tomb of Tokyo" story. After reading the memory of the home, you think of the way that the wooden village looks like a long fake. You know the word "witch" rather than the history textbook.(Extended reading: 25 years after the Tokyo Love Story: I love you not who you are, but who I am when I am at you )

We like to watch Japanese dramas, because it always gives us the most exquisite sense of humor and sensibility to depict social issues, and it makes people calm, and you think about it because of a deep down-pressed phrase that is paused and carefully thought.From 1990 to the turn of the millennium, the Japanese drama has never left its life, and it still remains in the hearts of many people.

This annual leave, you can focus on a classic Japanese drama, and you can chase a new drama, take an average of 50 minutes, cut off your bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, and eat at least eight times a day. In 12 words, you can read the four drama series.A day in which annual leave is shared with you, let's roll over the old and post a good year!

To Always Love Teenage

Nine to five nights: I love you, you're free

" Waiting for you to know when you arrived is also a joy for me."

The first choice of the young lady's heart breaking down in the mountains of the mountains and Miaji Shihara is the first choice of young girls, and the feeling of waiting until you can enjoy my feelings until you can enjoy it, is a soft one.We all say that it is not good enough. The most profound thing in the show is that she is willing to let go of her own courage to become the heroine of the whole woman. She is not just a liner of love and marriage, but also has a dream.Perhaps modern times are too complicated and too difficult, to learn to cherish moments of love that can't be explained, love is more strong than we think, and don't limit our own happiness. This is the logic of the "Five Dynasties and Nine > Church."(Recommended reading: fall in love and fall in love, what is the reason?Japanese drama "Five Psychology Issues for Five nights"

Please love me: pain so that you grow up

Wake up, all the people who are experiencing are bad men."

No boyfriends without a job. In Japan, she is the three-no-no-use-one.It's about 30 years old, and what's worse than the word "leftogirls" in this society?Just being laid off by the company, one side supported the college's boyfriend, and had a day without money and endurance, the spark of "victory woman" was wiped out by Silly Sweet and Black Man.Let's see how this supergirl student seems to be super-useless, how to expand her own version of life!(Sibling: Let's talk about remanence and triumph: freedom of economic and emotional independence )

Dreams of the Lovers: Lu Snakes are in love!

Noda: Haven't slept in a bed for a long time.
Chiaki: Your bed is buried in the trash, it's dug up.

The dream of a comic book lovers' lovers is a story of the music world's genius and the pianist who love and pursue the dream.KUSO's methods of shooting represent the funny spirit of Japanese comics and the rosy and passions of youth.It's not just a pleasant romantic symphony, it's a real life theater.The heroine is not a typical character, with a small personality, a thick skin, a lack of clothes, a strange sound, a lot of garbage in the room, and a real life that is closer to our lives.

No oily Japanese show for the gifted

A liter of tears: to live, to live.

"I don't want to go back to that day again, I want to live with my own life ..."

This is not a special story. It's just a record of a young girl who's got a special disease, "says the writer," This is just a record of a special kind of girl. " We are also shocked by the power of life.Asia is alive and tough, and it is more powerful than anyone.If you once thought it was hard to live, look at the hard work of writing a diary even at the end of your life.To live for yourself, even if you hurt people's eyes, you have a gentle look at your eyes.

The War of Marriage: Tears of Tears, Shouts of Youth

Go find it!Otherwise, we will never find out; knock on the door!Otherwise, the door will not open for you."

play, the male lead is a clumsy in love, and his gentleness is always in the circle. One careless person is missing out with love.Regrettably, it seems that the term of youth is unprepared for the loss of life.If you can go back to a moment in the past, what would you try to change?A scream for fate: "Hallelujah!"CHANCE!

The battle for marriage reminds us that the love of reality cannot be repeated at this time. Don't make too much of love in love, and don't think about it everywhere.Sometimes, the impulse and the heart are closer to happiness.Like the theme song, "Tomorrow's fine Mushu," the song goes, "How to cry and cry again how to cry, the past is still unsure where it is."This is a distant past, and I hope to realize your dream in an unknown life.(Sibling: For a 20-year-old youthful sheet: please allow us to repeat the stupid one )

The condition of the devil: love is not light.

"If you fall in love with him is a disease, I'd rather not heal.""

A teacher who is eight years old has a crush on the love that has been sacrificed in the right to interpret the power.Never knew in the face of the student Kurosawa, the person who had never known his business was once again to become his own desire. At that time, Japan, teachers and students were attacked by society and even suspected of being mentally ill.The women's young men and women are in love with each other and have suffered from a cruel and different view.

You remember Udoda's "First Love" in the show, and then on the other side of the road, "The conditions of the wand are taking us over and making our love more persevering and truthful."(Recommended reading: Age is not a distance?What do you think of the sisters?)

White Paper: I like you, I don't need answers

" It would take a lifetime to find the real answer.And instead of looking for an answer, it's about creating the answer.Our future is just beginning."

The Love White Paper > is a comics best seen by the Tchengwen, from the time of the student to the romance of society, and we still remember the feeling of a heartbeat.I don't love me, I love me, and I don't love it. In the end, we understand that we love one person, and how precious is it.If you get hurt, you want to be with that person.(You would like it: likes to play it, but love is a cke )

To philosophers who like to think

Memory: closer to home, farther away from home

A person is a miracle in itself.You're going to love someone, and then that person will love you.This is a miracle of astronomy."

An amnesia man who takes ten keys to unlock ten memories.He can't remember his wife's face, and he can't remember the feeling of his lover.Everyone has a home, but we're in the process of doing it, and we put them in the last order.After five years of recovery, he slowly discovered that he was not as good as imagined. He was the most selfish workaholic, the father of the cold-hearted wife, and his personal choice of means.He struggles for everything, but he never guarantees happiness. Because the family, after all, is not counted.(You would like to: Give the definition of "home" to the person who loves it: My family is not happy, but it's true )

King of the People: Who says politics cannot be warm?

" It is really worrying for young people like you who only talk about naive ideals.But even young people who don't even want to talk about it are even more worrying!"

A father-son exchange of body stories, seeing this, you must think that it's not going to work.The show made people cry again and sneaking into Japan's contemporary political issues.Takto Taishan, a former prime minister, and his unreliable son, Wuji, have used humor to accuse Japanese politicians of not caring about people's livelihoods and people's problems.The prime minister's father, who is not welcome by women, will take a carefree time to take a long time to look at the Japanese drama of the traditional ideologies that have been turned over!(You would like: I am proud to be a Taiwanese man!)Tender Endeavour: Please believe me, and don't forget to whip me )

Last Friends: I love you, my friend

"I love you, not a simple love of a woman. Whatever you look like, I will support you to keep you waiting.""

Last Friends includes many social conferences: domestic violence, gender identity blur, unmarried child, incest, external, etc. ...The lack of regrets is closer to the real life.Everyone in this group has its own subject and imperfect, and they struggle to cherish all their lives.Family members, friends, couples, lovers, and roles in the play are relationships that transcend physical relationships. It is our sense of vulnerability and a sense of willingness to understand and embrace.

Dr. Rentaro: Please don't try again.

" The world is an endless wilderness.There is no need to move forward. If you are tired, you can rest a little bit."

Forgive yourself, Dr. Renton's proposition.There is a classic quote: "Please don't try again!""I would like to make a shock of the Japanese society that I want to continue to fuel," he said.I will be strong, I will never fall, and I will give up these thoughts to save my soul.You know, you're not sick, melancholy, impatient, angry, and you are emotionally angry. You can slow down your heart and give more stories. As Rentaro says, "Like this ice cube, it will freeze the hands of the people, but it will dissolve itself and the pain will go away."This is like the heart of the whole thing, and one day it will be resumed.(You would like: "Please don't try that again!"" Japanese drama tells you the secret of your empathy )

11 Japanese plays, 11 life forms.The days of the Japanese operas are not only laughing out loud or stimulating their instincts, but also like the life of a Japanese drama. They like the life of a person who doesn't want to make a living. As we imagined Japan, the light is so light and light, but it is a retaste of endless love.