"about her" wrote Independent Woman love songs, from the works of Taiwan's 11 groups of female creators, They have different styles and separate stories. let's listen to the song. Women alone Life experience, her story, not just a gender , but also a kind of life attitude . (Recommended reading: sad people listen to slow songs!) Let you meet a better self of the Lost song list )

"She is ahead of the road, behind the fields, beside the dependence." She's against a point you can't look straight at. ”

Her story, sometimes tempting like a soft, sometimes as plainly as the years ironing the white paper. She was three-dimensional and abstract, and she was warm and cold. Every one of her, founded in our life story, through a song frequency, through a few lines of poetry such as painting, Repeat scenes of life.

her to the female story for the first Zhang He "about her", let the voice in the ups and downs of Duncuo, closer to the girl's desire and whispers of intimacy. Share with you " about her" in the female story, inviting you in a good song, looking for their own traces.

ke lan " Flowers: Dear ones, Farewell .

"That Flower will not open, and that man will not come." You do not wait, wasted youth, you miss the people, do not sink in the memories. ”

From Chengdu , the Ke lan, with music record life, fill the day with creation. People like their sound, transparent and delicate and warm texture. This song seems to be written to the loved ones, but also to those who cannot love. There is always a person, you think of him: whether you come or not, I am here, not sad not happy.

The season of flowers will not bloom again, the love of the people, again love is no longer the beginning, so put down the greedy want to hold the past of the obsession. do not let go of the clenched hand, how do you know, who will hold your hand again. We are in the discrete, learn to give up, learn not to wait for a sad not to look back. then more justly, happy for themselves. (same field Gayon: escape the crowd to face oneself: to be a can make oneself happy person )

Wang Junjun "Baimiao": Fill the luster for the life

"We must draw freehand hands to depict the shadow of still life. Love, unfinished, has a sound in the picture. ”

Wang Junjun has been a poet of time, singing the stile, singing empty space-time in the loneliness of people. She whispered life, life, to go back to the other side of the past and the moment of their own, there is no desire to live.

every moment, we are depicting life, facing the reality, youth or dreams, to become illusory, all of them to naïve, you are still determined to fool the most important thing, not only with double eyes. Wang Junjun's voice calm and transparent, singing for their own line of innocence, as long as grasping this thread, lost a few laps, will eventually find their own.

Bu "Crash": I love you like a dormant beast

"So come to my side, I am the most worthy." I've been falling apart, falling apart, loving you. ”

Bu is the Tainan girl, arranging the play singing in the lyrics, all with a boyish wildly. in Vain to the lover: my desire here, please look straight.

love Is wild, love does not need to be pretentious. We all love a person regardless of pay, no matter gain or loss. that is the closest thing to the nature of love, it is the first time we want to fire for a person. "Want to rub you into my body all the Times", love is cruel and different color fairy tales, more like a treacherous horror film, possession, swallowed, endless obsession with your scent. Love is our willingness to surrender to each other's pride. (Recommended reading: The struggle of relationships and love!) "Cheese trap": Love a person, excited and terrible )

Small vertical "goldfish": You were originally free

"Live exactly in a huge hearse, leaving only weeds and breathing." Seabirds glide through their wings to the most beautiful clouds, but my fins do not strike a wave. ”

A song, a four-sentence word, is so repeated. like the days of boredom, has been looking at a tank of the lone fish in the pond. It was kept in time, seven seconds later, to end the bout of melancholy, and then continue to live.

Goldfish is good to forget, it will forget reincarnation, forget all love and hate pain. throw away all hope and it will be free. Sometimes, you imagine this goldfish so free, can give up the obsession and desire, can be hopelessly in love with life, at that time, you will have no artificial added happiness.

The Sun and the moon "because of a person": live with the Traces of love you

"Because a man, I alone, did not find you hidden in my soul." Memories of the people, or moving, residual sparks, wind and snow in reverse. ”

The Traveler in the life, has been your noble. You have loved, hated, stirred, put down. gently into the depths of the heart, no longer free to let who touch. Those who have been called to grow, repent, prepare a softer self, and then love the next person.

"Because a person" from "double-sided Wei Veronica Card", two people get along for a long time, have a similar look, the same tone, and even common life habits. Although left, but the other side has become a part of their own, miss that person, has been hidden in the heart, living in the soul, like the other himself: "My dear, no matter who I love, there are traces of love you." (You will like: single diary: I am humble when I love you, I am proud to leave you )

Five good songs, you still do not have enough to sing to the girls. The story is always endless, as they filled the day and night singing songs, the girl's delicate, the girl's clumsy, girl's insolent, girl's sadness, those intangible mood and song expression, are you are alive.