Do you remember when you were young and told you not to cry? As if tears how evil, crying how weak, so often have the idea to cry, you always hold back the tears. Currently in the public fund-raising "Weeping Girl Photo Album" Plan , let the cry be cherished again, let the tears be seen again, look at the photographer Xu Sang girl Photo album , perhaps you will meet a little sad shadow, please make yourself cry like a child.

"Tears exist to prove that sadness is not an illusion." 」

Always like Roland Batt this sentence, I grew up do not understand why adults always forbid us to cry, why tears are often seen as cowardice and surrender, why want to cry, we learn to raise our head and pinch the nose, is not willing to let the tears come down well? Why is it such a sin to cry?

Then I saw photographer Xu Sang's Crying Girl Story album plan, assembled 50 liters of tears, 500 weeping girls, 5,000 hours of listening, tears can be read carefully, weeping is no longer a symptom of cowardice, sadness is a particularly important thing.

In this feeling all come fast, go to also fast of the times, tears is my witness, I have something to say, I have the mood does not spit unpleasant.

"Everyone's tears are different, but the thought of crying is the same." 」

Cry how close, cry more strength, there are stories behind the tears, we can choose to say and not to say, we can choose to leave the time to emotions, we can choose to let the tears fled to a very distant place. (same field Gayon:"Adult's fairy tale" Can't shed tears of horse head fish )

Weeping Girl Photo Album: Tears, is a real confession

Tales of Weeping Girls: welcome, no condemnation

Crying girl: "Once I accompany the grandmother to the nursing home to find the lost wisdom of the grandfather, he saw her first cry, he said:" Why am I here? Take me home, will you? "That picture I think I can not forget this life, heartache to the extreme, they hugged together to cry, I watched the tears have not stopped." "(Recommended to you: for the lost wisdom of the elderly to create exclusive tableware!" Yao Yanji: "Design is always done to others")

Weeping Girl: "For the first time it is clear that there is a good feeling, there is love, can not support a relationship, two people without common goals, the final result is predictable." I have questioned whether I am too worthless and unworthy of your love, and why someone can hurt someone else so deeply. I deleted all your contacts, and I hated the way I was watching your account go up and down and cry. (Recommended reading: "for Your Song" Real forgiveness, is to let the hurt in the heart to stop )

Crying girl: "Today was supposed to be my 10-week-old child, but he was scraped and removed from my body by a pipe." Last time I saw him, he had a big head, a shiny little heartbeat, and a thin, silky spine twist and twist, like a twisted butt, so funny. Two weeks later, there are only a few dry flat skin film, I do not know when he has left my arms. Doctors say there are a number of possible causes for the atrophy of the embryo, but I don't want to know anything about it, and there's no way I can get my baby back. "(Recommended to you: These women's miscarriage diaries, let's look at abortion from another perspective )

When was the last time you allowed yourself to cry? What was the last time you cried like a child? Give the tears some breathing space, give the mood more to be loved possible. What's the harm of being a crying girl/boy?