Have you ever thought about the importance of the clothes you wear? You may not have noticed, but some people can not easily let go of every piece of clothing in the small details, such as personal opinion and Eileen Chang , these two people have a unique view of clothing. So, this stage of the play will be sent to think, let these two people to judge, through time and space meet, commenting on all kinds of clothing, some witty, some sarcasm, let people in one or two hours of time to see life hundred states, no silence, fun very much. (same field Gayon: personal opinion Chen Yu the sharp Talk About love: "Do not believe in true love, but also to believe what?" ")

A few days in a row, the afternoon of Saturday finally a little sunny, hurriedly ran to see the adaptation from numerous Zhang ailing text of the stage drama: "Purely Zhang ailing personal opinion."

When you enter the auditorium, you will see the stage hanging full of several big pole clothes: shirts, sweaters, suit coats, colorful, know that this is to talk about clothes, but did not think of the scene as the senior costumes moved to the stage, a piece of clothing to you to see, read to you, grumble to you see. There was a lot of curiosity in my heart and I thought about what would happen on this stage.

"Jay, please give your clothes back to show Luo!" 」

In the 2012, personal comments on his blog on the same year's Golden Melody Awards when the stars attended the dress, he hit the point of view, vivid metaphor makes the comment is widely discussed and eye-catching, so the fame is soaring.

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"Personal opinion is a personal opinion, but it is not a personal opinion, he may be the audience of the collection, or perhaps everyone here you you." "The personal opinion points to each audience under the stage and says this sentence, at the same time it also seems to say that each of us is a" personal opinion ", can be made on other people's clothing or sharp or gentle views, it is important that this is your opinion, but also to entice each audience to do for the next stage of each person to do some comment.

We are what we wear?

The core concept of the show is simple, talking about clothes. Personal opinion on fashion put forward many sharp views, Zhang Ailing's numerous works are visible everywhere his meticulous description of clothing, two people have their own views on clothes, if the two people touch a piece and what? I think this is the most interesting part of the play: from the stage play eight modern version of Eileen Chang's little story, we should look carefully, learn to comment on clothes, comment on small ornaments, comment on their behavior, all kinds of absurdity and chaos. (Recommended reading: a dress, a blooming variety of girl faces )

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From blindly chasing the views of others GE Weilong Dragon, always want to cater to others, he wanted to show himself through wearing, but he would like to know, a Wenqing, mixed, finally in the opinion of the fairy help, see through the essence of wearing clothes, brave shout out: "I want to be myself", no longer blindly follow.

Because of widowhood, and by the little Uncle Cheat feelings of Cao Seven Qiao, but accidentally turned into Facebook fan page on the gender experts, through the online reply accommodating men and women love ugly, and finally because they found their second spring, and was the pursuit of the various silk lambasting vigorously, the formation of distress against the backdrop.

Have read heart stunt Xu Xiaohan, incarnation as a popular idol group, but misfortune is not a blessing, accidentally found their two friends actually hate themselves, rivalry three people incredibly can interview reality show scene, each other warm. The appearance of friendship is very fragile, it is a sneer.

Valentine's Day to the white tassel before a strong husband fan Liuyuan, but in the crowd scattered, at home one by one grumble husband all sorts of not, Man contrast, and as if in real life some star couples see similar shadow. (same field Gayon: Reading Zhang Ailing, exploring the nature of love"The crush of the Qingcheng")

I really thought that as a person's external clothing, behavior can almost represent the moment of this person, the last red and white Rose but threw me a lang rang of the slap. The two actresses, each with a red one, came to the scene of TED Taipei, come to the scene talk, with the language fall, take example way to you see: We think the most holy white yarn faded, but is dark black, and think the most enthusiastic red inside, unexpectedly can be flawless clothing, clothing inside and outside the impact of contrast, Wake me up. I easily judge other people's visual access to the mirror. (same field Gayon: Every Woman's heartache, Zhang ailing "Red Rose and White Rose")

These familiar names are from Zhang Ai-Ling's novels in the characters, and more intimate is that each story at the beginning, will first recite the original text of the novel, the right to make a background summary, people more easily into the next plot.

As a review or to be introduced to the audience who have not read Zhang ailing, such an intention also makes the audience have the opportunity to read Zhang ailing's novel in different perspectives, no longer just the voice of the vicissitudes of the mouth, and people can not bear to read, with a different kind of comedy tone, so that the audience more acceptable, willing to pay attention to the situation of the novel people face.

(Photo source: The theatre of the fruit )

It can be said that the play from beginning to end, there is no silence. Zhang ailing's famous sayings, and reflect certain social phenomena of the characters of sarcasm, actors exaggerated body expression, off the order of the performance, bringing, let me head laugh to the end, everywhere stunning, BA not take out a notebook copy every line, write down each play 哏.

Just as if in order to perform the life hundred State, therefore only then will this drama disassemble into eight small stories, each independent, but actually causes me not to be able to smooth the entire play the main axis, each story is to the splendid place, then abruptly, the total feeling inexplicable.

At the end of the play, Zhang ailing and her personal opinions finally met. Zhang ailing, an old age, insisted on taking her clothes away, and said vaguely about the clothes, and did not care, even to say that he was Eileen Chang's fact. It seemed to imply that he had let go of the past, and that we should lay down our fascination and pursuit for these clothes.

Perhaps, the whole play is to tell us that our dress may decide who we are in the eyes of others, what is it like? But in fact, we can have a lot of evaluation of each other's clothes, but cannot judge the real each other, the red rose in the body may be ready to put a white rose, white rose may be just to cover up another hot red flowers and the appearance of life. After peeling off all kinds of absurdity, we can really understand. (Recommended reading: free, be relieved to do yourself )

Your essence is you, clothes are not, opinions are not.