"Women are many, and you are." So, the woman is many.

We believe that every woman is unique, at the same time, each woman has a different face, and we really love each other a different self.

We want to pass on this idea to everyone in a variety of ways, this time through the "Women's Dazhi: x clotho" tripartite Cross-border joint cooperation, through the clothing, hope that everyone can see a good clothes, in different people will show exclusive to her style, and the same person, You can also wear a piece of clothing to feel differently.

Linda received an interview with woman Fan said: "Fashion is not the latest, fashion is not absolute, as long as it is suitable for their own, are fashion." "(Come and see about fashion, What did the blogger Linda say )

The so-called fashion, not the models on the runway to decide, but by you to define, we hope that we are not bound to find the most comfortable themselves, to find a change of their own, bold attempt to play a variety of possibilities.

Women in the office girls are also carrying out the spirit of Womany, so in addition to different styles, everyone is also inside and outside the contrast of variable yo! There is a cool little girl next door, sweet petite independent new woman, enthusiastic and lively European girl. The Medieval Warm clothing design also let us stunning, a piece of clothing hundred people, the original is not difficult! This time not shy also do not hide private, bold to share our own weekday collocation, hope you also find their own various possibilities Oh!

Little girl: Short skirts + boots

Who says the little girl's clothes are going to fit and short? Petite stature, meets the usual deterred oversize, as long as inside catch a saucy short skirt or shorts, with high heels or boots, still can lengthen proportion and keep sweet vitality ~ (same field Gayon: six strokes!) Easy to take out the autumn and winter oversize style )

British plaid girl: lattice + gloves

When it comes to Britain, it's not just a windbreaker, but a neat plaid pants and a woolen blouse, treading on the most comfortable flat-bottomed or Oxford shoes, and don't forget the British favorite gloves! Finger hole Design Connection Gloves Sleeve coat, is the United Kingdom with the nature and comfortable representative, cold day more give people a kind of warm and comfortable warmth ~ (Recommended reading:2014 British Fashion Week pre-empt )

European and American fashion Girl: fitted with body skirt + big bag

Want to like Europe and the United States and the stars of the type, in fact very simple! As long as a fit long version of T or even dress, catch loose oversize knitted jacket, on the shoulders of the casual hanging big bag, step on the handsome short boots, stride out of the pace of self-confidence, is the most watched the Big star!

Working girls: Suit pants + high heels

To give people a professional feeling, and do not want to make people feel strong uncomfortable, with knitted soft, and trousers and high-heeled shoes capable of distance sense. Intimate design to the bottom of the buttocks and the length of the three-dimensional pocket, more subtle transfer of visual focus, modified the often sitting in the office of the lower body. (OL work with us: six glamorous stretches that make Office lady the same old lady)

Mature Elegant Girl: Long version coat + and ankle length skirt/even length pants

Long lengthened, not only will not give a person heavy feeling, but a kind of sexy lazy breath. Loose oversize to catch the length and ankle long skirt, originally in the sun in the warm days, wear a lap can be so elegant and comfortable it! (same field Gayon: everyone wants to hug you in the winter rough Knitting wear )

Women are many, woman is many, not greasy old saying again, and we find more likely, love every different you. You will want to how to match this dress, also can be in the bottom of the article and we share Yo!

Have you been tempted to see the magic of Medieval warm clothes that fascinates office girls?

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Author: womany Editorial office/Lulu Tsai

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