This year, women are 525. I love my big women's Day event invited sister doll Multimedia Lara and Esther to be ambassadors. At the age of 16, Nanquan was the Lara of his mother's membership. In addition to singing red that "Rain Day", in fact, she fell into the tree hole in Alice, from the figure, the future to the age, there have been many lives of confusion, but came to the 30-year-old at the juncture, the sisters let us understand: courage is not not afraid, But it can still move forward under fear. (Activity information: I love my big Woman time )

Our youth can hum a few "rainy days": "How the Rain, how the night, how I can make you miss more." "The memory of that in the park with an umbrella, strong singing girl--lara Liang Xenyi unconsciously in a single fly, leaving Nanquan mother, and became a different appearance of independent women."

At the age of 16, Lara's ten-year musical path was not just covered with bright shiny coats, what I see is an ordinary girl like you and me, who will be ridiculed, mocked, hated, resented, given up, and left deep and shallow in her heart, but with hope of not being mediocre.

She was like Alice, following the rabbit into the tree hole, in the world of showbiz, where she met all kinds of talking animals and the queen of cards that would chop people's heads ... and started a series of adventures. However, this is not a simple inspirational story, she and everyone in learning how to calmly face the parting.

"I don't need a big stage, I just need a pair of ears to listen to" This is Lara to himself to make the position, she is not greedy, also do not insist big pattern, step by step, try the world in the tree hole to watch the glimmer.

16-Year-old walking into the showbiz: confusion became the normal life

When the singer is the rabbit takes Alice into the tree hole accidental, because the music has been only Lara interest, did not think oneself will eventually embark on this path. 13 years old, the American school period, joined the choir, only to find that they have some talent of music, 15 years old through the elders, and signed with the record company, 16-Year-old joined the "Nanquan Mom" official debut. "My mother actually didn't like me to go into showbiz, I didn't think so lucky, so when the singer." With a bright smile, Lara carefully counted the way.

Just debut Lara for the showbiz all have only pure desire, singing is an interesting thing, but she does not understand--do not know her voice suitable for what genre, the music arrangement added strings will have what atmosphere, the album's modelling and packaging also have no idea. "What the company told me to do, I do not have a personal opinion, I would like to say to do a good job." "In this way, the small age of Lara lightly to carry himself away, with the group's planning to send three albums."

Because of the blank of experience, Lara also innocently to adapt to the unspoken rules of showbiz, and not half a complaint, forget their own voice has long been covered. One of the most painful things for Lara is the appearance of the matter: "Even if the record company protects well, there are a lot of things that can't be done together, like that time has been in the weight of the preoccupied." 」

Lara recalled the beginning when the singer's own, once in order to slim down and eat weight loss medicine, she was very nervous about weight, but do not know how to be good, can only repeatedly squeeze themselves. "Once my mom grabbed my weight-loss pill and asked me not to eat any more, she just wanted me to be healthy." "The Lara in front of the conversation is easy, words revealed in the struggle in the star way." (extended reading: Stop putting fat girls and skinny girls on Libra: Stop using the body to reset the meaning of a person )

Lara is not the kind of hot and spicy outgoing girl, can be clear to the whole of their own exposure to the people at the moment. Perhaps Lara not many words, also not good at shouting, to mark the scars of their own, but she is a like to slowly think about, find their own positioning, and then seriously believe that all the girls said export.

Again how to make oneself look dedicated, Lara always can't easily say with his beliefs violate words, which let Lara impression is the most profound is a movie idol drama, Lines so wrote: "If I thinner a little, you will not love me more?" 」

Lara Frankly was very uncomfortable when he saw the script, because she never thought that body can be compared with the weight of love, "this thing I never really believe, so I always say not export." 」

Lara was constantly asking because he was becoming sensitive to losing weight: "I have been so vulnerable, I feel stabbed by this line, then I can still casually say this to the audience to listen to it?" What if they also feel thin because of this? 」

After this, Lara began to always put the weight of sincerity placed to the heart, for their own not believe in beauty and slimming advertising, but also hold the principle of not casually endorsement. This is only to not let oneself lose to the reality, in the public character's play forgot the initial heart, finally grow up to oneself not accept of appearance.

Ten years: The process of growing up like a cage of comfort

Mention lead the lost forward, unknowingly Lara has debut for ten years. Leaving Nanquan's mother, Lara the first turning in the ten-year journey, she smiled and said with a smile: "After the expiration of the contract, I feel very uneasy, can I still like this before?" What is it that I want? I spent a lot of time in getting to know myself and thinking about what I liked and didn't like. 」

Lara put such mood into the lyrics, she believes that the creation is not "only American" kind, will not deliberately cut the text is very poetic, from their own personal stories, hoping to let everyone hear the "real" life.

I asked Lara what was her favorite lyrics in two solo albums? She first with hearty laughter, and then did not hesitate to choose the "comfortable Cage " this song, "Although this song is really not red, but I think it is the most can express my growth in this section of the road, the kind of lost trapped songs." 」

Happy too many fake faces
Drink the rub of the non-stop sale
And the more you choose, the more you don't know what you need.
I look at the blue sky
Don't feel any wide
In a cozy cage.
The freedom of the surface

After reading Lara's lyrics, I learned that she was a girl who was so good at shrinking herself in the last 10 years. Even in the midst of confusion, but also try not to bring anyone trouble, with as much as possible considerate of each other's mind, so quietly alone.

Lara also confessed to the job recognition, often let her feel unaware of the body, "I still remember many times, people asked me to wear high heels to work all day will not be comfortable?" I shook my head and said no, but when I came home I found my heels were worn. "How to strike a balance between yourself and the world has always been the subject of Lara's attempts to learn over the past 10 years."

Having a Taurus character, Lara admits that she is not sure about a lot of things, and that she shares the fragility with us, just as we are often confused by contradictions. But even if you walk slowly, do not let yourself become a hollow person, not to the fame and wealth and please, you struggle to speak loudly to the world, is your first place.

"No album in three years, I will worry fans forget me, but I would rather wait until I can confidently come up with the work of the moment." "This decade music road is unwilling to muddle along, has had the regret, also has had the brilliance, but Lara still with own confusion symbiosis."

25 years old to send their own birthday gift: entrepreneurship has become a turning point in life

At the age of 25, Lara sent himself a birthday present--leaving the original record company, creating "Sister doll Multimedia" with her sister Esther, and devoting herself to backstage tasks to create a unique commodity. Lara admits that this is a decision he never thought about, "I've always been protected in the company, so I've been very fearful of leaving the company and being independent." 」

Groping along the way, Lara after the expiration of the contract, because her sister said, "Let's try it first", she started the adventure of starting a business, two people from the micro-film, their own design fan page, the design of their own publicity, and then produced Lara's "Combination" concert, filming 48-hour film works, Finally, it accumulates to this state.

I am curious to ask two people, sister cooperation will have any unpleasant, but affect the feelings of two people? Esther shook his head first, then smiled and said: "The conflict is certain, like I am the one who want to do what, and Lara is a very cautious person." "She also cited an example, at the beginning Esther will be Lara attention to detail," like the security pants, I think there is no difference with underwear, but she will be very insistent must wear. 」

Can be a long time, Esther also found that Lara for the work of professionalism, so many hidden in the details of the devil are picking out. Which side of the arm's sticker will be clearer? What position should the height of the garment be adjusted to? Do you carry hairspray with you? It's like the lines of a master of a generation. Have a breath, light a lamp, there are lights on someone. "Such a lifetime of practice, is Lara ten years of work attitude unchanged."

(Photo source: Sister doll Multimedia )

Not only Lara influence Esther, Sister's courage to try also let sister Lara out of the old frame, the beginning of Lara will be very afraid sister Esther want her to change, "then I even lip color are very insistent, afraid too deep will make me look over the whole person overage." "lara recalls a beginning even modelling is the origin of conflict, in the long-term training of the record company, Lara to Own" beautiful "appearance has an opinion, she is accustomed to fresh appearance, and fear of any pull, will make the original fans do not adapt.

Can Esther of a "Someone hates you, just say someone cares about you." The most fear is that you do not have the personality, the fundamental creation of their own rules. "Awake Lara, let her determination no longer live, no longer like before, because afraid to say the wrong thing, any interviews are dug not a profound things, no longer always seek identity, care about others evaluation, to the last is the life of the parrot."

The voice of the impression of a jumping sweetheart: sex is a very outdated label.

Lara last year's latest single, "Tick", in her sister Esther director of the MV content to jump off the past love story, about the same-sex feelings of the four corners of the relationship, and actress Shain performance female intimate drama, and become "2015 Love/Desire mobile feature Film festival" theme song.

I was curious to ask Lara about the gender issue, she answered with a consistent smile, "sex is a little dated" because it is time to try to break stereotypes, such as dress, love, ability and so on, without being limited by "gender difference", "what does a person want to be?" It is not necessary to decide on the label of Sex. "lara so emphatically.

When talking about the very sensitive issue of multiple families, Lara and Esther are not shy to show their attitude: "Two people can not be together, not by sex to decide, but depending on love." There are many different ways of setting up a family, and it will not become unfortunate because it is not the same. 」

Sister Doll Multimedia, not only concerned about the individual, but also love the world. Lara and readers to share her thoughts on a recent book, "Middle SEX", the protagonist is a born with a double organ of the people, in the process of growing up with the torture of gender identity, "such a person he is not worth to be loved?" Is there anyone who will accept such a person? There are a lot of psychological dialogue, I think not to understand the resistance is the most terrible. "The round opens big eye, Lara earnestly expresses."

Sister Esther also believes that the gender issue is now her fervent concern. Esther, for example, gave a speech at the film festival, where the number of female directors in Hollywood grew, and 2014 accounted for only 9% of the total. There is a more preconceived impression that directing high cost films is more difficult for female directors to perform.

"Why is a woman's ability to be defined?" Even if the female director succeeds, it is also easy to be rumored to be betrayed by the flesh, only to climb to today's status? "esther throws up many questions, for her, the woman's ego should be only to want, not the outside world to tell you can.

Facing the ups and downs of the future: the impending 30-year-old flustered

Unconsciously Sister Doll Multimedia has been founded three years, I am curious to ask Lara now whether there are relatively few difficulties? Unexpectedly Lara shook his head, said that when the fresh feeling of entrepreneurship receded, now to face the opposite is how to go the long-term problem.

Some of the specific issues at the beginning were very frustrating, like how the film was filmed or a deal was dashed, but after a while, some other intangible questions were depressing, "like you don't know why no one is visiting your site?" Why do people only criticize your MV eye makeup, but not to see the story you want to convey? "esther adds that when these problems arise, you cannot follow the script and face the next challenge with frustration.

Starting from 25 years old with the sister doll Multimedia Learning Independent, Lara time quietly began to circulate, "because I was a small debut, has been accustomed to treat as a sister, did not think I will be 30 years old." "Recall this way of the process, Lara smiled and said.

Lara also admits that he now has a nearly 30-year-old flustered, after 30 years of age, the world seems to be allied to you at the same time. Everyone wants you to be pragmatic, do not think of free love, bread will eventually nourish the abundance. Don't dream about your work, but think about how to compromise with reality. As a woman, the growing age seems to be a hindrance, others to you start not expecting, you can not like a man as the more Chen Yue Incense wine.

"Women are very easy to be trained to rely on the heart, even I sometimes secretly think of looking for someone to marry, people rely on." "The eyes of the Lara do not conceal their fragile side, laughing said did not think time will live so fast, unconsciously, came to let others are anxious for your age."

But Lara is more aware that growth teaches us to learn to face vulnerability, you have to believe that waiting for the deep, whether you are now overwhelmed by applause, or at that time you are alone in tears, give away "why these things happen to me", "Why I do not get the desired", " With what others can "the idea that everyone has their own hell, do not ask how far this way should be. (Extended reading: sing the 30-Year-old's magnificent gentleness: to all the women who do not hesitate)

In the face of life this pass, Sister Esther is Lara Heart secretly looking at the big woman--that courage is not not not afraid, but in fear can still move forward woman. Sister Esther slightly shy response to the recommendation of Lara, "No one is born brave, I have been learning, learn how to overcome the fear of the heart, learn how to believe in themselves." 」

Esther because of hyperthyroidism, had suffered from childhood. Grow up also many times in love in the displaced. Originally for her, dares to love dares to hate the price is the heartbreak, is blank, is helpless. But it was also the moment of desperation, Esther understood what it called hope. So she said to herself, "I really don't know why he's leaving me, I'm really scared." However, I will try again, no matter what the outcome, as long as you do not regret it, you'll be OK. 」

Lara and Esther are the ambassadors of this year's woman-obsessed women's time, the dream is also the reality in the big Woman's time, but must learn to trust oneself. To believe that the meaning of life is to realize their potential, in the process of realizing the meaning of life, perhaps tough, or perhaps soft, they will be in the confusion of their own, although the whole world to their demands the contrary.

You have to think and discover the beauty of life in the world of your own life. The big woman is not without confusion, not without fear, but in life stumbling. Even after losing himself occasionally, still warmly embrace the world. A 30-year-old can be the pinnacle or the starting point. Lara and Esther This very different sister, let me see such a big woman spirit.