Robing is a poet, a teenager, the world is cloudy, the word is still thorough. The woman fan interview Robing, from the gay social transport talks about writing, he is so deeply in love with the world.

"When I think of him I write/My Valentine's name to him good shun, safe, neat/Take zhen ri smooth afternoon repeated drills-Robing" Baby Universe "" Practice writing "

"Is tomorrow ahead of us/or far away from the breath of Silent prayer/You are still reading the newspaper, talk, wait/fry the edge of the egg slightly rolled up/love so real/I can not love you again/This country distracted me-Robing I can only die once, like that day" floating bird "

When the world is in turmoil to write, years quiet good to practice words. Robing to the country's love poem, to the lovers of the whispers, deep chisel engraved, also gently inscribed in the days.

Yu Jia Xiao Liu began to write poetry, so a count, more than 20 years also have. He was built in the Red Chamber poetry, the major literary awards have already recognized Ken his talent. Yu Jia University began the social movement, from the 2000 years of the first gay parade on foot to this point, the big gay community can not ignore his figure. As a gay poet who seems romantic, it is the label that society gives him. I said that Miss Yu Ka talk about writing this matter. Yu Jia said don't shout my teacher, afraid to shout old shout proud. (Recommended reading: The temperature of writing: Words to the heart, talent will be free )

He always hated the nature of the situation in the occasion of the reference. Open the Mask of the saints, people are weak: "I never think I am a teacher, I did not teach anyone what." Attending lectures or writing, I just say life experience. Teacher is like a class of things, the relationship between people is what I pay attention to. You have your life experience and I have mine. We're all the same. 」

I hope our guy doesn't just use a single voice to solve his emotions.

He travels in the humanities of poetry and prose, and comes and goes in the paper of financial news every day: "I work with the Big Boss, with some lawyers, often with the so-called professional managers in the banking sector." Chatting with them I know one thing, these people look very clever, or will inadvertently reveal people's taste. In the fast-moving capitalist market, we are anxious to show our profession, what do we care? Person's title? In addition to the title, you know a person what. 」

Yu Jia said that people are the victims of society. The boss has the weakness of the boss, the Edge has the edge of suffering words. I asked him what he thought about sex. "Feminism often says that men are vested interests and I have a lot of different men around me who don't know how to handle emotions," he said. No one taught them about it, they were weak. So you see Roying snow incident out a lot of people can not be the case, with sex attack Others is very convenient, there is no thought of the past pull shoulder belt this thing is not right? Before Josephine Ho said, "I want orgasms, not sexual harassment." "Many of us now misuse this phrase, which is two things," he said. (same field Gayon: gender observation: "Pull shoulder belt" incident, why the boy anxious, why the girl unconvinced? )

"I have a lot of different men are like this, their girlfriend and people go, about a few brothers drinking a drink, scold sound dry, drink to drunk, sober after pretending that all did not happen, this injury is always exist in men." 」

Yu Ka loves a lot of people, he does not think that there is a simple oppressor, someone in emotional victimization, someone in the resources of the victims. He participates in the gender movement and is also in the capital market. In front of him, the Big Boss, with a gay blue-collar class, are pretty pathetic.

Comrades, let us filthy!

Yu Ka is concerned about the fringe, more than 10 years to participate in social movement. He said I had only one simple idea: "I put a lot of effort into sex, and the core of my concern is that I want everyone to live a better life that they want." 」

Yu Ka believes that the sex movement, not only marriage equality, but the law, the hidden rules of life, can not care for all: "gay rights and interests in Taiwan there is a gap between the urban and rural areas, to see the gay partner note, is now limited in the metropolitan area." Those who are "at the bottom", who have no resources or are more marginalized, such as the transgender and blue-collar classes, are not properly cared for. "Yu Ka's life experience is like this, a few nights, they a group of people to drink, a table, is the community in all directions to the people:" Comrades in the class, there are many different situations, there are many possibilities in the spectrum, the community should see this thing. 」

"The highest visibility on the topic is marriage equality, marriage equality, and then what?" How to go next. Those who are unmarried have no friendly system to take. I have been in contact with the gender movement for more than 10 years, and I knew my more than 40-year-old friends are now 50, even some elders, seventy or eighty years old. Time is walking, they are constantly old, our society has not given a reasonable account. 」

I asked the way, did Yu Ka have a deep setback? The hardest part, he said, was the confrontation of fellow-travellers. Some people will say that the gay parade is the black sheep of your bizarre costumes and drug parties, and it makes people misunderstand comrade filthy.

"But why should it be clean?" 」

Yu Jia looked sharp, he said: "The world has a powder of green Ching, no matter what color, we should be loyal to their lives." Clean imagination is absurd, it is impossible for no one to do wrong. For me, cleanliness is a state of boredom. Other people without resources, they don't deserve it? For me gay rights and interests, to change is not those who have been very good. "(Recommended reading:" Robing-wen "Dear Mayor: gay rights, more than marriage)

Every time I fall in love, it's lonely.

About clean this matter, Yu Jia straight fall to talk about those who are recorded in the "Abandoned son besieged" in the story. Talk about a lot of love, and have married husband ambiguous, a year later know oneself is the third party, in the men float shen, what kind of strange you can not imagine, Robing first for you to the red dust washed a back.

"Every time I fall in love, it's lonely. If not, you don't need to fall in love. 」

"Small three, Fox essence of course there will be exciting places, you and have married husband dating, he can hide his usual to live the vigorous and dynamic to you, each relationship has a different warm and texture." Every time lonely go, I feel surging, go through these, turn around and start thinking, what relationship is I worth operating? "Robing said Love, return to the end, only one thing, you can live with this person?"

Those years had given him the power of creation, shock and unrest and fragmentation, let life full of loopholes, filling into the creation, for a long time, he was to boil the word. The Robing of love, also xiaoxiao silly to go.

"It's because of all the instability, the broken feelings, when a stable relationship emerges, you know." Much like reading, you have to see a lot of things and slowly know what you want. 」

In all the emotional annals of the intangible moment, all fall in the "Abandon son siege": "I think, if people are clothes, writing is like a piece of clothing folded into the drawer, help every memory to find a drawer." Receive well. "Abandon son fortress besieged" this book is in the years of sorting out the broken, these people folded, you can continue to live. 」

Have had so much pain, after not regret it, I asked. He smiled and responded, like a deep love for life:

"I think of it now, are full of gratitude, all kinds of bizarre things I have met." 」

Love is a democracy, it takes a lot of argument to grind

So the new book "Dark days You are the fire" no longer tore heart crack, became a lover's deep love letter.

"So many years, you are still like a miracle." You're the fire on dark days.

Yu Jia said of lovers, I saw his belly butterflies swirling: "In fact this paragraph seven years, than all of my love experience combined to be long ah." "Talk about Hong Kong lovers, talk about distance, the corner of the eye smile like a crescent moon like a dolphin leaped out of the sea for a moment of brilliant:" Between us, also like Taiwan and Hong Kong's respective democracy. The long distance is to take more or less uncertain, democracy this matter, bring is inefficient, feelings will go through a lot of argument. In physics is the city and the political system of the city, we also have such a thin ice. You still worry, if one day he's going to leave. The idea is to cherish every time you meet. To enlarge a little, it is like a hard-won democracy. "(same field Gayon: to my Chinese ex-boyfriend: I want a democratic and independent love )

"You know he's got a problem, but you trust him, you're willing to mend it, you want to imagine a better society, that's democracy." The towering flutter of love is a very important thing for a long time. --Robing

(Photo source: Robing)

"The Day of Darkness you are the fire" from the table of two people to hear the social whisper, from the city, wrote back to themselves. Ring love, write gay rights, and shove it into a daily moment. Those repeated, seemingly bored dinners, are the most important thing in love. Yu ka loves to laugh at herself is maid, like to put people usefulness, they love each other at the table, and live across the coast: "Although together, we are independent individuals." We don't think of each other as everything, we are equals, equal. "

Yu Jia said, laughing like a child. He is very able to laugh, smiling eyes extend the curved two light, very is the hook people.

Poetry, it's something I can't give up.

No matter how old the book is, I read his words, always dragging the long shadow of a young man.

Immersed in capitalism-focused financial circles, a poem, a piece of news, I asked Yu Jia, wrote in your relationship?

He said: "Many times, writing is a salvation for me." 」

Sometimes, you just want to write down those life moments, you walk through the building and the building, the sunset Falls. So you use words, to deal with some regrets, with lost. "When she spoke, she looked at the end of her eyes, a faraway place where I could not see, and he said there were city people coming and leaving the sunset embers."

"The first time I wrote a poem, it was Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu is a child's poem. I was praised by my teacher and felt like I could. In the country began to contact the poet works, read other people's things, continue to write. When I was a child, I wrote most of love. But the habit of writing is formed. University read the news, began to write a lot of internship reports. To write things to achieve communication effect, began to write prose. 」

So the work is very tired, the feeling is not smooth, the university experiences the melancholy disease those times, all has the writing behind him to have a pure soul: "I previously because the work often wanted to go to Hong Kong, once had the opportunity to be able to be there." In fact, it is very good, but to Hong Kong, probably in that environment is difficult to write, my boyfriend said, you do not forget, you are for what job. 」

He said that after growing up, many things to retreat, life many things can be compromised, but about the nature of poetry, he does not give in .

"Poetry, is something I can't give up." 」

As an adult, there are poems to help me remember myself

' I work just to write, ' said Yu Jia. When it comes to poetry, in particular: "The poetry of this class, the most interesting thing for me is to reflect the heart of the writer." Looking at a poem, it helps me to gaze at a moment in my life. "Yu Jia learns one thing in the poem, let the reading flow, let the angle of interpretation flow, let the interpretation of freedom."

The days of becoming these adults, fortunately there are poems, there are poems can be turned back, can remember the way: "I hope I am still the one who can write poetry." Luckily I have writing, otherwise I will be crushed by life soon. (Recommended reading:"read the poet" The courage to continue fighting tomorrow!) Interview Hong: You have a pen, you need to write for people who can't speak.

Each write a word, like a piece of broken pieces of their own back, Yu Jia said: "Poetry this action, will help me remember myself, like the essence, anchor in a place." 」

I ask, do you like yourself now?

Does Yu Ka know that you have no such time? "You face the world with clutter, sound, noise, and when you're dragged away by life, for some moments, you feel like you're disappearing." 」

He liked it best when he was in high school, and he said he had a good time: "I was a pure self in high school." There are some things you must never give in. You have to be completely burned in love, you have a lot of social things to dislike. When you grow up, that pure disappearance, like "brain teasers", every emotional ball will be stained with different colors. 」

The day of becoming an adult, he practiced repeatedly. How do you like yourself? This question, leaving his hesitates suspense, with a proud tone he said: "Oh, that's it." "I will miss, I want to relive that kind of happy and pure, very enjoyable." But if you ask me if you want to go back again, I won't say I don't want to, but I'll say it's impossible. 」

"Because I was not myself at that time." "One step at a other, we are all leaving the original." The air was thin for five seconds, and we all took a deep breath before we spoke.

I'm happy to let you make love S.

How soft his poems are, how strong they are. I have always seen a tolerant, forgive society, forgive themselves, but the darkness is in, so, to continue to fight.

Ten years of gay movement came, ten years from love casualties came. Robing is still good, I ask him to send a sentence, to like his stubborn love of people. He said that relationships, like Sm:"s and M., could not exist independently, and that they were dependent on each other. What I call the subject of M is that M can give S right. No matter which one you are, you have to maintain your subjectivity. This identity is to get along with the adjustment negotiated out. 」

So Yu Jia said, Love is willing to: "I like my position in the emotional M, you call me now female, I am now female." I am willing to do so, I just like this position. Every relationship is a mutual achievement, I am happy, just let you do so ah. 」

I'm happy to make you the Lord. No one is the absolute victim, I learned it in Yu Jia. To see the weakness of seemingly strong people, to see the shortcomings of the dominant, to see the edge of the margin. His mind is always so fine, the loop around, think more, all completed the word.

If you want to describe Yu Ka in a word, I would say that he is a poet who fights for ideals. Poetry is romantic, but it embraces the ideal of perseverance. Once converted into words, like water swelling, poetry bearing the body can not bear the pain and great. Because to feel alive, because the survival is loaded with bullets, I read Robing poems and words. (You will like:"read the poet" The greater sorrow the more juchongruoqing!) Yang Jia: What the reader reads is themselves )

It's good to have Robing on dark days. I think of his smile extending out of the eye wrinkles flashing light, like the life of the scars, like the riverbed, with a shallow warmth, to face the years scouring. The Battle of Yu Ka like his laugh, laugh is his best dagger. I want to practice such gentleness, with his words to brush up on the day, like the good people in life.

To the gentle life you, May 28, invite you to participate in the great times