Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Last weekend, the Karma Lucky and end Media content director Zhang Jiping met, women fans also did a special interview (report, Report on the next article ). Zhang Jiping Dusty just off the plane, wearing a pair of glasses, a Chinese accent, not tall, more than the imagination of the more amiable, the face often hung with a little silly smile.

She said very sincerely, very happy to meet, humble and amiable. There is no socialization of the urgent handshake greetings, not to the insolent noise, she is quiet, but not to people with reservations.

I see the media people in her, or the people in the workplace should be calm and generous-she is too clear, professional will surpass everything.

The profession will surpass all, therefore does not need the bluff, therefore does not need to bow stoop, therefore does not need because of oneself already has the thing, feels afraid.

The people who first entered the workplace probably experienced such a period, years of learning what is the workplace unspoken rules. Because you grow childish, outside the meeting when other people talk to ridicule you young, you have to follow the smile to say that they do not have a baby face, you because of sex, promotion often not you, you do not know what else to do except waiting quietly.

I think Zhang Jiping reminds professionals that they have to go beyond gender, age and other conditions.

If you are a man of ability, what are you afraid of? If you're a professional, why do you have to be so coy? we should be more confident that we do not have to hide ourselves behind the scenes of a post, incognito.

In the workplace, let professional people talk. professional people, every gestures are learning.

Zhang Jiping During the visit also repeatedly stressed that the news is not what high above the industry, media practitioners must lay down their arrogance, the total can not even their own readers despise, the media is to do to people to see. She said that as a journalist, she was in the media and did not want the important scene to be forgotten by the times, so she walked so far.

Professional will surpass all, the so-called professional is not let you pretentious, not let you hurt without apology, your professional is to better communication, is in order to shape a better world, is to more complete expression of their own.