New Media is a woman obsessed with the new interview project, the first time we invited to the end of the media executive editor Zhang Jiping to talk to us about her eyes of the new media appearance. We listen to the story of Zhang Jiping, this one, to see the story of the end of the media. (The last one heard Zhang Jiping said:"People in the whirlpool, have the responsibility to say the appearance of the Whirlpool")

Zhang Jiping in the body is the reporter's soul, in 2014, as the occupation of the ring movement more and more fierce, she realized that she was standing on the waves of Hong Kong upheaval, so resigned to write the life trend of the main "Extra" magazine deputy editor work, change to freelance writer status, Stand on the front line to understand and record the most massive citizens ' resistance to fate in Hong Kong's history. And her feelings during this period, also became her set up "end" one of the thrust.

When traditional media cannot load Hong Kong's complexity

"At that time, I found that the Hong Kong media was led by the daily newspaper and television, which led to information too trivial, and if you want to know about the event, you are crazy to read it every day." You may only know where someone has put up a little yellow umbrella, but the actual sequence of events is not clear to you. 」

Writing has suddenly become difficult for Zhang Jiping, she cannot find enough sources of information, and it is difficult to find a local media suitable for publishing such articles in Hong Kong. So she began to interview herself and communicate with the intellectuals, only to discover that the complexity of the incident was far greater than it could be seen in the media. (Share with you: always stand at the end of an egg!) 25 shocking photos to show you the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong

"The former Hong Kong is relatively simple, perhaps a car accident can be the top version of the news, but now is not the same." The way traditional media works has not responded to the complexities of Hong Kong. "This dilemma, of course, not only Zhang Jiping himself," she said, "She knows many talented people who feel tied up under the restrictions of the traditional media in Hong Kong."

"Newspapers do not give these people space, many real-time news can not exceed 300 words." The ability to write a novel, so talented people, are doing this thing every day, it is too unbearable. So many years down, my mind is often thinking about these people, I think if you can have a good platform, let everyone to do a good thing, is not very good? 」

Say these words, Zhang Jiping mouth spit out the rate of words more and more quickly, she is really concerned about, really excited, finally she said "I just don't like the good things are buried." 」

The opportunity to start a good media is coming

Such thoughts are buried in the heart of Zhang Jiping to ferment. Not long after the Umbrella movement ended, when she was worried about where she should go next, "end" investors came to the door.

When investors came to me and said that his goal was to "run the best media in the Chinese world" and "the good media for the Chinese people across the region", I heard that the goal was very sympathetic, albeit vague, but it gave us a chance to do the media we wanted to do. 」

She pressed her heart to come up with the desire to book, persuade investors to give up the idea of doing daily or weekly, want to use this opportunity to create a Taiwan media platform, "end" in the process of shape gradually formed.

In fact, at the time, "end" investors looking at a few of the objects, Zhang Jiping is the youngest, but she doesn't care, but more of a morale, "I just think that since I have the possibility of mastering it, I really should keep it, let it become a good thing out." 」

"Whatever you do, the point is what you want to do."

In this new media era, in addition to the new media platform more and more traditional media to strive for transformation, deep fear in this trend in the brutal elimination. But, as long as the original in the TV, newspaper content on the Internet, is the new media it? Or, must be short, fast, to real-time, is the so-called consistent with the pace of the digital era of new media content? (Extended reading: happiness, is to do meaningful things!) Face book CEO talk about life and new media )

When many new media people get into such a dilemma, Zhang Jiping jumps out of the tangled dogma and goes back to the original idea, she says,

"Whatever you want to do, the point is what you want to do." 」

A great company, the heart should be clear what they want, rather than lost in the society of all kinds of myths and drift. The "End" team believes that the depth of content due to scarcity, so there must be practical value. Zhang Jiping said, why to say fast, short to succeed? When there are too many rubbish in this world, she doesn't want to make rubbish to the world any more.

go back to the origin and break the dogma, Zhang Jiping. review from the beginning what new media has brought to the content? , and that is the idea, so that "end" from the line after the frequent surprise.

To the creator: the way of expression was opened

When the content breaks through the limitations of the load, the creator's way of expression is opened, unlike the paper can only have pictures, text, audio and video and interactive games, and so on are all new media possibilities.

"This allows us to express the most appropriate content in the most appropriate way," he said. Zhang Jiping For example, in the end, if a manuscript handed in 4,000 words, may find that there are 2000 words in the middle without writing, suitable to make a picture, and the remaining 2000 words are descriptive of the subtle human nature, this content is suitable for the expression of words, it can try to write a little longer, so as to maximize the platform advantage.

To the reader: an intimate reading experience

It must be short and fast because there is only a shallow level of understanding of the changes in the reading scene, Zhang Jiping said. But what does the so-called scene change really mean?

"We didn't have the guts to watch Playboy on the subway, but we could do it on the phone because people around you don't know what you're looking at," he said. So, reading in a mobile environment is actually a very intimate reading experience. 」

This situation, which causes the content to compete with the kitten puppies of Friends on the social network, makes it even more important that the content of the media is not really "hit the reader", and that it is not feasible to face such a change with traditional journalistic writing. (see: The most temperature of the communications website Toetoe co-founder: Communication only owe a brave )

The creator must take another step in the direction of the reader.

"The news agency style of writing is cold, before everybody sat on the subway to see" The New York Times ", also may not really see in, just pretend to force. 」

Zhang Jiping observed that the distance between the creator and the reader can no longer be pulled so far and the media should not be superior. She used the title example, "First person", "" the way you can try it, such as "My first visit to a woman's office experience," is better than "visiting a woman fan, telling you a woman's story" and "What is the experience of renting a wine manor in France?" "is better than " renting a wine Manor in France, "the statement said.

When the newspaper this kind of pan-intellectual gas carrier is phased out, how to take a step in the direction of the reader, is all new media should be practice.

Respect the profession, all forms of creation are equal

I have more than once been amazed at the visual and interactive design of the end, and they are doing it too seriously, regardless of their type of content. From the past to the present, whether traditional media or new media, the direction of the text editor led the situation is obvious, but Zhang Jiping said, in the "End", all creative forms can guide the content, it is important that the appropriate. "Apart from the strength of our photographers, the planning for the Kwai Chung Square was even made by designers," he said. 」

No matter what kind of creative form you are good at, you have the right to choose a topic, because "end" clearly recognized that in such an era, even if the same article, the inside of each work should be independent. "Now the spread is scattered, and in an article, whether it's a visual chart or a photo, it's likely to be stored separately and shared." "In this context, the work should not be independent of it?" And the idea is that "end" has grown to be very respectful of professional appearance.

Zhang Jiping said, but also because of this, oneself in the company most often do is sequel, because photography, design, text and so on have very own individuality. This is another spark ah. She smiled and said.

"I've never felt like I ever had to do this."

The Zhang Jiping in front of me is an elegant face, Yan powder is not applied, the neat breath from the inside out constantly divergent. Young as she is, she has a place in the media world of Hong Kong, and the title of "editor-in-chief" hangs on her career as a journalist, not for the first time. She is a literary youth, never read the news, only fascinated by romantic romance, but in life several times after the turn came here. She smiled and said that the fate of her life was often accidental.

However, whether it is a literary youth, or the current events do not vomit the word workers, the common denominator is the obsession with pen. I asked her if the executive editor was going to be a smash. When the administrative affairs are complicated, the time to write is certainly less, and does she ever feel a pity?

"I do feel a little bit drilling, but this time it really is something I've never felt before. 」

Staying in a place for a long time, there is always a feeling of growing up to the bottleneck, Zhang Jiping of course. She said that in the past, whenever she met this bottleneck, she would leave the place, because she could not bear to grow up and not innovate herself.

"I hate the feeling of being floating in the sea. "It's definitely a horrible ordeal for her not to be able to control his progress and what is being done right now." However, "end" such a new team, but let her willing to put down the pleasure of writing, willing to "handyman", only to provide to colleagues a good creative environment. (You'll like:"I'm afraid I'm too comfortable to learn anything anymore" interview Century Ogilvy founder Ding )

"We are still groping, still challenging our habits, anything can come to a point of easy access to their comfort zone." But I want to push myself to innovate because what we want to do is new media, not modern traditional media. Zhang Jiping tone firm, smile say oneself This life probably also don't do other, take a walk slowly. The greatest desire in her heart is to bring the new media to its fullest power.

Just take it slow, and we're all happy to see the success of the end. In today's fast-falling media position, it has been very rare for people to respect the IQ of their readers and maintain the self-esteem of media people. But we still do not give up, "dwell on, there will be echoes." Have a breath, light a lamp, there are lights on someone. "This is the line from the master of the generation, which I have always enjoyed." And I do spot in the Zhang Jiping, in the "End" team, see the light of the obsession.

Interview PostScript: About reinsurance

On the day of interviewing Zhang Jiping, it was the days of the Ming Pao's dismissal of reinsurance (name: Kang), and I asked her about it. "We had dinner two weeks ago, and he was a little bit aware that he was going to be fired," he said. I have been "reinsurance weekly" reader, but he is too low-key, I also last year to know reinsurance is Jiang yuan. "Zhang Jiping described reinsurance as a sweeping monk in the media world, but really has real combat."

The two of them in the preparation of the "end" in the process of real understanding, Zhang Jiping eyes of his special brilliant. "He felt like an intellectual when he was a reinsurance, but he was able to give a lot of practical advice when he was doing Kang," he said. She said that the Ming Pao had lost reinsurance, essentially lost the editor-in-chief, and that such a loss had too much influence on the media industry in Hong Kong.

However, after the departure of reinsurance, the people of Hong Kong can still see the Ming Pao daily, Zhang Jiping said that all this seemingly normal situation is the most terrible, "we do not know what we have lost, but we have lost." "In the days of information explosion, many things are often quietly disappeared, we have no time to pay attention to, but suffered." Only hope that after the reinsurance event, each of the news media and adhere to the people, can continue to walk on the road, even if it is a bit xiangyuan from, or.