Yi can static foetuses birth to attack volume label, she came forward to respond: "No woman's birth canal, which turn on you laugh at women old age "? As a matter of fact, the whole society is still very clear about the sexual control of women and is doing all they can to teach women what is appropriate for "true love". From that year's small Chenglili, to last year's high-profile recognition of Aaron Kwok Fang Yuan, and then to the Chinese net Red Tea sister, how to love women, what is the society? (Recommended reading: mother to eat grass? Yi can quiet confession: No Woman's birth canal, where you have the opportunity to laugh at women years old

Annie and Qin foetuses son of the message, once again summon the attack label, old wife less husband, mother to eat grass, Mas and married woman how disgusting, poor qin don't know have sex.

Qin is generous: "I don't care what people say, I am not with this world, I was with her." 」

Yi can also directly touch the social sensitive nerve response: "Very selfish, he wanted your youth, but can not bear your ripe age, but men middle-aged bald, big belly, physical reduction, women can take off men?" No, it can be seen how deep the men brainwashed women, his abandonment sounding, you are abandoned but you are too. 」

Society is doing everything it can to worship adolescent girls, but also to belittle the elderly woman's body any sexual desire. After middle age, under the society's eye, the man rises steadily, has been sealed "the Golden Bachelor", competes eagerly for, but the woman has depreciated all the way, undertakes "the elder leftover women nobody wants" the mockery.

Just a little bit older, when the woman years old, wrinkles, society repeatedly told us that it is no one "Ken" the desire of the female body, any desire of the old woman will be affixed to the diseased label, "old age" is too shabby, enough to denigrate any kind of possible love in the world. (Recommended reading:"ripe age nude album" Years have not withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

I always can not understand, about the woman's choice of marriage, not yet married Lin Chi-ling Hao, love on the 10-year-old man's Yi Jing, flash big 20-year-old man's milk tea sister, why there are always so many people think they have the right to comment, grumble a few words?

From small Chenglili to Yi Static: How do women love, it's none of your business

I think many years ago, I used to think of Xiao Zheng and Lily as a joke.

Remember Xiaozheng and Lily? At that time, ridiculed the "young and Old Love" Weicheng, the media do their best to capture Lily's aging and small Zheng's youthful breath, suites filled with two-phase control of malicious, become a mockery of the topic of gossip. "Absolutely is true love" became the fiery red moment joke, behind means is "the normal eye, who may like Lily such old woman?" (same field Gayon: is the age not the distance?) )

This year, Lily was interviewed by the media, look no longer the air, still have to lower the head of atonement: "Small Zheng was small, friends son, I should not be with him, I still for this thing atonement." "She turned back to whip the body past herself, I saw the end can not bear heart."

A few jokes that year, become her guilt for the rest of her life, she followed the social eyes together to scold themselves, but her love, why to the community sorry? How is she going to fall in love with us?

then is a low-key years of King Aaron Kwok High-profile recognition of love 27-year-old girlfriend Fang Yuan, a car on the ten-finger clasp of photos so many fans in the King Weibo congratulations, no one questioned Aaron Kwok "older enough", more people choose to pour into the Fang Yuan of micro bo, sour words she depends on what, but want to climb on the branches when Phoenix, if not "true love" that hurriedly put king a horse. Fang Yuan Why? It's true that they decided to love each other.

Then is "China's most beautiful Queen" milk tea sister Zhang Ze days Flash big 20-year-old mainland hundreds of billions of CEO Liu News, this time is not "old mother gnawing grass", but "father and daughter love." Netizen crashes, said this is not I know that "fresh and natural" milk tea sister, how may first have after marriage, she originally also but love money vulgar.

No one who seriously cared about, tea sister why like and choose Liu, the network began to crazy biography such a narrative "from the tea sister story, we know this generation of women like four kinds of men: Gaofu, short rich handsome, short rich ugly, Ko fu Ugly." "Don't forget to scold other women to recognize money in love." (Recommended to you: girl, you don't need to say sorry to the world )

From Iraq can quiet to milk tea sister, from Chenglili to Fang Yuan Aaron Kwok, why there are always so many people think they can teach "woman" How is "real love"? Why do women's love choices, the whole world is qualified to ask condemnation?

People list all the conditions, age ratio, wealth, education ... To measure whether two people match, society for the "true love" of the imagination of poor, feel such as milk tea sister is bound to love "fresh"; think that women in old age can not love (whether it is already senility lily or can not see the age of Yi Static); think Fang Yuan except " The beauty of youth "is not worthy of being loved by Aaron Kwok; we have repeatedly used secular vision to define what is" reasonable "love, what is" in accordance with the expectations "of the true loving, non-stop rejection of more free love may, but also complacent. (Psychology: A World Without Love, a hell of a place )

Sooner or later, the myth of true love will be shattered in the limelight.

The true love may not exist at all, if we are all loved people, we will know that there is no one love is similar, no relationship is replicated, no love is taken for granted, we have to go through different relationships, with a long life to understand, we want what is it, And there should never be a standard answer to this matter. (Recommended reading: single ads reveal the poor love imagination: Not everyone's love is a form of love games)

And this process of understanding and choice, can we give the loved ones more freedom? Whether today I am married's "old woman", I am the woman who graduated immediately flash, or am I the woman who chooses not to marry to have a son?