Do you remember the wishes you made for yourself when you graduated from college ? Are you going into the workplace, filled with apprehension? Whether you are the elders of life or the younger generation, together after reading these three graduation speeches , let us find the ideal we believe, move forward. (same field Gayon: write a letter to the graduating you: lack of experience, is the most precious gift )

Graduation season, you may panic confused, you may look back out of the campus after a few years, how much they have grown, lost how much. Write in this graduation season, share with you the predecessors who are running ahead and share the experience of learning and sister-in-law in life. Before the society wants to hurt you, you have to let it go.

Matthew McConaughey: Believe all the unbelievable in life

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You think that you have just completed your life's academic education course, starting at age 5 to the current education, and your future is not clearer than the ideal of 5 years ago, you can not get all the answers, this is frightening. I think it doesn't matter, because that's the way it is, this is the reality that you are facing, this is the world we live in. I am not here to discourage you or to belittle your accomplishments in any way, and I have to applaud your achievements again. I'm here to talk about substance, to skip flattery and praise, because I've learned a great deal about it. The less perseverance we have, our life, achievements, career, future, the more we are less persistent, more investment, the sooner we can get everything started.

Believe "unbelievable (incredible)", unbelievable is the most stupid word in the dictionary, it should not be uttered from anyone's mouth. [...] What we modern people do does not mean "unbelievable", one of the things that human beings can rely on is body and person. So we should not be surprised that we are the most cunning mammals on earth. I don't worry about monkeys, I'm worried about people like you and me. Do not deny the noble behavior, do not underestimate the human ability to do evil, also do not deny their own defects. Anything we do is not "unbelievable", it's a stupid word, and I think it's incredibly stupid.

Always remember to start again. [...] Have you ever lived a day without any fun? Have you ever been stuck in a bad habit? I have. People make mistakes, you have to learn to face up to mistakes, you have to make up for them, and then move on. Guilt and regret make many people perish early. Start again, be brave and leave the original track, you are the author of your own life script, start again. (Same field Gayon: The courage to cut back on practice: The uncertain future is the best future )

(2015 at the University of Houston)

Oprah: Don't lose the ability to look directly into your eyes.

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According to normal life, you always fall at a certain altitude. When you meet, I hope you understand and remember: there is no real failure of life, failure, but life is trying to make us turn.

If you fall into the bottom of your life, and when you encounter that moment, let yourself be sad for a while. Give yourself a little time to mourn all that is lost. But then, listen up. This is the key-learn from every mistake. Each experience, every encounter, every mistake you make is an understanding that drives you to be more authentic and clear about where to go next.

Although the university is the birthplace of face books (Mark Zoberg graduated from Harvard University, Facebook was first invented for Harvard students), I still hope you will try to get to the crowd and try to communicate and talk to people who have different ideas. You will have the courage to look them in the eye, to listen to their views, you will follow the world's rapidly evolving orbit, and you will not lose the ability to put yourself into others ' shoes in the distance and anonymity of the web. It is necessary to realize that "we" are a community. (Would you like: does Facebook control your life?) Are social software for showing off or sharing? )

I know you're anxious and hesitant about leaving your comfortable college campus and the Harvard title test. But no matter what kind of challenge, frustration or disappointment you may face in your life, you will know that there is only one thing, and there is really a single, true success and happiness, and that is--try to show your true self.

(2013 at Harvard University)

Raubertinillo: Children of art, why do you believe in truth?

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For those who are studying financial accounting, they seem to have more options, they have a stable social path, they use reason, logic and common sense to find work, so that they can gain the achievement and stability of their work. Art college graduates, do you have reason, logic, common sense? What a joke. You're a bunch of people with no choice, right? Because you are in pursuit of your talent, ideals and passion, this is irresistible, you can only go forward. When it comes to art, knowledge of common sense is not useful. You are not chasing dreams, you are creating destiny.

Do you have a full academic record? I said first, in the real world you can not all get a, life has a fall. But this is harmless, under this maddening graduation gown, I imagine you are wearing the Tiffany's T-shirt behind the back of the angry green thinking like: "Rejected is not my problem", the front is printed with your motto: "Next." Yes, next. You haven't got the part yet? The point is "next" and you will get the next or next role.

I will tell my children not to be afraid of failure. I encourage them to seize the opportunity and open the wide heart, embracing all experiences and new ideas. I told them that if they did not brave the steps, they would never see the scenery ahead. You have to act, you have to move forward. I told them that if they chose to go into the art field, I wanted them to find places where like-minded people could be nurtured and challenged, like the Tisch College of Art.

(2015 at the University of New York at Tiffany's College of Arts)

They are the people who enjoy applause, enjoy applause is to shake off the applause of the clamp, live their own stage. To the dear graduates, as well as to continue to learn in life you, I hope we have time can not give you sincerity, with success can not give you happiness, do not low in the workplace to your ceiling, the world has his rules, we also have our.

You no longer follow the lessons, how do you treat time, shape what kind of person you become. No final exams will keep you up late because every decision is as important as the final exam. Not because of the professor's homework out of breath, the future of your discomfort is the choice of their own. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: The desire to work with what kind of person, first let yourself become that person )

There will be no score to judge your efforts, and you will step into a world that is not won by fractions. In contrast, you can decide what kind of success you need and what happiness you want. No matter which way you want to go, I hope you can enjoy the scenery along the road, there is no real failure, failure, only life try to let us turn.