single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. When you are in love, sometimes you are afraid of getting hurt, sometimes you are afraid that you can no longer love, and then you will understand that the so-called love , is to hold the qualification of injury. We are able to be gentle, because we are all scarred people. If you are injured, cherish your sadness, understanding is pain in exchange for, pain tattoo, you will eventually gentle. (Recommended reading: Gender observation: feminism, to give people gentleness is to themselves gentle )

If you have been hurt to be gentle, then why do we have to bear this tenderness? You said you want to sleep, to enter the dream, I just hope you sleep, sleep, because gentleness is not your fault, injury is not your fault.

Song Shangqi

On a single day, read a lot of poems. The mood of hiding in the poem is very huge, will get into from the body pore of breathing, warm jump heart of pain, touch the injured person, I like a cat, gently lick their wounds, tears when only allow themselves to wipe tears.

If we can finally grow into a gentle man, with a generous gesture and a soft heart to coexist with the world, perhaps it is because we are all scarred, through the thorns to become the present.

Gentle it to have since, with pain watering, feeding with tears, injured place scab, become the most not afraid of the pain of the place, become possibly again injured place. We all have wounds, and thus for men.

In fact, how can love not be hurt? Later I understand, love itself risks pain, both pain and itching, happy and sad, weaving a relationship. I know I will be hurt, but I still want to love, do not covet the whole body and the possibility of retreat.

Each love is a storm, is the role in the body and the mind of a small hurricane, I almost do not recognize their own, love is riddled with holes, every time I love all forced out I do not know. But the more I get hurt, the more I know the injury is not terrible; the more I get hurt, the more I know it's not my fault.

So even when I feel like I can't love again, I can still be resurrected, so even if the pain is so great, I would like to sleep with the pain because I know the pain will be the same and free.

So once again after the injury, the root born one after another more afraid of the broken himself. The pain will open a flower, like a tattoo around my heart, I became a scarred, and know that I will eventually gentle person.

how nice. I think so before I go to sleep.