The results of the presidential primaries in five states in the north-east of the country, Hillary Clinton, who is in sight of the victory, reiterated her gender-equality cabinet's assertion that an affirmative cabinet is in line with the sex ratio of the American population, and she wants to listen to more voices . From northern Europe, Canada to the United States, the affirmative cabinet has become an international trend, then the new government of Taiwan's gender equality next, where? (Same field Gayon: The first "female president" took office, the road of gender equality is still very long )

When America's first female president wins in sight

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Democratic Hillary Clinton won a party vote in four states, giving her more votes than his rival, Saunders, after a presidential primaries in five northeastern states.

The result of the 200-odd vote on the nomination gate made Hillary look triumphant. Therefore, she has put forward the political opinion: "The ratio of men and women in the cabinet will be consistent with the sex ratio of the United States", and once again become the focus.

When Hillary Clinton was interviewed, once again, half of the ministers ' commitment to women: "I will build an American team, the domestic female population of 50%, so the future whether the deputy or cabinet, or the White House staff, I will be widely used this set, because I am a person who likes to listen to different views." "(Extended reading: Five articles, five views, one next step, inviting you to talk about the Sun Flower Queen event )

Mrs Clinton's argument for "listening to different points of view" comes from the United Nations study: Only when women have a certain percentage can there be a bill that reflects women's concerns. This shows that the "Gender equality Cabinet" is not the appeal of "men can, women can" the emotional struggle, but to make nearly half of the world, and most of the time the disadvantaged people have a chance to speak for themselves.

The ratio of the cabinet in Taiwan is disappointing

With the world's attention on whether the United States can elect the first female U.S. president in history, Taiwan's first female president has already launched several waves of cabinet personnel from Coyett.

Compared to the birth of the "female president", triggering a "more gender equality" of the enthusiastic response, these waves of cabinet personnel clearly make the community's enthusiastic hope for the right cabinet cooling slightly.

Women's knowledge of the cabinet list issued a statement, that the list "without progress, first step backwards", because the proportion of female cabinet is currently only 13.3%, with the lowest proportion of the history of the cabinet Jiang Yihua, even compared with the male president of the government when the proportion is lower.

President-elect Tsai, a former president, said the real gender equality did not need to be called "female presidents". However, as the first female head of state in Taiwan's history, it seems unable to avoid the outside world to her more attention to women's rights, more women's status expectations. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: Transforming CAI English?) What kind of "female president" are we looking for?

So what about the other countries that have successfully formed an affirmative cabinet?

Countries that have successfully formed an affirmative cabinet: Canada, France, Italy, Sweden

France, Italy and Sweden have all formed a gender-equality cabinet, and the most recently watched was the successful 2015 Canada. Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister who prides itself on being a feminist, has not only half of the new cabinet of women, but also the executive's government, which has broken the impression that women-related ministries, including health ministers, labour-Employment ministers and the justice minister, are all female MPs.

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As a reminder, it is also important to focus on what kind of affairs the women Ministers in the cabinet are looking for. (You would like:Lean in X McKinsey: workplace equality is not just 1:1 of men and women )

If the appointment of women in the cabinet, deliberately avoid the stereotype of the more masculine, tough department, then such an affirmative cabinet, may instead be consolidating the existing gender stereotypes.

The German cabinet is a good counter case. Although it has not yet met the standards of the affirmative-action cabinet, Merkel appointed her first female defence minister, Vondlein, when she was cabinet in 2013. And Vondlein's first policy was to give more consideration to the family needs of German soldiers, including the setting up of kindergartens in military barracks and the consideration of families when allocating stations.

If anyone is curious as to why a government needs a female cabinet, Vondlein's role is to illustrate that the "dress-wearing" Defense minister can bring new possibilities to a long-established government department.

Elected a female president, then?

When we elect a female president and eagerly look forward to the full realization of gender equality in the composition of the cabinet, there is a voice that would like us to reflect: when we expect a female president to appoint a woman, are we emphasizing gender differences again?

Yet Canada's prime minister, Trudeau, explains his idea of an affirmative cabinet:

This is a message to Canadian women: "You are important to the world and you have to go beyond the networks established by older men." 」


The theory of professional ceilings has taught us that women's difficulty in being a senior executive is often due to a lack of connections and trust between men. In her book, "Come In," she also pointed out that women are not expected to be smart, brilliant, dazzling, and therefore lack the courage to stand up for attention. (same field Gayon: How far is gender equality?) Every country has a "glass ceiling" that is hard to break through.

It takes a little effort to break through the old pattern. Wouldn't it be more difficult to expect a male president to take this level into account if the same female president could not promoted a certain percentage of the female cabinet and break the established impression of a woman as a role-assistant or dealing with soft matters?

Moreover, from the Vondlein example, it can be seen that the female ministers are not only the result of gender equality, but also helpful to the development of the whole country. Because people who have different backgrounds and different roles, they tend to think differently.

And when the male Prime Minister of Canada elects 15 women, it may also be a reminder that we should not only look to the affirmative cabinet of the female president, but also to the prospective male president, we should not relax our demands. (Extended reading: MA President's first visit to female new media five bright spots: open rational communication with gentle force )

As for the "meritocracy, should not consider the gender" of the opposition, the German Green party leader me has strong and strong retort: "This is a double standard, no one because of the gender of male ministers questioned their talent"

Is it that women from all walks of life in Taiwan cannot choose the number of people who are capable of half the cabinet? We believe this is impossible, so why is it that even the new cabinet, headed by a female president, is still so scarce?

Good Taiwanese women, where are you?

In addition to questioning the question of "how the new government does not elect a female cabinet", we can think further about who would you think of capable female politicians? If we can think of a handful of women politicians, is it not that the entire social fabric is unfriendly to women politicians, making their political or political achievements less susceptible to attention or having no good channels for advancement?

Think about it, what was the last time we noticed the news content of a female politician? Is that the content of her question? or her skirt and her dating status? (You will like: Sex Watch: Take off the honor of short skirts!) A reflection on the value of "disobedience" between the Northern and the American women

The mention of short skirts is not a mockery of past news, but is it when we notice the short skirts of legislators that we have an established impression of political figures? It may be a suit, a serious one, perhaps a stern, eloquent, and when we feel that the legislators in short skirts are "not like politicians", perhaps they are again emphasizing the typical masculine impression of political figures.

We have been accustomed to the old political mode of operation and the overall image, so, when the existing pattern has finally been broken, seems to have some loosening, the expectations are not just "sex" neutral society, but more yuan, can accommodate the negative characteristics of the Cabinet group portrait.

Perhaps one day, we can see a little floral dress on the stage of the Secretary of Defense!

After the affirmative-action cabinet

As the women's knowledge in the statement said: "No less than one-third of the members of the Cabinet, the cabinet itself should have a multi-ethnic background, the formation of a gender-conscious, capable of responding to all sectors of Taiwan's social strata of women and gender, the welfare needs of different ethnic groups and voice of the Cabinet." 」

Gender equality should not be the only goal, in addition to the affirmative cabinet, we should also look forward to different status, background, ethnic groups, class of pluralistic cabinet.

Women's struggle for rights and interests has never been just a matter for women. Therefore, in addition to focusing on gender issues, women can also devote a little more attention to helping people with different backgrounds, different ethnic groups and different issues.

Canada went to an affirmative cabinet and spent 100 years. How long will it take Taiwan to become a more equal country? As Taiwanese people, we urge the government together, don't let this day delay too long! (Recommended to you:101 years ago today!) The beginning of Asian women's right to higher education

Gender equality, need every big woman . 5/28, we meet the City plaza.