Women's This Year's I love my section — — , Invite to co-founder and CEO Lin, Implications , and share workplace feminine with us in the Break The Wall speech.Lin led the company to the fourth year of the company and the second year of his business, and ushered in a challenge of setting up a company with a view of the overall interests of the company!Let's take a look at this road, and her patience and stubborn.Lin says, "Entrepreneurship is not running fast, but rather patient."(Sibling: Be brave, not not afraid, but still be able to move forward in fear!Woman: Lara & Esther Interview )

Lin is the co-founder and chief executive of the social business community, as the industry is known to everyone, everyone yell for her Sunny, as she has a clear character.

In Sunny's office, each room is named after the theme of the anniversary forum, and the day I come across the "Imagine" and "From Self" in a meeting room called "Sperm", and meet Sunny Long running on the path of a new venture.

You can recognize her in a prominent background, and she appears in the 2013 100-bit Heroes of the Civilians list, the most young adviser to the conference in 2014.

You can also use only one sentence: "We don't do what other people are already doing, because it's meaningless.""

When I asked Snnny to start a business, integrate social enterprise resources, and provide i Lab, what was the idea of doing so much?She said so.

Human needs, heroes

" There is no need for social enterprises to do business in Taiwan.The website and the activities are all in response to the needs of the readers.This is also the beginning of the program. We can see that there is no one in Taiwan who is supporting a just started social enterprise

Social business, Sunny is DNA to thrive: "In this field, it is not so difficult."It is a kind of participation; thousands of volunteers are involved; they are also a kind of participation; some people who have participated in physical activities will buy the products or services of social enterprises; some have been inspired by the entrepreneurial interviews we have made to join the social enterprise.By consuming, volunteering, investing in entrepreneurship, social enterprises can become the DNA of their lives."

Sunny says it's a time of success. "It's just the right time," Sunny said. "It's time to see the social business response to the needs of people."At that time our website went live, and some people asked us to organize activities. At least half of the people applied for volunteer work. These were all times of accomplishments."

Two years ago, she said she was barely experiencing difficulties when she had an interview with Sunny, who said she was not at the stage of the company's company.Because of everything, it comes from the warm-blooded and genuine sacrifice: " At first, it was because of fun and recognition value.We had no pressure at that stage, and we were very enjoin."

Even if she was a volunteer, she was still a professional: " At the time, I started with a very small detail.The "air" of the community is very important, and if the operator is serious, you will also be absorbed into serious readers.I'm going to take this example from the age of the dinosaurs, and a lot of people hear me saying that the Facebook wasn't able to be able to believe it at the time.I was just taking a computer, ready to publish, and sometimes even at the side of the road.Looking back, I think it is very valuable.If I could easily ignore a PO then, I may not have a social stream now." (Recommended reading: Why don't you ever admit you are good?Terrar: "Girls, please put down good learning habits" )

A computer, a heart of destiny, has propped up a social enterprise.Four years ago, if you were talking business with that dynamic Sunny, she would say, "Don't be silly. It's all right before you do a good job."That is the kind of stubborn, the strength of the team, and the growth of her.When she said, my passion for social development is hard to imagine for many people, and that is the way people have faith in their eyes.

To defend a favorite thing, go beyond all the birds!

After business, the flow of social enterprises faces more systemic challenges.Sunny is not as arrogant as it was then, as long as the inspiration was fun, he would do it right away.

" After you start your business, you will need to manage your costs, and you will need to step by step, but it will be painful, but it is necessary."

The cost concept and development business she has learned from zero: " When you turn into a company, you face cost control and institutional difficulties. You will find that due to systemic systematization, the company faces a lot of administrative problems.I have been dealing with related matters in a lot of time and I have found that many administrative efficiency needs to be improved.Because of personal exposure to the company's operational financial side, it is more understandable to understand the flow of the company."

the company was founded, Sunny also wanted to spend more time: "Before I went out, I wouldn't ask for the reason why I was a friend, and I wanted to talk about what I could talk about, and even if I didn't talk about anything, I would have a friend."It is now realistic that the meeting should have a clear purpose, and I need to know where I must spend the two hours, and what I can bring to each other.When a company is established, it costs money every day."

Srigor is one of Sunny's personalities, and the master and the PM are all started. From the tax returns to the law, they all have to understand it personally.I asked Sunny whether it would be difficult to deal with financial and administrative problems?"I will be impatient, but will not lose patience," she said.I'm a very interested person in detail, and I may have something to do with the public affairs that I have learned.Many people think that leaders have to grasp the general direction, and I am not doing that.I like to start with the details. I have to go through everything and completely understand the matter before I can be reassured to give it to other people." (Sibling: Work notes: your choice of work, deciding on your shape )

" If I don't even know how to open my own tickets,How do I know that the partner didn't do it?To deal with a lot of trivial things doesn't make me feel like I'm doing something that's not worth it, and that's what I love to show you.Speaking of love with the social enterprise stream, Sunny's shyness is like a narcis-narcis-yearn, and the more he says the less loud the more.In front of the current social enterprise, she was very much a hot girl and a young woman. It turned out to be in love. When Sunny raised her hand, I saw the romance of the crab.

"Whatever you do, you have to defend the favorite thing."That sense of achievement is bigger than all the birds!' — — forest with

To be a leader, learn to authorize

Sunny then says that too strict is also a better place for yourself: "It's really not easy to be a leader."In the past two years, my greatest growth was to learn to authorize."

Sunny's character doesn't like trouble, and everything is done by yourself: "Because of this, it also makes my partner lose the opportunity to grow."From one person to the team, this long road has taught me a lot.Sunny says that the authority is to understand the opinions of others, not only with his own subjective sense of mind.In the past, when you received a business case, if you saw that you could make a direct amendment to a smaller place, because it was the most provincial thing to do, but missed the point of communication, the partner might be making mistakes in the same place.Authorisation is also a belief in the professionalism of the team, and the team has its own responsibilities. Previously, she worried that she did not understand, would not know that the other party was not good enough, and now established a trust relationship with each other and used professional solutions.

" I think that everyone is a very important gear, and each gear has its own personality, and they're all unique, and I'm like an alchemy in the outside, and we're going to keep going forward if we're going to get the maximum number of conventions in our minds and operations.(sibling: "attempt to please everyone, you can't progress" 12 women leaders in the leadership of love, growth, and workplace )

After you learn a license, let her know how wrong she is not an opportunity to gain experience.As a core member of the social flow, Sunny wants to give his partner strength and confidence: "I wish I was a creator of empower partner."I want to flow from the community to where they have different lifecaps to come here and give each other the nutrients, so that can give full play to their strengths."

"Again, I want my partner to be seen, and I see the partner standing on the platform with a lot of light, much too much on my own website."They are all very good people. I think that, like the spirit of social enterprises, social enterprises will not be a person's endeavor. The strength of the team is absolutely crucial."

Sunny put the team on his mouth, saying that a business was a group of people's achievements, not a person's crown.The mandate is to put down the leader's halo and share it with people who have the ability to do so.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, and the point is not to run fast

The company went from volunteer organization to a company four years ago, and every year their forum looked like a Grateful Dead, and looked back in the past: "The first two years were sprinter, followed by endurance.""

"We think it's like a marathon, and the third year we're on the theme is the power >, this year is , each of the forum topics, all of which are the biggest growth in our own year."Sunny says that after the start of his business, he has made plans for the development of his team, bringing the team closer to the island: "We have contacted many social enterprises and have links with people who want to improve our society."Each person in the program represents a way to improve the society. Some people want to use their leaves as a reproducible tableware, and some people want to train them to be the leader, the leftoers, and ... and ...They don't necessarily succeed in using their own way to drive the Taiwan island, but let us see how we live in the future, as well as more possibilities in Taiwan." (Sibling: MIT Student to Build App: 3,600 kg left in three months )

Circulating the economy, the weakness of Empower, and the reversal of the class may be the philosophy of the people who are doing social business: "We want to accumulate a lot of wisdom, make our experience a common property, and bring the big family to see the issues that the entrepreneurs want to solve.""

The social enterprise stream is an intermediary organization of a social enterprise that provides a dance platform that allows the person to be seen.Sunny says, "As I was talking about training the street friends as a leader, he looked at the information on the Internet and decided to bring back the experience of foreign countries."Many people say that doing the website is not making money, and it is hard to sustain our belief, and that is to see more such examples."

To improve society with innovative thinking, even keyboard attention, is a practice: " After starting a business, how to focus on what we should do in so many complex things is that social enterprises have always kept their mind on their minds.In the process of growing up and leading the team, we need to keep up with the value of our people before we can move forward together."

When you start a new marriage: Don't get out of control, it's the best balance.

Sunny is on the road to business, and has always insisted on one reason, that is, to create a better society as much as possible.When I asked Sunny as a minority of women in the industry, she said she had no experience with sex. She said she had no experience in her personality. If she did, she would immediately correct her. She smiled and responded to:

" Because the number of people is small, women are very bright in the business circle."

Sunny gives the light, always looks to the bright side, and gives people the confidence to go forward.She also believes that women have the advantage of replacing them in the workplace: " Very often, I think that girls really have the empathy, that kind of empathy, that makes you see the devil in detail."

For women, 30-35 seems to be a critical period for women, and this is a career sprint for women, and women are starting to worry about the problems of old mothers, and this is a unique challenge for women."(Recommended reading: The engagement ring from the engagement ring: Congratulations away from the leftoc?The value of a woman is not related to marriage )

She once saw eco-green founder Buyeo as a woman's career dilemma, and she said, "There's no balance at all!"If you don't get out of control, it's the best balance.Sunny says, " Every person has a different way of life in the workplace and cannot be applied.We can only choose the most appropriate one!I like to live a very good life like I do, which makes me very satisfied.But some entrepreneurs are really able to balance their lives."

Sunny expects her future to be the mother of the workplace and the family, who loves her child as she treats the company, and feels that her motherhood is also in the stream: "The social flow is my child."A lot of people ask me how to insist.I think, like a child, I want to see him grow up, and I am willing to face all kinds of hardships for him."

Entrepreneurship, patient squat is an important thing

I asked Sunny to give a little advice to young people who want to start a business, saying, " Seize the things that you can do now, don't be afraid of challenges."

Her bigotry is like a diet, and she doesn't eat a lot of things, but she likes to eat, and she can eat repeatedly and repeatedly.Sunny thinks the first thing about starting a business is to acknowledge the passion: " You first try and try and do something you don't fit into one thing.Before you start a business, you can create a blog, create a platform, and so on.Passion is easy to say, and it can easily be trifling."

The second is from what you can do: "People who often want to start a business tell me how great he is."And I said, "What do you do now?"Entrepreneurship should start with "do".It was only two years after the company had volunteering to service the company before it formally established the company.A lot of people start to start a business out of tens of millions, and the beginning of the social enterprise stream is just my monthly salary.We spend a lot of time waiting, waiting, and waiting for the money, actually, it doesn't have to be, just start with what you can do."

Sunny says it's hard to say business, and what matters most is understanding. You have to understand how many yourself are in the workforce: "Before you start a business, you are dormant, a reserve force."Start a business, you jump, and you have to experience your accumulated experience, strength, and learning.Patience is a matter of importance."

So, before jumping up, if you don't have the strength to accumulate, it's easier to jump off and jump.

Smart is a gift and kindness is a choice

I asked if I could say something to myself four years ago, what would you say?She was quiet for a long time.

" Smart is a gift and kindness is the choice."

Sunny says that in the last few years, she sees the workplace, sometimes smart because it doesn't work long enough to be able to walk long: "I would want to show my" competence " to show how much I could do.After starting a business, I discovered that the wisdom of empathy is even more important.Intelligence is not smart, especially in industries such as people engaging in such a high level of interaction. I hope that in my own life four years ago, I would have had a little bit of blood pressure and learned to be able to learn the wisdom of wisdom." (You would like: maturity is not a world, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in kindness )

Sunny used to be a young man, who was a young man, dared to work hard, have a strong mind, and straight, and thought about what to do.Now Sunny is studying endurance and slow philosophy.As she says, let's also be a way of work.Clever and Concreed to bring her into a company, and then Sunny has developed a lot of soft power to reserve the energy needed for the marathon.

the visit began, Sunny just ended a meeting. She applied to me for ten minutes and the emergency processing company contacted her. She confirmed the details by phone. I remember very clearly that she was named Chief Executive, but she didn't have a bit of a shelf, and she sincerely wanted to ease the top priority.

Sunny is running through a business circle, and if you want to describe her figure, I will say it's good.She is paranoin; she only does what she wants to do, and she is steadfast in her belief.She has always been candid, and she has been working hard to solve many problems in the workplace.The difficulties are negligible in her ideal.

A sentence of Sunny says that a real thing to do is to defend it with life.

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