Political questioning is a new form of political discourse, with the help of new media, new creation, design and live streaming, and g0v , hoping to get out of politics, make policy discussions interesting and stimulate discussion of public issues. Woman fan This time also came to the political ask the scene, for you exclusive directly hit the executive Dean Zhang Shan will leave the heart, the program Zhang Shan not only put forward his four years in office observation, also for CAI English government Lin Quan cabinet proposed. (New Government view:"women fans Exclusive" "to build the stage of young people, is the fastest way home" Cai English to the Taiwan Question of five solutions )

Executive Dean Zhang Shan in the small Ryukyu trip, especially to the new state of the political program "ask" the scene, talk about science and technology Pavilion Coyett farewell speech. After the opening of host Zhang Tiezhi, Zhang Shan said he was about to leave the cabinet in a week. The mood is "a day is more relaxed than one day, the day is more than expected." 」

Although Zhang Shan to talk about the end of the post of chief executive, he pointed to the heavy issue of Taiwan on the spot, in addition to talking about the long-term concern of science and technology, but also naked analysis of the course of mind, from the government of the "Big Machine" system, to the Kuomintang defeat, the blue-green fight, retiring speech, Zhang Shan the true voice of the heart do not spit unhappy And share them with the audience without reservation.

From the industry to the government: Zhang Shan on the confrontation between the two sides

It's been four years since I got into the government. Zhang Shan in 2012 from the Google Asia region Hardware management director of the Executive Yuan, responsible for science and Technology affairs, the starting point of the department is his voluntary, but did not expect later, "inexplicable magic has been changed to work", successively received the Minister of Science and Technology, deputy dean of the Executive Yuan, The chief executive, the unexpected exception, "did not know how to answer."

Acer Electronics Business group deputy general Manager, Google Asia Hardware management director, before the cabinet, Zhang Shan in the communications industry for more than 10 years, earlier, he was a professor of Civil Engineering Department of Taiwan, as well as the national science and Technology Planning evaluation director. At the same time has the hardware and software industry experience, but also experienced government units. Perhaps it is precisely because of this, Zhang Shan than other administrative officers, more aware of the importance of pragmatism, more outspoken the crux of the problem.

After walking into the government, he saw the seriousness of the confrontation between the industry and the government, because the government would be worried about the profits of certain manufacturers and tying their hands to their feet. Zhang Shan also cited his own experience as an example, that the solution to the confrontation is to let the higher level head of the political and ideological institutions serve as information-long posts.

"When I was a member of the Council, I had to have a department to come, but when I was deputy Dean of the Executive Yuan, I was able to integrate the top and bottom departments."

With the development trend of digital government and intelligent government, it is better to coordinate the cooperation of information and business departments by the officials who are familiar with the business and at the higher level.

On the two-party and KMT's defeat: the distance from the youth

Lin Quan, the associate chief executive, announced the list of ministers, including the deputy Dean, the Secretary-General, a total of 31 ministers, the average age of 60.7 years. 2008 MA Government took office when the first court Coyett Shiuan cabinet team average age 57.73 years old, has been ridiculed as "Chitose cabinet", but the current forest-wide team even more "senior" than the Chitose cabinet.

For the new cabinet, Zhang Shan that "the DPP has not been in eight years of introspection, to respect the young people." As the Kuomintang returned to power in 2008, they appointed many of their own think-tanks, but they were actually repetitive appointments of past officials and did not really absorb new blood.

The disappointment of young people is also the main reason why Zhang Shan thinks the Kuomintang is losing votes. After the Kuomintang defeated the election, as the "Fire Brigade" cabinet, Zhang Shan talk about the defeat, the era has changed, "the government should think about how the young people look at the world," the Government and young people, when the public service system is not even the use of tools to keep abreast of the generations, it is difficult (Extended reading:"This era, the answer in the young man" interview creative work Liu Xuan )

"In the opposition period should be a good reflection, the opportunity to return to power." Zhang Shan the KMT for the next four years. During the government's tenure, Zhang Shan that the blue-green-fighting situation is serious, the DPP has spent a lot of effort to resist governance, but for Zhang Shan, this is not a long-term solution, the real benign competition should be based on a better version of the policy, "as long as the policy, the DPP advocates tax, the Kuomintang stressed insurance, So let's compare who can come up with a more perfect proposition. 」

Not only are the young people deviating, but government officials are also deeply tired under such a consumed operation. Mention such as when the Dean most want to do things, Zhang Shan think the internal integration is very important, otherwise the Executive Yuan is also "Tango", also let the impending resignation of the Zhang Shan Ming Sheng "No longer war lake" sense.

Zhang Shan thinks the government is a big machine, the operation is not carried out by the Dean alone, and now the "money" and "people" system cannot make a big difference between the Dean's wish and reality, and make it impossible for civil servants to work, to maintain their motivation, and to develop the ability to use emerging tools, ignoring the importance of policy. "It's like being paid by a third party, spending a lot of time communicating and not being successful on the road," he said. Zhang Shan said with concern.

The biggest regret before retiring: the new government let the Chinese 100,000 Network Army organic invasion

After one months of caucus consultations, the legislature, in the court meeting on May 3, through the abolition of the time force proposal "state-funded security technology Center for the establishment of regulations", so that April 1 officially listed in the capital and Science and Technology Center, back to the original committee by the Institute of Technology and Services to be responsible for the Government of the Commission, Zhang Shan bluntly this is: "The pro Pain , the enemy fast. "

This not only makes the policy unsustainable, the legislature denies the legal institution established in the past, and also breaks the foundation of mutual trust between the public and private sectors. As a result of the official abolition of the Technology Centre, the Government and the Technical Services Centre team's investment in the Commission contract only last until the end of the year, but this short-term planning model is not conducive to long-term training of talent, if the group of people to find a good wood habitat, the government may face the plight of zero energy This is "the happiest" for the continued cyber-attack on the opposite side of Taiwan.

Zhang Shan in the scene also mentioned that China's daily attacks to "100,000 are not run off", and finally upgraded the defense mechanism, now "only a single digit for a year to succeed", but destroyed.

Zhang Shan Direct Batch: "The DPP because has not taken over the government, does not understand the internal, on the question of the problem", also became Zhang Shan mouth "before leaving the biggest regret", but completely does not have the power, the long-term effort is thus helplessly to zero.

Because hackers are often attacked when they are not ready to do so, if the current Internet of Things (IoT), and so on, will derive more new risks, at this time, if not let the issue of the security of the three-level, so that the Ministry of Science and Technology to make the integration of the risk of capital, will make Taiwan put in a variety of applications of high risk. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry as a control, Zhang Shan eyes of the new Lin Quan cabinet is very "lack of information capacity", he was afraid of the new and old government, the handover of the window of the continuity of the work, is a major blow.

Stepping down: The new government can't afford to start from scratch

At the end of the program, Zhang Shan also left a speech, for the four years to enter the government's journey to leave a confession.

Our country has been idling for a long time, can't afford a new government, everything starts from scratch, in fact, the past few years of the administration, in fact, a large proportion of the work, there is no blue-green confrontation, are in the development of the country's science and technology, we hope that the new government open minded to accept it, hope that our past efforts, Be able to move on as a foundation for a new government.

Hope that the new government will continue to promote the industry, with the method of science and technology, let the society with industry, for the people do not have a consensus, with a sense of the type of problem, do not push, the first to be able to unite the national consensus, smooth blue and green scars of the issue, the momentum of everyone to upgrade, this is our national blessing, It is also my biggest expectation of stepping down.