The third year I love my activities: I love my big girls run, this is a very long marathon, we do not just run their own, but also want to invite you to run together. Invite the big woman event to call Julie Huang write down I love my big girl from running to the preparatory process of all the madness and knock back, there are many tears and smiles in this way, and we have been able to hold on for so long because we are convinced that we are always greedy to do more because of you. (Recommended reading: four kinds of programs!) Snapped up 525 I love my speech set )

"I love my big girl Age" is a marathon.
Without lying to you, I always thought it was a hundred meter dash.

2015 525 successfully invited thousands of readers, four stage lectures and four workshops at W Hotel to spend a full and memorable day. I always thought this year was about the same size, and the speaker and the stage would be a little more rich. But I didn't expect women to "do a full" rush into the next phase, from a day of activity into the three-month 525 series activities, because everything started too suddenly, no time to feel frightened at the same time, I also started a foot into the 525 journey this year. (Looking back at last year's 525:525 I love my free verse: Love your own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

I love my start: A document from the Taipei city government

I believe that many of the first challenge to the whole horse players, at the beginning will doubt whether they can run to the end, I am, female fans are also.

At the end of last year, when discussing 525 sites with Wei Xuan, "Don't be limited by frame" is the first sentence she said to me, so the venue from the hotel, restaurant, Daan Forest Park, small giant eggs, Nangang exhibition Hall Unlimited extension. In the end, Wei Xuan said, "How about going to the Taipei City-year party?" It is an important venue for the world to see the fireworks of Taiwan every year, and we let the world see a group of people in Taiwan who are trying to love themselves! "Looking at Wei Xuan shiny eyes, do not know why then where the courage to open the Taipei City government site application site, so the hundred meters dash into a I love my marathon challenge."

"Just do your best, and don't worry about it, as long as the direction is right." 」

The player really feels the time of the competition is usually the dress, and we received the Taipei city government briefing Notice of the official document. With a very excited and very nervous mood, the first step into the Taipei Municipal Government Conference Room, remember the table with TV news will see the microphone, work experience also more than 10 years, but because too care about the result caused tension, abnormal report the case. Wei Xuan came out not only did not blame me, but comforted me to say "try to be good, we as long as the direction is right, don't worry." "After weeks of suffering waiting, received the official documents of the Taipei city government, with a kind of unbelievable mood, see the name of the woman is actually printed on the official document, then, really feel that this tournament set." (Recommended to you:"enthusiastic recruitment" you are our one-day partner! Create I love my good times )

I love my relay: We have more than others, want to give more than others

With joy and uneasiness through the starting point, beginning to face the dilemma of the first run, outdoor venues is a great challenge, the weather factors, the activities of the design of the equipment and hardware far more than we imagine more than our budget, plus this year to allow more people to join me love me, the activities of the free open access, There is no ticket income support, generally can save province, when Wei Xuan looked at me and said "we want to add air-conditioning to listen to the audience", I really want to say "are you out of the Your mind?"

No company does not care about the balance of income, only care about readers will be hot faint, as a child, I always hear people say "lose money business No one do", how I have been familiar with the business model is completely different? Is this team crazy? Or is it stupid? Women are obsessed with more than others, but always want to give more than other people.

Women fans are not too gross margin, but for the reader to participate in the line, feeling, mood, comfort, but the calculation is clear, a little bit unwilling to retreat.

I love my long-distance running: every day I knock off my training day.

It is my challenge to find a balance between the limited resources and the female fans ' insistence on details.

A lot of people say tell me how such a budget can get performers, speakers, a lot of people say that women are obsessed with the matter so complex, simple to do a good job. A series of execution faces is like running to half of the contestants, because physically unbearable load, will ask oneself originally why to compete? Why don't you have a good time at home and watch TV? Every night on the way out of paradise, while riding youbike through the Daan Forest Park, I would like to shout "Why do this?" 」

Why not simply do it in the indoor venues?
Why do Liu Pawan people stage, in case there is no one to do?
Why cross the border to find 15 speakers? Why do we have to do such a difficult thing.

Midway is not no want to give up the idea, there are many nights, sleep half to jump up unable to breathe. But because Wei Xuan's insistence, because the woman fan team's insistence as well as believes "a person walks quickly, a group of people goes far" the belief to play the magic, we do not give up a telephone call the dozen, a Feng Yi to send the proposal, the daily abort to practice, every day is rejected.

Through a long period of time, with the speaker a communication, with performers to explain the original intention of 525, is because want to encourage more people to love themselves, is to want the world to become a little bit better, all the way not to give up the invitation to cross 15 speakers, six stage Performance team, more and more partners to join 525, in addition to moving is to thank. And I also like to see the marathon on the roadside for the runners cheering cheerleaders holding the card said "Come on!" Just hold on a little longer! You can do that! Physical exhaustion is only a moment, willpower is permanent! "Re full of energy.

Then every day in the late night riding youbike, no longer shouting "Why do this!" "I can, we can, we can be together." "(Recommended to you: to commemorate bravery and vulnerability!) Lu Guangzhong to 525 song: Love Myself)

"what doesn ' t kill you do stronger"

I love my actions: the act of summoning innocence and goodness to make the world a better place

My 90-year-old Luodong was a lifelong primary school teacher, his world has not heard marketing PR, Grandpa asked me every time, what I am doing, I just smiled and said "want to make the world better" work.

My parents also questioned every day to ask me what kind of work to the computer every day, do not sleep in the middle of the night, think of problems from the bed jumped up to call the team discussion, I can only smile to say "I hope more people can love themselves."

Remember that day to call the Red Cross Nantou Branch rescue team Lin Meixia Grandma, she is 921 earthquake-stricken households, the old 71-year-old her, small body appeared in the major rescue sites, including the Tainan earthquake. Lin Meixia, the phone is full of energy to say "young people do, I can do it, as long as more to save a person is a person." "The earthquake brought her pain did not bring her down, but let her gain greater power,"what doesn ' t kill you made you stronger"in her body to get embodiment." The phone hung up before her cheerful and warm said "have time to play Ah!" "My nose a sour, think of Luodong grandpa, Mei Xia grandma that an era of innocence and goodness."

The world may be dark, but there are still a lot of light, trying to glow in all places.

Because I want to share with you the courage and the emotion that I have gained from them, we strive to gather them in the former Civic Square of the 5/28 Taipei Municipal government , using the lecture workshop, singing, dancing, lighting and witnessing, in all the most direct ways, to tell you. Do not because the world is dark, afraid to become the light "," oneself a person will be afraid it doesn't matter, we are all in "," do not because they are not the same, do not love themselves, "do not because of what others say you, will give up to become the most true of their own."

I love I insist: We only live once, let ' s make everyday counts

This fear, insecurity, anxiety, fright, breakthrough, disappointment, happy intertwined days, let me deeply feel "alive" feeling. I do not want to pretend to be easy to live, do not want to do not have a goal every day just small indeed live.

Then began to change, began to encounter is trying to use all the efforts of life "alive" people, more feel like us such a good foot of people, should do more, should be more efforts to change what, after all, we only live Once,let ' s made everyday counts. I want to be old, can be very proud to watch the life through.

When you are on the road to believe, you will reap far more than you can imagine. I often think, leaving the halo of the big companies, a lot less resources, what all of them, what is the reason for me to do so. I think the answer should be "the feeling of being alive," getting up every morning is not because of the need to go to the company, but because the distance of 5/28 and a day, today must confirm what details, this fear, insecurity, anxiety, shock, breakthrough, disappointment, happy intertwined days, let me feel "alive" feeling. I do not want to pretend to be easy to live, do not want to do not have a goal every day just small indeed live. Then began to change, began to encounter is trying to use all the efforts of life "alive" people, more feel like us such a good foot of people, should do more, should be more efforts to change what, after all, we only live Once,let ' s made everyday counts.

I want to be old, can be very proud to watch the life through.

I love my big girls ' times , start a press conference.

"i Love who I am,live what I Love,let's do it together"

Nearly three weeks left, the team is doing their best to sprint, we Jia the sweat tears are going to 5/28" I love my big women's time " The finish line, please let us believe that you will be waiting for us at the finish line, you will be with us to resist the darkness of the world, you will shine with us. " Let's be proud to say "i love who I am,live what I Love,let's do it together" our 5/28 Taipei Municipal Government before the Civic Square.

(oh ~ Finally on the eve of Mother's Day, please let me into a small, dear mother, Thank you for the past few months, no matter how late I go home to eat together, silently put the juice to the computer, I although busy to have no time to talk to you, but the heart has been thinking of your pay, want to tell you I love you, have you I am very happy, you are my big woman , and then, let us this good man feet, together to do more! )