Honey, did you say Happy Mother's Day with mom? Or, your own mother's Day, happy? Mother's Day eve, women fans for a week of the cool mother of the newspaper, introduced these as mothers, but never so limited themselves, forget their handsome big woman. These cool moms, let's see that motherly love is not a hindrance to "become yourself" , but a motivation to make women braver. 5/28, don't forget to take your family of cool woman together to join the Big women 's Day activities! (same field Gayon: Gay issue is the topic of man!) Interview to ya lei: "Every mother in their own way to love the child")

Monday Admiralty Screenwriter Wulo: can give birth to life, people will be more certain of their ability, the internal strength will become stronger.

At the age of 35, Wulo divorced and took two children out of marriage and into the theater. (same field Gayon: This is not the inspirational story you imagine, single parent confession: "Incomplete family, complete my Own")

The end of marriage, not because of the bad personality or cheating on the leg, but she sent the writer, mother and wife, this triple identity is too difficult to reconcile, and her love for the creation and children, beyond everything. She started a new life with a brave hand holding the child and a pen.

A man with a child, to go back into the theater, is a gamble without retreat. Wulo with the vitality of the TV drama with theater thinking, took the two Admiralty drama of her, looking back at the past paragraph of writing will be tired down in front of the computer years , she said, the mother did not know how powerful their energy, because: "Can giving birth to life will make people more certain of their abilities, and the inner strength will become stronger. (Recommended to you: the35-year-old Life after the shuffle!) Interview the Admiralty screenwriter Wulo: "If one day goes, I also have no regrets")

The courage and tenacity of the big woman, let the Mother's love and dream, two do not delay.

Does your mother, like Wulo, bravely face the double responsibility of a person?

Tuesday Miranda Kerr: I think it's a mother's duty to really care about the child and to be involved in every stage of his life.

Who says that being a mom can't still be hot and sexy? Super supermodel Milan has the ability to become the most fashionable mummy.

We often see this picture on the street: Miranda can hold her son, tread high heels, and trample the ordinary streets into magnificent runway. (You will like: who says when mom can't be hot?) Miranda's Fashion secrets and life! )

As a supermodel, she did not because of her mother's identity and neglect to wear a beautiful scenery of the professional; as a mother, she was absorbed in the mobile phone, computer, with her son in the kitchen happily cooking, playing ice sand.

For Miranda, as a mother, as important as a model, even a single mother, she still alive brilliant: "Beautiful, take your heart, it is important to believe that I have the value of being loved." 」

The gorgeous and simple, hot and gentle of the contemporary big woman, often only in a turn of the room.

Is your mother still as graceful as ever?

Wednesday Victoria Beckham: Like all working women around the world, I struggled with a perfect mother and a role model.

She is a member of outspoken's Spice Girls, she is enviable Beckham too .

Victoria Beckham appear in front of the screen, the total symbol: Happy family, conjugal love, career success. However, how difficult is the right balance between different identities and different responsibilities? (Recommended reading: Victoria and Beckham love for children: "A unique life, not for granted")

Even the noble babes have to descend on the Dear children: "Like all the working women of the world, I struggled with a perfect mother and a role model to work for." 」

Victoria Beckham-a brave woman who wants to make her mother and Professional women perfect.

Your mother, is also the cause, the marriage, the child three head burns the big woman?

Thursday Chen Anyi: A key to the imbalance of working mothers ' lives is: precise timing .

Chen Anyi, once a veteran journalist, decided to start her own business as a different working mother when she was struggling between the workplace and the family.

In order to have the time to accompany the children, Chen Anyi from the heyday of the journalist career back down. The conversion of the career runway, not only to stop her personal career, the whole family's material conditions are also reduced: want to adjust to the most comfortable life form, not without sacrifice, but all sacrifice, they are happy in the , because they know what they want most. (Extended reading: " the yuppie guest State mummy Chen Anyi: Teach the child to walk the most suitable rather than the best way )

Now, Chen Anyi set up the whole Taiwan's first parent-child baking classroom and multiple compositions, so that the traditional impression belongs to the mother's kitchen and The children's burnt composition, with a different temperature.

Although once again become a working mother, but Chen Anyi no longer burn candles at both ends, she said: "Working mother life is not unbalanced one of the key is: accurate timing." Because of the complexity of tasks, but also learn to make their own limited time to maximize. "

Precise time control is the secret of Chen Anyi mastering the family time and the personal ambition industry.

Chen Anyi also called on dads to take on the responsibility of parenting: "No woman's husband is Wang Yung-ching, and Terry Gou-if you always don't come back to camp at night, even the kids are not sure." No woman. How big is the diamond ring on the hand, if you always have no holidays, no time, no company. Gayon: There are three kinds of dads in Taiwan, but no one remembers to grow up with them.

Has your mother ever changed her runway for a child?

Friday mummy Love founder Zhang Yushan: Be a mother and be yourself

Zhang Yushan founded company Mummy Love, just like the impression of the mother to people, there is warm and soft, strong perseverance, mom, is such a Neiro existence. (Extended reading: A compulsory course for working moms: no longer feel guilty about being too busy )

Mummy Love is Taiwan's current "Most love" novice parents counseling platform, providing group shopping, childcare columns, childcare questions and answers service. Zhang Yushan insists that group buys only provides the goods which oneself also can use, because "only mother most understands mother" the demand. The simple word behind the words, is the tenderness and sincerity.

To make a mother's love a career, is a big woman's career force. Zhang Yushan with a mother's heart, will buy the cause to make full of mummy love.

Zhang Yushan to the workplace mom: "being A mom, and also being yourself. (Be a mother and be yourself.) "(You would like: a daughter, two new ventures!) Zhang Yushan: "To be a mother, but also to be yourself")

Is your mother as Neiro as Zhang Yushan?

Saturday Angelina Jolie: I want to cherish life, let me have a longer time to love my children.

Speaking of cool mom, Angelina Jolie deserved it. After the popularity of the sexy, wild Tomb Raider, the Hollywood star actress takes a backseat to the scene and holds the director's tube.

The movie Circle Outstanding female director many, but the first several pieces dare to challenge the most masculine war movie, Angelina Jolie Jolie's courage and the innovation is absolutely rare. Jolie, a U.N. goodwill ambassador, took a special plane to the darkest and most tragic corners of the world, and she made the war films with a different dimension of thinking. (same field Gayon: The war fragment of feminine angle of view!) Angelina Jolie directed "never yield."

What was in her mind when he decided to direct the war movie? "You and I both know the horrors of war, I want young children to see this film, I want to give my child something, a life message." 」

Jolie this, it turns out, this is a war movie that a mother has taken to her children. When a child is watching a movie, he hears his mother's low voice.

Not only that, Angelica na Jolie cut the breasts once shook Hollywood, she said: "I hope to cherish life, let me have more time to love my children." I feel that I can make such a strong choice, absolutely without prejudice to my feminine charm. "(Recommended to you: Angelina Jolie's courageous breast cancer declaration )

Does your mother, like Angelina Jolie, be a child of persuasion?

Sunday Chai Jing: I'm going to give my daughter a clean sky.

Last March, a documentary, "Under the Dome," was aired on the internet for several days, with 200 million hits, and a week later, the Chinese government was completely off the shelves and disappeared. The film is driven by a mother, a citizen and a former CCTV journalist, Chai Jing. (You would like: Chai Jing to the Chinese government: we are all under the same dome, and no one can hide )

Chai Jing spent a year in the mountains to the sea to investigate and search the card, so that the general public are aware of the haze, more clearly the position of the people are exploited by public power, she challenged the Chinese government accountability to a journalist's pattern, civic morals, mother's worries.

Chai Jing said, the heart is the daughter of the birth of the tumor, she worried, her own relationship with the world is these several decades, that there are daughters? Breath, is the common destiny of mankind. If we take empathy for the children and the world for the next ten years, will we dare to continue to be the one who is ruthless in possession of resources? (Recommended to you: packaging more beautiful more waste!) Look at the love of Germany earth Green design )

Chai Jing's struggling to make sound, point out the most vulnerable side of human nature, we live, after all, only a peaceful picture. Such a resistance to the public power system of women, who can be tougher than her.

The maternal love of the big woman, let her dare to confront the government! Chai Jing revealed the gloom beneath the dome: "I have no expectation of hearing my daughter's heartbeat, I only expect her to be healthy, and I will give my daughter a clean sky." 」

Does your mother, like Chai Jing, have no fear for her children?

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